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Late/Absence Procedures


School starts at 8.55am. Pupils arriving at School after this time but before 9.15am are marked as "Late" in the register.

At 9.00am the class doors are closed and all children should go to the office where their names are entered as "Late" in the register.


Pupils arriving at School after 9.15am are marked as "Absent" in the register for the morning session and the session "unauthorised".


If a child is absent from School, for any reason, parents should inform the School Office by 9.30am on the first day of absence and provide an explanation as to why their child is absent. 


The Office can be contacted by telephone (01727 823898) on our absence line option 2, by email ( or in person.


If the Office has not heard directly from a parent/carer by 9.30am, a follow up text will be made to establish the reason for absence. 


If a child does not return to School within three days, or if a child is absent at the start of a new week (ie, away Friday and then on the following Monday), a further telephone call should be made to the Office to update the School as to the child's progress. 


Parents should make every effort to avoid arranging medical/dental appointments during school hours.


Parents should not arrange term-time holidays and should not expect leave of absence for the purpose of a holiday to be granted as of right. 


No holidays will be granted/authorised during term time unless in very exceptional circumstances.


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