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Week beginning 20.11.23

This week we have been working our little socks off! If your child is tired when they come home, it is no wonder as a typical day goes like this..... Assembly...Guided reading....maths....break...English....lunch...story....maths fluency plus 2 subjects in the afternoon. It's an action packed day. I am always amazed if any of us are still standing by the end of the day! This class are enthusiastic in their learning and love a challenge. I often ask them to remember something and first through the door with the fact gets a team point! Last week it was to remember a lady called Bessie Colman....ask your child about her and what she is famous for. So other things we have learnt...

Maths Column subtraction plus lines with Mr Marvelley including parallel and perpendicular lines

English We are still writing a story to go with the book Mini Rabbit Not Lost

Geography We learnt about the lines of latitude and longitude

In D and T we looked at where our food comes from and planned the healthy snacks we are going to make on Weds

French We now know numbers up to 10 and 10 colours

Science We had fun with magnets!


Don't forget school is closed on Dec 1st as we have an occasional day...I am off to start some Chrimbo shopping!


Christmas Jokes of the week

What is sneaky and lives in a bakery?


A mince-spy!!!! angry


What did santa get when he swallowed some Christmas decorations?

Tinselitis!! cheeky


Over and out until next week! yes

Week beg 13.11.23

This week we saw International Kindness Day! We actually have a kindness calendar in the class and they tick it every time they do something kind or help someone else. It's nice to see so many ticks on there each month! We also had Children In Need Day. Thank you for your donations and for sending in and buying cakes.So onto this week....

Maths In Maths we have been using column addition including regrouping.

English We have started to look at a book called Mini Rabbit Not Lost. There aren't many words in the book so we have been writing the story using conjunctions and prepositions. A preposition tells you where something is eg front of....across. They are good to use as they add detail to the writing.

Geography Mr Battle (student teacher) has been teaching the class about the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer as well as the Equator.

RE We learnt about  a Christian baptism.

In both PSHE and Computing we have been talking about bullying including cyber bullying. We learnt why there are age restrictions on games, films and websites

Ukulele news....we have a new teacher. He taught us what the strings are by using this phrase....Green Cats Eat Ants! We have now learnt quite a few chords......C....C7.....F and A minor


Phew...what a lot to pack in! PLEASE keep hearing your child read at least 4x a week and they MUST have their book in school each day.


Joke of the Week

How does a tree get on the internet?

It logs in! wink


Over and out until next week! cheeky


Week beginning 6th November

It must be me getting older but I can't quite believe we are into November already! The weather is really turning so PLEASE make sure your child is equipped for the outdoors. We would also like each child to have a pair of wellies as we are making changes  outside and it's getting more and more muddy. So onto this week....

Literacy This week we looked at some poetry. I love poems! They are short, easier to read and many children who don't really like reading seem to like them too! We looked at one called Dazzledance and then we looked at one called 'A Poem to be Spoken Silently'. We then wrote our own poems in the same style and boy did I have some lovely results! They are displayed on our classroom wall but if you have a moment and wish to see your child's efforts come and take a peek after school! (Any day except Tuesday!) We used thesauruses to help us...see the joke below!


Maths We were looking at using the inverse to find missing numbers eg 27+______=49 If you use the inverse operation eg subtraction you can do 49-27=22

Geography Mr Battle taught them about the equator, southern and northern hemisphere.

PE The class are doing gymnastic sequences using symmetry and asymmetry

Computing We were talking about online safety and cyberbullying and what to do if you are experiencing this.

So all in all a busy old week and remember this is just a snapshot of our week!


Joke of the week

Which dinosaur had the best vocabulary?

The thesaurus!!!!  laughlaugh


Over and out until next week! cool



Week beginning 30.10.23

Hello! Apologies for late blog post but there were gremlins in the website! We had such a lovely day at Celtic Harmony, please look at the pictures under class events. We were called Raven Tribe! We learnt how to make bread by grinding wheat between big stones, then we made dough balls! 

We also 'carded' some fleece and learnt about weaving by using a shuttle on a loom. We made a sort of soup for our leader by mashing herbs, we also used a dye to dye wool to make bracelets. At the end of the day we listened to a story told by our leader! We sat in a super iron age round house. It would have been hard work living in the ironage, so I will stick with 2023!

If you ever wonder if school trips are value for money this one really is! We had such good experiences and the children thoroughly enjoyed it....I hope they told you about it when they got home!

Short blog this week due to the website glitches but I can't leave without a stone age joke or two.....


Who did all the counting for cave men?

Woolly mam-MATHS!!laugh



What type of music did cavemen like the most?

Rock music! cheeky



Week beg 16.10.23

It was nice to see so many of you at parent consultations and for you to have a look at your child's work. It's been a busy half term and we have packed in a lot of new learning. It's a fair old leap from year 2 to year 3 but we are all coping with it brilliantly! Thank you for your wonderful participation in our assembly quiz, your enthusiasm was admirable!

Don't forget our school trip is 31st October, the first Tuesday back after half term. Last year it bucketed down all day so I am praying for at least a dry day....please send your child to school in sensible footwear even if it's not stoneage like! So a quick round up of learning for this half term....

Maths Adding a 2 digit number to a 3 digit number, subtracting tens where it crosses the 100 barrier eg 207-10, bar charts and pictograms and recapping 2x,3x,5x,10 times tables, rounding numbers and place value.

English We have learnt the term proposition, this tells you where something is eg in front of....behind....near....above. We are using these in our writing to add more detail. We also use conjunctions which make sentences longer and also add more detail.

History We have learnt about the stoneage and bronze age.

Computing We have learnt how to use timers and repeat to write our own code. We made a rabbit disappear, a magician move and drew a square with a turtle!

RE We have learnt about the Hajj and Aqiqua  ceremony in Islam.

PE We have learnt some footie skills and have started to make sequences in gymnastics.

French We can count up to 10, say hello, ask how you are and ask your name....tres bien!!


Hope that gives you a wee insight into our first half term!


Many of you commented on my jokes each week and how much you love them!!! Millie and Flora made me little joke books so here are two from them.....

(Flora) How many letters are in the alphabet?


11! (THE ALPHABET)laugh


(Millie) What did the boy pencil say to the girl pencil?


Oooh, you look sharp!   wink


Have a great half term and I will see you on Monday 30th. Over and out!

Week beg 9. 10.23

It's been another busy week in year 3! This week we have been....

History Looking at sources of evidence which tell us that the stone age people were artists, builders, farmers and so much more!

English We have started to look at a book called Walk with  Wolf. This is a lovely book, part story part fact. Did you know that all dogs are descended from wolves and they can live in packs of up to 50!

Computing This week we used a Magician programme to do our coding. We made a rabbit disappear and reappear then turn into a different animal! If you go on to Purple Mash you will see what we have done.

PE It's football and gymnastics looking at symmetrical and asymmetrical balances.

Reading I have just finished reading Bill's New Frock. They loved this book!

Ukulele news...we have learnt the chord A minor!


This week's joke comes from Flora!

How does the moon cut his hair?

Eclipse it!! crying



Week beg 2.10.23

Welcome to October! This week we have been learning about.....

Maths Rounding numbers. We used 'rounding mountains' to round numbers to the nearest 10. Not sure what a rounding mountain is? Ask your child to show you!

English We wrote a dragon story based on The Paper bag Princess.

Art Have a look at our lion pics under 'class events' I thought I had turned them all around the right way but some of them are 'lion down'!!

Computing We have been coding in Purple Mash. We were able to pick a background.....choose an animal and character and then make the animal make a sound and move to collide into the character. It was quite tricky to do but we did it! You could look to see what your child has done on Purple Mash.

History We looked at different cave paintings and what we have learnt from them. We made 'caves' which you will be able to see when you come for our class assembly on Friday 20th October at 9.05am

Ukulele news We learnt another chord c major so that's 3 chords now....I am almost a professional! It's great fun and the class love it!


Joke of the week...

What is cheese that doesn't belong to you called?


Nacho cheese!!!! laughlaugh


Over and out until next week.


Week beg 25.9.23

Can't quite believe we are nearly into October! This week we had our second ukulele lesson. We learn the chord C and that the hole is called the sound hole. We also learnt the term fret. We did more games in our session which is every Thursday morning. In other news....

English We are looking at a story called The Paperbag Princess. We have been describing the characters in it.

Science We did a little investigation this week about rocks. We tested the strength of rocks and the 'fizz test' ask your child about this one!

History We sequenced the 3 periods of the Stone Age and what happened in each one. Did you know that Stone Age people are not just hunter gatherers? They were and builders. Amazing!

Maths We have learnt the terms commutativity and product. If your child has been listening to me they will know what they mean!

Joke of the week...

Why didn't the skeleton go to the ball?



He had nobody to go with!!laughlaughlaugh

Over and out until next week!



Week beg 18.9.23

This week we had our first ukulele lesson! Did you know that a ukulele has a head, a neck and a body? It also has 4 strings and 4 tuners. We learnt our first chord...c7! I am also learning along with the children. I think it is going to be my highlight of the week! Mr Evans did some fun games and songs this space for more updates! In other news....

Maths This week we were learning how to count on and back in tens including crossing the 100 barrier eg 67 77 87 97 107

History We learnt  that the Stone Age is sooooo long it is divided into 3 periods...paleolithic....mesolithic and neolithic. It lasted 2.5 million years.

Science We learnt about the 3 different types of rock which are sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.

PE We are doing basketball and gymnastics.

Art We are learning how to use black and white to create pictures. We have drawn some great lion pics which you will see in our class assembly just before half term.

Remember this is just a wee snapshot of what we have done this week!

This week's joke.....

What food goes well with a jacket potato?


A button mushroom!!! yes

Week beg 11.9.23

Bonjour....salut! We have started to learn French. Last week we looked at all the different countries that speak French...29 in total! This week we have learnt how to say hello and how are you. We have also learnt how to say I am ok....happy or sad. Ask your child to tell you! In other news.....

Maths We have been regrouping numbers so 145 could be 100+40+5 or 100+30+15 or 100+20+25 I hope you get the idea.

English We have been using conjunctions to write sentences. FYI a conjunction is a word that lengthens a sentence eg I needed my umbrella because it started to rain. They are 'magic' words because they add detail to writing. 

Science We have started to learn about rocks....more on this next week.

History We recapped some previous knowledge but started to talk about The Stone Age.

Music We had a lovely visit from a band called Electric Umbrella. They are a band with a difference as many of the people have a learning disability but it doesn't hold them back. The children really enjoyed it and we did a workshop in the afternoon all about 'I am' Ask your child about it!

It's been another busy week in year 3....don't forget school photos on Monday!

Over and out until next week.

Joke of the Week

Where do frogs leave their coats?

In the croakroom! smiley

Week beginning 4.9.23

We have made a good start to year 3 as there are lots of new things to learn. So here is a little insight into some of the things we have done this week.....

  • Maths We have been building numbers using different manipulatives. A manipulative is a piece of maths equipment that help the children to 'make' numbers. We used dienes to make pictures and had to work out the value of each picture.
  • English We are looking at a book called Hike. It's a lovely book with no words but it tells a story of a dad and his son off on a hike. We have been doing some writing based on this book.
  • Art We used sketching pencils to draw  pictures using different tones. If you don't know what the H or B on a pencil stands for....ask your child as they should know!
  • Reading We have done some whole class reading of an extract of The Hodgeheg which is one of my favourite books! It is also the first book I am reading to the class. popular demand, some parents asked for a Joke of the Week (they remembered from lockdown!) so here goes......

What do you call a bear with no teeth?


A gummy bear! laugh

Over and out until next week.