At Colney Heath JMI we are proud to be a village school. We believe a successful school is a partnership involving children, parents and carers, staff, governors and the wider community.


Inspire, Encourage, Enthuse, Enable

Our school community aims:

  • To inspire everyone to reach their full potential.
  • To encourage everyone to be confident in themselves and their environment.
  • To enthuse everyone to value and enjoy learning as a lifelong skill.
  • To enable learners to take their place in a community of mutual understanding and respect.

These are our school aims. They were created in consultation with all stakeholders including the children.

We firmly believe that the school is part of the community and should be seen as a place for everyone. Therefore they are designed to be relevant for all within Colney Heath.

‘The quality of teaching is consistently good throughout the school and the pupils feel safe.’

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