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Trip to St Albans Museum October 1, 2013

Goings on in year 3 September 24, 2013

Year 3 & 4 New school year, new buddies! September 9, 2013

Year 3 & 4 Valhalla Day! July 20, 2013


On Friday 19th July the children in years 3 and 4 didn’t seem to be at school…. in their place we had a tribe of Vikings! The Viking outfits were wonderful, thank you to all parents/careers for going to so much trouble!

The Vikings had a busy and fun-filled day!

There was a selection of activities in the morning, including the chance to make Viking bread, make clay tablets inscribed with Viking runes, do some Viking weaving, make a bookmark with names written in runes, and make a Viking amulet.

In the afternoon the Vikings worked in groups to design and make a Viking long-ship figurehead and to play a traditional Viking game. Despite the intense heat (very un-Viking like!) we all had a great day!

Our day at Cuffley! June 26, 2013


Today year 3 (and year 4) had a fabulous day out at Cuffley Camp!

The children took part in four different activities.

The first was pond dipping, which was very exciting, especially when a dragonfly nymph was discovered in the water!

Next the children learnt how to build and light a fire; using the flint took a bit of practice, but all the groups were successful in lighting their fires!

After lunch it was off to the “over and under” obstacle course, which was great fun – and involved a bit of mud, for those who chose to crawl through the puddle!

Last but not least was an art session, using soil and paints to create a picture of a tree.

Vikings! June 15, 2013

This term year 3 children are learning about the Vikings. They have made a great start to the topic, with their Viking longships. Some of the children have also made Viking helmets and jewellery for their homework, while others have done some Viking cookery! The children have researched the Jorvik Viking Centre (great family day out if you are in York!) and have made information leaflets about the centre.

This week in year 3! May 10, 2013


We have had another busy week in year 3. In Literacy we are learning how to write, read and follow instructions. We wrote our own set of instructions to make a balloon powered car;  we then had great fun making the cars and watching them whizz along a piece of string!

We also took part in a gardening workshop, where we had to follow instructions to plant some seeds. We’ll be looking after the seeds over the next few weeks; we hope to harvest a selection of crops!

This week in year 3 March 15, 2013

We have had another busy week in year 3! There are a few pictures here to show a little of what we have done.

We each made an Egyptian sarcophagus out of card, then a mummy out of Plasticine which we wrapped in crepe paper bandages and put inside the sarcophagus.

Today, Red Nose Day, we all dressed in the colours of the Egyptian flag and we decorated biscuits to raise money for Comic Relief.

Ancient Egypt assembly March 1, 2013

Here are a few pictures of our class assembly.


Ancient Egyptian Day! March 1, 2013


On Thursday Feb 28th the children in year 3 took part in an Ancient Egyptian Day. They all dressed up as Egyptians, looking fabulous! Activities during the day included learning how mummies were made, making amulets, playing a trading game, learning a dance, listening to stories, making “papyrus”, building a pyramid, and playing with Egyptian games. The children all learned a lot and took part enthusiastically in the various activities. It was a really enjoyable day! The following day the children presented some of their work in a class assembly, speaking clearly and performing confidently.

Year 3 February news February 10, 2013

This week we looked at the work of artist Jim Lambie and we designed our own repeating patterns. Jim Lambie used patterns like these to create floor coverings – we think ours look just as effective! We have also made our own Egyptian cartouches with our names written inside in hieroglyphics.


Sunny day! February 1, 2013

We took advantage of this week’s sunshine to go outside and learn about why shadows form and why they change during the day.

This week we have also enjoyed looking at some of the amazing homework that the children have been bringing in – pyramids, Egyptian houses, Egyptian food, even a shaduf!

Key Stage Music Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 January 17, 2013


All the children have been working on a music composition in class.  They used various starting points such as a piece of art to create a piece of music.

New Year January 11, 2013

Children in year 3 have made a good start to the new term.

In art the children mixed paints to create a winter scene.

In literacy they have been learning about different types of word – verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

The children have also started to find out about Egypt, as an introduction to the new topic on Ancient Egypt.