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What parents/carers say about our school....

Parent/Carer Survey Oct 23

Thank you for your feedback at our recent Parents' Evenings. In addition to the Parent Survey results here, we have received other comments that indicate that parents/carers are pleased to have noticed :

- an increase in the range and types of after school clubs on offer

- communication with parents regarding trips is helpful for families to plan financial commitments


Please come and talk to us if there is something we can help you with

Parent/Carer Survey October 2022

In September we welcomed parents/carers to our school for an evening to share the plans we have to develop the school and to hear from parents/carers about what they feel are the important values that drive our school.

We asked four questions :

  • What are the values that you believe do - or should - drive our school ?
  • What do you feel the school does well ?
  • What things would you like to see the school do better ?
  • What skills or expertise do you feel that you could contribute to help the school ?

Please see the attached document that collated the responses.


Thank you to everyone who came and shared their ideas with us, we are excited about working together for our children.

The values of our school