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Class reading book 1 The Hodgeheg

We started the year reading The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith. It's all about a hedgehog called Max who gets a bump on the head and begins to mix up his words.....hence the title! He sets out to try and find a safe place to cross the road. Will he the story to find out! laugh

Class reading book 2 Henry Pond the Poet

The next story I read to the class was called Henry Pond the Poet, also by Dick King Smith. This is about a toad called Henry who is famous for writing poetry. He falls in toady love and tries to woo his beloved with some of his poetry! We got into this book by reading an extract in our guided reading sessions and were intrigued by some of the Chapter titles. It's a quirky read but we really enjoyed it!

Class reading book 3 Bill's New Frock

This is a great book by Anne Fine. Bill wakes up one Monday morning to find he has turned into a girl. His mum makes him wear a lovely pink dress to school. It's a good book and tests out if girls are treated differently to boys. We really enjoyed this one!

Class reading book 4 Rumaysa Rumaysa Let Down Your Hijab!

I didn't know this book but Mrs Clark gave each class a book. In this story, based on Rapunzel, the girl trapped in the tower makes a hijab out of gold to escape the wicked witch Cordelia. It's a great read, packed full of great vocabulary. We really enjoyed the first story in it.

Class reading book 5 Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Zombies

We have just finished this book and really enjoyed it! It's about a boy called Sam who investigates a load of 'zombie werewolves' in the basement of his friend's house. There are a whole load of other Sam Wu books so you might like to investigate them, some children already have!