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Leavers Assembly

Cooling Off In The Heatwave

Geography Field Trip to Leigh On Sea

Hungry Hippos

Sketch book preparations for collage work

In our Art work, Year 6 have been learning about collage. Taking our inspiration from the colourful animals of the Galapagos Islands, we have investigated various techniques to capture their textures and bright markings, using a range of different types of paper, paint, and pastel. The next stage will be to compose these papers in an abstract collage that shows these ideas at their best.

Design Technology

Year 6 have been designing and making cushions based on the theme of the sea. We used recycled materials to inspire our design, by examining the patterns that were already on the fabric, and then incorporating them into our ideas. Can you spot circles that might be bubbles rising from a fish's mouth or a flower that looks like some underwater seaweed waving in the current ? We also used CAD to create an image that we would not have been able to make through sewing alone. Our stitches were selected to either join the edges of the cushion, or embroider parts of the design.

We are now in the process of evaluating our work to celebrate our achievements and plan how we could improve this next time.

World Book Day.

Year 6 have begun to learn about suspense writing. We will tell you more about how to do it successfully, later......

As part of World Book Day we read a text called Night of The Gargoyles, about how a troop of stone creatures - called gargoyles - come alive at night, and get up to plenty of mischief.

We created pop-up texts to illustrate what they did at night, what they complained about and how you might catch one.


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Taskmaster Challenge - Take an Impressive Photograph

Click on the links above to read some 'out of this world' writing that Year 6 have been doing about an imaginary planet called Pandora. They contain a range of challenging scientific vocabulary, and sentences have been constructed using a variety of sentence types, including multi-clause ones. These enable the writer to communicate plenty of information to the reader in an efficient way.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activity - Orienteering

Year 6 have been using maps to navigate their way around points in the school grounds. They worked in pairs to find a control point and then clipped their sheets. Each clipper forms a pattern of dots on the sheet. Some people tried to do it as fast as possible !

Who will be Henry's new wife......? Gossip abounds at our Tudor Day

Design Technology and Science

We have been learning about circuits in our science project, and are now using our skills to add electric features to race cars. At this stage, we are looking at the design of race cars by assembling kits and testing what makes them go faster.

Preparing for our sculptures

As part of our work on Henry Moore, we are sketching reclining figures, just like Moore did during the Blitz, in the London Underground. We will then use these to help us create our own sculptures next week

The Door - poetry inspired by the work of Miroslav Holub

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We have been using this poem to explore the idea of stepping into the unknown, facing your fears and taking on new challenges. These poems are our examples of The Door. We have them on display in our class and the school hall - take a look next time you visit.

Evaluating the work of Henry Moore

We are learning about sculpture this half term, through the work of the artist Henry Moore. In two weeks time Years 5 and 6 will be visiting his home to find out more about what inspired him and how he worked. Using the art vocabulary that we have been building, we have examined some of his work and found that by sketching it, we can begin to understand how he was inspired.