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We have been working on this for a while now, it is going to be one of our pieces for the Arts Festival in July. When we are all together again we will perform it for you. I am so proud of how hard you worked on this and the way you became skilled, confident dancers who really loved what you were doing. I'm putting this here to remind you of how brilliant you are together. Keep practising.

Good Bye Year Six

Leavers Event

Pompeii by Year 6

Christmas Party - Taskmaster Style !

Our Buddies received letters from Santa - we were lucky enough to be there at the very moment he dropped them in through the roof !

Helping our Buddies post their letters to Santa

Year 6 have been enjoying some Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, and sharpening their map reading skills.

Santa's Academy for Elves, otherwise known as : Science Week Electricity Project.

'What will I need ?'
The Chief Elves check the equipment - is it safe ?
Building the circuit
The project starts with a design
Everyone has a job to do
Installing the circuit
Testing the circuit before it is installed.
On-trend design !
Painting the product
Final touches
And it works !
Behind the scenes attention to detail.
Two elves caught in the act of working !
Team work in action
Parallel circuits, switches and bulbs
Parallel circuits and spinning buttons !
Rudolf with a spinning nose !
A spinning aerial + interior lights !
This Grinch looks very happy !
A spinning bow and lights
These presents have lights on top.

Harvest Tea

Anyone for scones ?