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This week in computing we were going to carry on with our coding unit. I have attached my PowerPoint for the lesson. We would have been starting at page 7 but it would be good for you to look at the previous pages for a recap of what we have covered. This is a complicated lesson to do in school, let alone remotely, so if you are up for the challenge, have a go! You will need to follow the instructions on the flipchart carefully to complete the task outlined on page 7. You will also need to go into the Computing area of Purple Mash, then to 2CODE, where you will find the FREE GIBBON CODE. 


If this is a bit too complicated for right now, please practise your typing skills in 2TYPE in the computing area of Purple Mash. Watch the videos about 'Posture Tips' and 'Typing Instruction' before having a go at some of the activities in the 'First Steps' row. 


We will have a look at this coding lesson when we return to school so don't worry too much if you feel you can't complete it.