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Dear Zoo

Mrs Perryman reading Dear Zoo

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Create an animal den Put a sheet over a table or between two chairs to create a den. Put cushions or a blanket inside to make it cosy.
Animal Sort - Collect all the toy animals you have in your house. Sort into groups of your choice e.g. animals that can fly or swim, animals big or small, those that live on a farm or at the zoo, wild animals and those you could have as a pet. Lots of opportunities to talk, extend vocabulary and share knowledge and understanding.
Vet Role Play - Collect some soft toy animals, pretend medicine pots and maybe a t-towel or scarf as a bandage. Play with your child taking turns to be the vet and the customer. Introduce language and ask questions about what happened, what's wrong etc. Model writing notes or pretending to answer the phone to make an appointment.

Create some animal art based on the story

Play animal charades - Take it in turns to act as different animals. Add in noises as a clue.

Make a vegetable animal