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TWGBA: Deepen understanding of a text by asking questions.


Go to Part 1 of the scanned book ‘Arthur’ and have a look at the front cover and the maps on page two and three.


I want you to think of questions you have about this book based on the images you see. Do they make you think of other stories you have read? Perhaps other stories about monsters?


Here is my first question: Where is the boy?


In your book, write down the questions you have. Imagine you were asking someone your question. Does the question make them think more deeply about these pages? Would they have quite a lot to say in response or just a few words? Which questions are better questions to enable us to understand the text more and which questions are not as useful?


Once you have completed your questions, please email them to me and we can discuss them tomorrow in our zoom lesson.


We are also looking at sentences structure and ensuring you have your capitals and full stops in the correct places. I would like you to have a go at unscrambling the sentences in the PDF I have included in Monday’s English star. The 3rd slide asks how many sentences you have. Please write out the passage in your books adding full stops and capitals in the correct places. The last slide is the answer so please do not look at this one until you have had a go yourself.