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English, Maths and Foundation Subjects

Hello Year 5 children, parents and carers. This week I thought we would try something different. Rather than me giving you links to activities every day, I have attached a new learning platform called 'Oak National Academy', which is a government initiative to support home learning.

We will be starting on Week 3's lessons everyone, and you will need to begin on Monday's lessons, especially in Maths and English, as the lessons progress and build on each day's learning throughout the week.

But please, if you are finding the Year 5 lessons tricky, then feel free to try a different year group. Also Year 5, if you prefer the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons, then it's okay for you to swap and use that instead or a combination of them both if you like.

Remember it's important that you feel happy and confident with your

home learning Year 5. I look forward to hearing what you think and how your work has gone this week. Sending you a BIG SMILE today and every day!