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Fri 8th Jan

Hello ! It should have been pizza in school today .... I hope you are having something tasty for lunch instead.


See you at 10am in our Live Lesson.......By the time we meet, you should have taken the Spring 1 Arithmetic Test. You will need 30 minutes to complete this.

Remember what we do in class : 

  • Check that you do the first page thoroughly - no 'banana mistakes' on those first few.
  • Do your working out on a page in your Maths book.
  • On Questions 14, 19 and 22 watch out for the brackets - remember to do the information in there first.
  • Leave any tricky ones and come back to them
  • Definitely have a go at numbers 24 and 26 !!!!


Live Lesson.

Bring with you your Arithmetic Test, a whiteboard and pen. Make sure it has been marked. You can send me an email with your score on if you like, we will not be discussing our scores in the lesson.

We will be looking at questions we all found tricky - we will spend a few minutes looking at bracket questions. After the lesson I can show you some links to examples of the ones you may have found tricky and you can practise them. If there are groups of people who would like specific help, we can do this in a smaller Zoom group.


Literacy - Reading Comprehension.

Read to the end of Chapter 1 of Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazons.

Based on what you have read in Chapter 1, who would make the best leader - Molpadia or Hippolyta ? Don't let the title of the book influence you at this stage !

In your Green book, put today's date and as a title put Hippolyta or Molpadia ? and underline it. Make a list of bullet points that you believe explains who would be the best leader. You may want to think about the qualities a leader should have first, we discussed this as part of our RE before Christmas....

Send me a picture of your list via email.


Foundation Subject

On Friday we learn RE. We are studying Christianity and Buddhism. This term we will be continuing to look at leaders. In Buddhism, the Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader. We began to find out about him just before Christmas. There is a lesson on Oak Academy about the Dalai Lama:

Before you watch the video, discuss with someone what you understand by the words 're-incarnation' and 'enlightenment'. We did talk about these words last term. What do Buddhists believe about this ?

Added challenge : the Dalai Lama is famous for his quotations and sayings on the subject of kindness. Can you find one of his sayings that you think you could try to follow ?


You've heard of PE with Joe, well, we have PE with Miss McShane ! On Fridays, Miss McShane will lead a PE lesson for Years 5 and 6. There will be a Zoom link sent to you as a recurring meeting.