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Friday 15th January

Friday 15th January

Additional Zoom Phonics follow-up activity:

Recap the sounds ng, ai, ee, igh. Read the words in the pdf file and then write some sentences containing these words.

Maths - session 5

Please watch the session 5 video and then complete the task.

Cooking with kids | Oxford Owl

Develop your child's early maths skills, mathematical language and make maths fun by counting, measuring and estimating while cooking and baking.

Mrs Day's Story Time - Giraffes Can't Dance

Mrs Day's Story Time - Giraffes Can't Dance

Giraffe facts - Watch the giraffes at Chester Zoo. What facts did you find out about giraffes? Can you write them down or tell your family some facts.

Giraffes at Chester Zoo

Something you may want to try..