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5th March

Physical Development: Practice throwing underarm - Can you throw a bean bag (or use a rolled up pair of socks) into a container? Try increasing how far away you stand or try different sized containers. You could keep a tally of the points you score.

Try painting with a feather or other materials. Attach sponge, leaves, bubble wrap, wool (or whatever you can find), to the end of a peg or stick. What different marks can you make?

Story: Mrs Perryman reading Pig in the Pond - YouTube

26th February

Letters and Sounds Silly Soup Alliteration - pick one of the letter of the alphabet sheets and see if you can find or think of three things beginning with the same letter that would make some very silly tasting soup.

Sing: We are making silly soup, we're making soup that's silly, we're going to put it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly.

In goes for example: m - milk, money and melon, t - tomatoes, toast and toffee or s - sausages, slugs and soap!

Open up or print out the I spy sheet - What can you see that begins with the sound m? Repeat for sounds d, g, o, c/k

Maths: Repeat of counting with Mrs |Perryman Missing Numbers - YouTube


Provide grids with missing numbers for your child to fill in using the 10 frame to help. Don't always start at 1. Talk about what number comes next/after the given number.

Story: Mrs Perryman reading Hairy Maclary's Bone - YouTube

Vegetable Art - Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an artist who was born in Milan, Italy in 1526 . He is best known for his portraits of people made up of fruit, vegetables and other objects from nature.

Can you make a vegetable face? Save carrot, potato peelings etc. to make a mouth or hair. Perhaps you could use some sticks or other things from the garden. 

Buy a packet of cress seeds to grow. Just sprinkle on wet cotton wool and keep damp in a sunny spot.

12th February -

Today is Chinese New Year! 2021 is the year of the Ox.


Maths: Play the Chinese Dragon Game - Ordering and Sequencing Numbers (

Physical Development: Try using chopsticks! You could use 2 sticks or paintbrushes if you don't have chopsticks. Attaching them to a peg or adding a wedge and rubber band makes it easier. Can you move small objects between containers? Perhaps try eating your lunch with chopsticks.

Try making a Chinese dragon.

Panda's live in China. Try some panda craft.

Story: Mrs Perryman reading The Dragon Festival - YouTube



5th February


Order by size: Cut out the elephants from the sheet in resource pack then order from smallest to biggest.

Make some pictures using the dot stickers in the resource pack. Count how many dots you have used.

Try some of these balloon activities over the weekend.

29th January

Maths: Mrs Perryman Maths: 10 frame duplo towers - YouTube

Make number towers with duplo or blocks - Can you make 1 -5 or 1-10?

Mark Making - Tape a large piece of paper under a table to draw on. Good for developing upper body strength.

Story: Mrs Perryman reading Duck in the Truck - YouTube

22nd January

Letters and Sounds: Mrs Perryman Slug in a Jug - Odd one out - YouTube

Letters and Sounds: Write down the sounds your child has been learning on post it notes (or pieces of paper) and put them around your home. (s a t i p n m d c k e). Can they find all the post its, saying the sounds as they find and return them. You could use a timer to make it a race to find them all. They may need a clue, by you doing the action or naming something beginning with the sound, in order to remember the sounds represented by each grapheme.

Sequencing letters in name:

Make individual letter cards/bottle tops for each letter of your child's first name. Remember you need to write a capital for the first letter and lower case for the rest. Muddle them up and then practice sequencing the letters in the right order from left to right.

Vet Role Play -

Collect some soft toy animals, pretend medicine pots and maybe a t-towel or scarf as a bandage. Play with your child taking turns to be the vet and the customer. Introduce language and ask questions about what happened, what's wrong etc. Model writing notes or pretending to answer the phone to make an appointment.

Try some nature art like Andy Goldsworthy

Story: Mrs Perryman reading Brown Bear Brown Bear - YouTube

Send a hug to someone you are missing

Story: Mrs Perryman reading Kipper's Toybox - YouTube

8th January

Maths - You will need the 5 frame and 5 objects Maths 5 frame and animals - YouTube

Letters and SoundsTiny Tim the Turtle - t sound - YouTube


Mrs Perryman reads a story - The Gruffalo - YouTube