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Friday 26th February

It's Friday.... time to swing your pants, bop to the beat and groove to some music.


Live Lesson - 10.00am - History.

 We are looking forward to hearing some History presentations this morning. Everyone will need a white board and pen as we have the important job of listening, asking questions and taking part in any quizzes that may come up.

Please think of some questions that you could ask at the end of each presentation. I think mine would be :

  • What questions does this project leave you with ?
  • If you were to continue your research, what would you like to find out next ?
  • How does what you have found out, fit in with things you already know about other civilisations ?
  • If you could meet a person from that time, what would you ask them ?


Core Subject - Maths.

 I would like you to continue the work that we started yesterday, calculating the area of a triangle. There is a PowerPoint that shows a series of slides which recaps the idea that we can take the use the height and base of the triangle, multiply them together and half them to find the answer. If you wish to revise this, then work through this presentation first.


Here are the PowerPoints from this morning's lesson. Thank you to everyone for your excellent questions and hard work.

Once you have followed the presentation there are two choices of questions. The first set are based on the presentation. They give you practice in calculating the area.


Instead, if you would like to try some problems, have a go at these.

PE with Miss McShane - 2.30



Foundation Subject - Art.

Mrs Dowling continues her work on adding texture in art.