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                                                                            Good morning everyone.

                                     Hope you are enjoying the new games we have set.

                                            We will set you some more very soon .

Hello everyone,

  ICT Games 

  So, we thought you might like to do some exciting ICT  maths games. To start off with there is a lovely ODD and EVEN game for yuo to play. You need to google ICT games and go into Year 1 and put in odd and even. You will find it there. Play it as much as you want !!!

Also get Mummy and daddy to quiz you on odd and even numbers. Remember you look at the last number, that will tell you if its odd or even.




Dear Year 1 Parents and Carers,

 In the event of a school closure we would like to remind you of all the exciting Home Learning your child could be doing.


      Purple Mash

Practise reading and spelling common exception words ( which you can find on this web site)

Reading and sharing a book with your child .

Practise phonemes ( in your reading book bag)

Ensure your child is writing DAILY  maybe in the form of a diary, simple story, poem, describe a picture using  WOW words or a  letter etc

It is an ideal opportunity to get your child to write their numbers correctly and to learn their number bonds to 10  eg 1+9, 2+8, 3+7

Play a game . You say 3 they say 7  you say 1 they say 9 (quickly) 

Play games  ( like snakes and ladders etc )

Thank you for your support and take care.




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