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Wednesday 1st April

Day 10!

Good morning Year 2, happy April Fool's day!

Yesterday I got a lovely message from several of you which really put a smile on my face! Thank you for that and the super lego picture!

I am glad lots of you are enjoying the joke of the it at the bottom!

So today you could....

1. Read something, look at Epic.

2. Write the third part of the Magic Carpet Story

3. Time game on Purple Mash, well done to all of you that did it yesterday.

4. Write a postcard to someone. I am doing this with my mum at the moment as I can't see her which I feel sad about!

Joke of the Day

What do cats eat for breakfast?

Mice crispies!!


Keep well and stay safe!

Tuesday 31st March

Day 9

Good morning my lovely Year 2 pupils!   Well done everyone for some super reading. Some of you are using Lexia, if you aren't please have a look at it. The Epic reading is great! You have read 166 books so far which is great. Reading is the main thing you can do to help your child over these coming weeks. Other stuff to do....

1. Two new books on Epic.... The Brothers and the Starfruit Tree and Pedro and the Coyote. They are harder texts but have a look.

2. You could write part 2 of the Magic Carpet.

3. I have put a time game on Purple Mash.

4. If you looked at remainders yesterday, I have put another sheet on here.

5. Look out of your window and draw what you see.

Joke of the Day

What do birds eat for breakfast?



Keep well and keep washing those hands!!!

Remainder sheet

Monday 30th March

Day 8

Good morning Year 2! I hope you had a nice weekend! This week....

1. Division! Mrs Dowling had been doing this with you and we were getting good at it. Remember to use your times tables to work them out. I have put a worksheet on here if you want to do it. If you find that easy then working out remainders is our next step, which is also on the worksheet.

2. I have also done a story writing plan for you if you fancied keeping your writing skills sharp! There is a bit to do each day of the week.

3. Why not bake something, this is really good for using maths, especially scales, which is something we were due to cover this term.

4. Don't forget to read something!

Joke of the day!

What kind of monkey floats through the air?

A baballoon!

Friday 27th March

Day 5

Good morning Year 2. Well dome on your first week at home. I can see how hard you have been working because I can see all your Purple mash work and you have read 116 books on Epic! Well done! 

1. Today I have set 2 more books. One is called The Elephants' Ears and the other one is called How the Tiger got It's Stripes. Have a read!

2. I have a put a game on Purple Mash called The Sequence Snake which helps with your times tables.

3. The weather is still nice so get outside and do something physical

4. Across the country children are taking part in The Rainbow Trail to boost morale during this difficult time. You have to draw a rainbow and put it in your window so when people go for their exercise they can spot them! Nice idea, I thought so give it a go!

5. Do The Friday Quiz. You will find it under the Friday Quiz Star on our page.

Joke of the Day

What game do they play in space?

Astronauts and crosses!smiley


Say safe and keep well. I miss you Year 2! Have a good weekend!

Thursday 26th March 

Day 4

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is well.

The answer to the problem yesterday was 24. (3x2x4) Hope you all got that answer.

On the menu today...

1. Read something, a comic...something from Epic or just a book you have at home. You could also listen to David Walliams. He has put 30 free books in 30 days online. Try it.

2. Make some amounts of money. Give your child some amounts to do. They need to be able to make the same amount in different ways.

They could also work out change.

3. Purple Mash today is a Samuel Pepys diary. Do it in the red book I gave out. 


A little word about marking! We use 'Pink to Think and Green to be Seen' This means you underline mistakes in pink eg capital letters and some spellings, especially if these are common exception words. (CEW) You also need to underline in green anything good eg wow words or more adventurous punctuation eg brackets/!/?

Hope that helps with that side of things. BOA and WIB sentences are vital. This is a BIG year 2 expectation.


Watch out tomorrow for The Friday Quiz! Every Friday I will put a  little quiz on here  about some of the things we have covered in class so they don't forget them.


Joke of the Day

What kind of onion likes to jump?

A spring onion!


You are all doing brilliantly.....stay well!

Wednesday 25th March

Day 3

Yesterday I heard this problem on the radio and thought you might like to have a go!


Imagine I have to self isolate. I have with me 3 pairs of trousers, 2 jumpers and 4 shirts. I don't want to get too bored with what I am wearing so I decide to have a different combination of clothes each day.

How many days can I wear a different outfit on each day?


If I were you I would get your child to make the 'clothes' so the problem is more visual. Give it a go. I stopped loading the dishwasher to work this out! Answer tomorrow!


Today at school we did a Joe Wicks work out, it was great. I used to teach him! Give it a go and get out in the fresh air while the weather is so lovely.

Joke of the Day

What kind of food do dogs like?

Pup-eronni Pizza!


Tuesday 24th March

So day 2 at home. I hope you all survived day 1! Here are your next 5 a day things you could do....

1. Go on to Epic. I have set 2 more books..The Whiskers Sisters and The Princess and the Frozen Peas! You have read 12 books so far and 4hrs of reading on Epic so well dome!

2. Speed Times Tables. Sorry, not sure I set this properly so please have a look.

3. Learn how to tie a shoelace...a life skill!

4. Write some sentences using the spelling lists. Try air/ear/ ere words.

5. Make your bed today!!

Keep well and stay healthy!

Joke of the Day

What do hedgehogs eat for lunch?

Prickled Onions!!!

Monday 23rd March

Good morning Year 2! Welcome to your first day at home. Here are your 5 a day things  you could do.

1. Use the spellings from this term's list to write some WIB and BOA sentences. We were up to the air/ear words. Why don't you write some Silly Sentences like we do in class?

2. Practice your 2x tables. I have put a speed test on Purple Mash.

3.Write as many facts about  the Fire of London as possible. Then do the diary work I have put on Purple Mash. Have a look!

4. Eat some fruit, imagine it's our usual snack time.

5. Read something! Look on Get Epic for the books I have put on. The animal one is really nice!

Here is my Joke of the Day!   

Where does Spaghetti Dance?

At the meatball!   Ha ha!!


Be good  and keep well!

Spring spellings 2

Idea of the Week Week beginning 18.9.18

Here are some new spellings for you (apologies that they are a bit late!).This week we have been looking at words that sound like they end in an  E but actually they end in a y. eg We have also been looking at the letter y in the middle of a word that sounds like an I. eg crystal....myth...lyric.

If you can find any more of these kinds of words, write them down and bring them in....first through the door gets a top banana!


Please keep counting in 2s and 10s. Don't forget to read something as well!


Look out for scripts  and words that are heading your way soon. It's only 3 weeks to go until we put on our show, A Midwife Crisis.

Idea of the Week 2

One of the things I need to look for in your child's writing are the words but...and...or. These are know as BOA sentences. But, or and and are called conjunctions. They join two sentences together and make them longer and more interesting.

Here are some examples....

1. Bob went to buy some fish fingers and peas.

2. Do you want peas or sweetcorn?

3. Last week I wanted to go to the pictures but it was shut.

Use the spellings from weeks 1-4 to use in BOA sentences. The first one through the door with some good BOA sentences gets a top banana...there's an incentive!


Please keep reading....anything and everything.


We are still on the 10x table but some children are onto things like 10x14...tricky stuff!


Keep an eye out for useful info on the window!

Idea of the Week 1 Week beginning 16.9.19

Your first idea of the week is all about pairs to 10. These are essential in year 2 because once you know a pair to 10 you can use that information to find a pair to 100. eg 7+3=10 so 70+30=100

Take a pack of playing cards (take out the picture cards). You place the top t and he top card down eg 8 and your child has to say the number that makes it equal 10 eg 2. See how many you can do in 1 minute.....our top score was 27!


You can also do it as a pairs game by placing them face down on the table. You pick a card and have to find the corresponding pair. If it is a pair you keep it, if it isn't put them back down but try and remember where you have put them.


Times Tables

At the moment Mrs Dowling is  doing the 10x table with the class. If this is quite easy, stretch your child by doing higher numbers  eg 12x10 to see if they can see a pattern. 

It is important to be able to count in 10s when we start adding 2 digit numbers together as we add tens first and then the ones. eg 12+13= 10+10=20   2+3=5 so 20+5=25.

I hope that makes sense!


PS Don't forget to read. Ask your child what their 'Adopt a Book' was.