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Idea of the Week Week beginning 18.9.18

Here are some new spellings for you (apologies that they are a bit late!).This week we have been looking at words that sound like they end in an  E but actually they end in a y. eg We have also been looking at the letter y in the middle of a word that sounds like an I. eg crystal....myth...lyric.

If you can find any more of these kinds of words, write them down and bring them in....first through the door gets a top banana!


Please keep counting in 2s and 10s. Don't forget to read something as well!


Look out for scripts  and words that are heading your way soon. It's only 3 weeks to go until we put on our show, A Midwife Crisis.

Idea of the Week 2

One of the things I need to look for in your child's writing are the words but...and...or. These are know as BOA sentences. But, or and and are called conjunctions. They join two sentences together and make them longer and more interesting.

Here are some examples....

1. Bob went to buy some fish fingers and peas.

2. Do you want peas or sweetcorn?

3. Last week I wanted to go to the pictures but it was shut.

Use the spellings from weeks 1-4 to use in BOA sentences. The first one through the door with some good BOA sentences gets a top banana...there's an incentive!


Please keep reading....anything and everything.


We are still on the 10x table but some children are onto things like 10x14...tricky stuff!


Keep an eye out for useful info on the window!

Idea of the Week 1 Week beginning 16.9.19

Your first idea of the week is all about pairs to 10. These are essential in year 2 because once you know a pair to 10 you can use that information to find a pair to 100. eg 7+3=10 so 70+30=100

Take a pack of playing cards (take out the picture cards). You place the top t and he top card down eg 8 and your child has to say the number that makes it equal 10 eg 2. See how many you can do in 1 minute.....our top score was 27!


You can also do it as a pairs game by placing them face down on the table. You pick a card and have to find the corresponding pair. If it is a pair you keep it, if it isn't put them back down but try and remember where you have put them.


Times Tables

At the moment Mrs Dowling is  doing the 10x table with the class. If this is quite easy, stretch your child by doing higher numbers  eg 12x10 to see if they can see a pattern. 

It is important to be able to count in 10s when we start adding 2 digit numbers together as we add tens first and then the ones. eg 12+13= 10+10=20   2+3=5 so 20+5=25.

I hope that makes sense!


PS Don't forget to read. Ask your child what their 'Adopt a Book' was.