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Friday 17th July

Just a wee note to say a very BIG thank you for all the gifts you gave to all of us that worked in Year 2. It was extremely generous of you and I have sat and looked at my lovely photo album.It bought back so many memories for me....especially the Christmas play! Thanks to Illy's mum as I gather you organised a lot of stuff and compiled the books.

Mr G also popped in today to see me so I could give him your present. He was really touched that you had remembered him! He really enjoyed setting work for you....and for rambling on about runner beans!

                                                             laughTHANK YOU YEAR 2 PARENTS!yes

                                                                   HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER

                                                       cheekyFROM MRS O....MRS K....MRS F AND MR G!blush


Thursday 16th July

Goooooooooooooooooood morning.....for the last and Maisie.

Well, it's the last day of  a very odd term. I was able to say goodbye to a few of you at school and a few people that came to the library on Monday. I am sorry I didn't get you back but I know that you will do wonderful things in Year 3 and beyond. I think you are a very special class who get on well and look out for each other. You showed this by the way you welcomed our newbies this year!

This was my 32nd year of teaching and you will always be remembered as the corona virus class...I will never forget you for that!

Please be good for your  parents over the summer, they have had a very hard time too and I want to thank you all for what you have done over these very trying weeks! Thanks to Mr G for holding the fort!

Have a wonderful summer. Don't forget the summer reading challenge which is on our class page.

Take care and stay safe! I will see you....from a distance in Year 3! Just more bad jokes!!

My final Joke of the Day

What happened to the man who fell asleep under a car?

He woke up very oily in the morning!surprise

Mrs O xxxx

PS Happy birthday to all the August bambinos....Leah (6th)....Denholm and David (10th)..Jack (13th) and Tiffany (21st)

Wednesday July 15th.


Kon'nichiwa Year 2. (Japanese).


And so I have reached my last day with you little Year 2s. Mrs Otway will be back with you tomorrow so I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed setting work for you over the past number of weeks. How many weeks? I've lost count. Anyway it has been a real joy. I hope you have learnt some stuff in that time and if you haven't don't worry. You have plenty of time to pack lots of things into your wonderful brains. Keep learning. Keep trying new things. Explore. Ask loads of questions and don't be afraid to make mistakes. That's when you're really learning, when you make mistakes. Laugh every day, remember how special you are and enjoy these wonderful years of childhood. Thank you for putting up with me over the past few weeks and I wish you all the very best of everything as you head into year 3 and for all the amazing years that lie ahead of you.

For today I'm giving you a break from proper schooly type work and I'm just going to put up a link which also includes loads of other links to sporty, exercisy type thingys that you can have a go at over the holidays. It's so important to stay active and get some exercise. I started doing the Parkrun last year and although it is tough going out on a Saturday morning in November when it's cold and wet there is a wonderful sense of achievement when you actually finish. No Parkrun at the moment, unfortunately, because of lockdown but hopefully it will be up and RUNNING again soon. Let's hope everything is up and running again soon.


Joke of the day.

There are two muffins cooking in the oven.

One muffin says to the other, "Phew! Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?"

The other muffin says, "AAAAHHHH!! A TALKING MUFFIN"




MR Gwink



Tuesday July 14th


Ciao Year 2. (Italian)

Hope I find you all in good fettle and gearing up for the school holidays. Not long to go now and you can have a well deserved break.

Do keep up with your reading over the holidays and keep taking exercise. Good for the body and the mind, exercise is.

Nothing much happening in Bishop's Stortford lately. All very quiet since the escapades of the runner beans came to an end. Yesterday however we had a swarm of flying ants and last week a swarm of honey bees, at least I think they're honey bees, took up residence in our neighbour's roof. Well we know where to go for our honey from now on, don't we? Mind you, I hope they don't decide to move house, the bees I mean, and move in with us. Oh my days. Can you imagine that buzz, buzz, buzzing twenty four seven. No thanks. I'm not that fond of honey and my computer doesn't seem to like it either. That reminds me, I need to call Mark, the computer man.

Take care Year 2.


Todays menu looks like this.


Summer Maths.


Summer Poems.


The Strange Ice Cream Shop.


Joke of the day.

Why are hairdressers never late for work?

Because they know all the short cuts.


Have a lovely day Year 2. Speak again tomorrow.

Mr Glaugh

The Strange Ice Cream Shop

Summer Poems

Monday July 13th 


Merhaba Year 2. (Turkish for hello).

And so we reach the last few days for you guys in Year 2. Mrs Otway has given me some work to put up for you for the next couple of days and I will check out some other stuff for you for Wednesday. Thursday, your last day, Mrs Otway will be back with you again and I will set sail for new lands and new adventures.

Did I ever mention my favourite children's book of all time? It's called 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' by Judith Kerr and it's a proper gem of a story. You probably know it already but it's such a beautiful story and so cleverly put together, although I do find the ending just a little bit sad. Or maybe that's just me. Judith Kerr wrote it for her daughter and she tried to put in lots of things that her daughter loved to do. It's pure magic and if you haven't read it already you should try to have a look at it. I'm sure there will be a copy of it somewhere in the school.

Another favourite of mine is 'Gorilla', by Anthony Browne. Brilliant story with even brillianter(??) illustrations. Very, Very clever.

Anyway, they're just two little reading recommendations from me to you Year 2. I've put a link for you to have a look at if you'd like.


For today Year 2 we have...............


Rockpool Maths. Read the information and answer the questions.


Summer Lists:  Writing lists of items and using commas. You have to keep your concentration when you're doing this Year 2.

Well, when you're doing anything really.

Don't be like me when I play tennis. One amazing shot and then I start wondering what I will have for tea, whether I left the cat in the fridge, why Farmer Geddon had decided to visit The Imperial War Museum on his tractor, why Mrs Dust didn't fix her roof while the sun was shining and lots of other useless stuff. Before you know it, it's game, set and match and I'm off, wondering how I got beaten.........AGAIN!!


Bed In Summer: A very sweet poem to read and a few questions to answer. SIMPLES!


Joke of the day.

Why did the man get fired from the calendar factory?

He took a day off.

(They just keep getting better.............)


Enjoy your day Year 2.

Mr Gcheeky


Rockpool Maths

Summer Lists

Bed In Summer Poem

Friday 10th July

Gooooooooooooooood morning Year 2! It's your last Friday in Year 2 would you believe! It's been quite a nice week for me as I have got to see some of you on the hall....helping me host the Zoom calls and in the classroom. Mrs Franklin has been helping me to sort your books and we have gone through your trays to see if there is anything you have left behind. I have found quite a few pencil cases......and a lot of stones!!! I have kept the pencil cases and the notebooks in case you want them.

Please pop in and see me on Monday...between 9.30 and 10.30 in the library. You have to come on one at a time but it would be REALLY nice to see you before the summer holidays.

The Otways is ready for viewing if you click below to see what award you have all got! I have also done you a certificate so come on down to school to see me! If you are in one of the other bubbles at school....don't worry, I will still see you!

The final Friday Quiz 14 is also in the usual place. It's a bit different to the usual one as there are no right or wrong answers! Have a wee look.

Don't forget the messages for Mrs Hinton. I have been sticking them in our Year 2 book but would like a few more!

So have a good weekend everyone. Happy birthday to Willow on Sunday.I will pop back on Thursday to say adieu!

And of course.....

Joke of the day

How can you tell which rabbit is the oldest?

Look out for the grey hares!!wink

The Otways!

A nice surprise is coming....tomorrow....Friday look out for it on our class page.!! laughyes

Thursday July 9th


Di dhuit Year 2. (Hello in Irish)

When I went to school in Ireland every child learnt Irish, the native language of the country. In fact they still do. It's a very complicated language to learn and only a small number of people in Ireland speak it now. But it's nice that they try to keep it alive. In Scotland they also speak a similar language, Gallic, and of course the Welsh have their own language as well. I've been to Wales quite a few times as I sometimes take the ferry from North Wales to Dublin when we go on holidays to Ireland. A couple of years ago we went to Cardiff to watch Wales v Ireland in the six nations rugby. Not a good day for the Irish. I love the rugby and am really missing it during the lockdown but hopefully as things start to return to normal I will be able to watch some rugby again.

Anyway we have come to the end of another week, almost, and Mrs Otway will be checking in with you guys again tomorrow.

I'm starting to get a bit fed up with the weather lately and I'm hoping for some good news from King Liam very soon. So much rain over here and I'm sure it's been the same in Colney Heath. Farmer Geddon is delighted of course as it's good for his crops. Mrs Dust has finished repairing her roof and Brian kindly put the ladder back in the shed for her. Great work Brian. Runner beans are looking quite content now and have some lovely red flowers on them. Very pretty.


So here we go one more time.


Spellings: Wordsearch from the last three weeks of spellings.


Topic: Around The World Quiz. You can research each of the questions or just have a go. However you do it, hopefully you will learn something about different countries. Watch on full screen mode.


Maths: Revise division by 2,3,5 and 10. You can watch the short clip to remind you about division with remainders.


Joke of the day.

What happens to a frog's car when it breaks down?

It gets toad away.


Good luck Year 2

Mr Gcheeky


Division With remainders



Wednesday July 8th


bom Dia year 2.

Apparently that's 'Good Morning' in Portuguese.

Hope your Tuesday was the best and once again we have reached  'camel hump day'- middle of the week day.

How are those Zoom meetings going with Mrs Otway? I hope you haven't forgotten and I certainly hope you haven't forgotten Mrs Hinton's messages.

Now let's have a look at today's selection box of activities.


Spellings: I've given you a spelling Zig Zag with all the spellings from the last 3 weeks. If  you're not sure how it works you can have a quick look at the answer sheet to get you started.


Maths: A multiplication game just to give you a break from worksheets. Click on the Year 2 button but you can also have a look at some Year 3 work if you wish.


Reading: Epic. 


Topic: Can you find out what countries different artists come from? I'm sure you will have heard of some of them but do you know where they came from?


Joke of the day.

What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft?

A flat minor.

Have a great day Year 2.

Mr Gsmiley




Tuesday July 7th


Guten Morgen Year 2.

I wonder if you can find different ways of saying hello/good morning every day until the end of term? 

I hope Monday went well for you all. I suppose the best thing about Tuesday is that it's not Monday. I'm not a big fan of Mondays.

I'm starting to think that King Liam, the world's greatest weather forecaster, is starting to lose his touch. I'm sure he said it would be getting warmer by now but instead of warm we get lots of wind. (Nothing to do with blueberry custard this time, I'm happy to report). King Liam probably just got confused between warm and wind. It's an easy mistake to make. Right?


Keep getting those message in for Mrs Hinton Year 2.

Keep reading those EPIC books.


Have any of you listened to that song yet? A little cracker from the 1970s. You know, the 1970s, the end of the Ice Age.

Mrs Otway will be waiting so don't miss your ZooM call.

Imagine. I never knew there was such a thing as a ZOOM call until we went into lockdown.

GOSH. Fat Larry was so far ahead of his time. Pure genius. AMAZING!

Did they even have computers during the Ice Age?(Frozen like mine probably.) 


Today we are going to have a look at:


Maths: Column addition. There are quite a few sheets here Year 2 so do what you can. Maybe just one sheet or maybe the whole lot.

It's really up to you.


Spellings: Sentence scrambler. Write out the sentences correctly. They all contain words from this week's spelling list. Keep an eye on those their, there and they're words. The number of people, even big grown up people who, frankly, should know better, still get them wrong. If I had a pound for every time I had to correct the spelling of those words in children's books!! Well, I'd be living on coconut milk and grilled anchovies on my own private island off the coast of Burundi by now. 


Topic: A bit more world geography research for you Year 2. Use your skills to find the capital cities of the countries on the sheet and match them up. You can also draw the flag of one of the countries.


OK. JoKE oF ThE DAy TiMe! 

Why are green beans the most content of all the vegetables?

Because they've found their inner peas.

( Who writes this stuff?)


Take care Year 2.

Mr Glaugh

Y2 Column Addition

Y2 Sentence Scrambler

Monday July 6th

Buenos dias Year 2.

Welcome to another week.

A few reminders before we get into the main course. Don't forget your messages for Mrs Hinton as it is getting a bit late now if you haven't done it yet. ZOOM will be coming down the tracks again with Fat Larry and Mrs Otway will be chatting with some of you again this week.

A big congratulations on your EPIC reading year 2. You have now hit the dizzy heights of 1500 books read. That's nothing short of powerful Year 2 and you should be very proud of yourselves. TRULY REMARKABLE!! So don't stop now.


So what's cookin' for today?


Spellings:  We have reached your final set of spellings for the year. But don't worry Year 2, spellings will be returning again in September. (All together, HURRAY). This week we will be looking at homophones - words that sound the same but have different spellings and different meanings. 


Maths: We will be catching up on some of the basics this week Year 2. You know, the usual suspects. Adding, Subtracting, Dividing and Multiplying. For today we'll have a look at addition and subtraction.


Reading: EpIC. Try to get someone at home to listen to you read and maybe ask you questions about what you have read. This will help to keep your comprehension skills alive and well.


Topic: This week I would like you to do a little bit of research on world geography. We will begin with Human Geography, the things that humans have added to the world.

I often think that nature has given us some truly wonderful things like butterflies, rainbows, water, snowflakes, bumble bees and so on, while humans have given us a lot of silly things like enormous pepper mills, chocolate teapots, mini umbrellas for your shoes, false toe nails or bibs for cats. (I'm sending ours back. She never used it! So if any of you are interested in an  'As New Cat Bib' you can email the school).

Humans however have also created some wonderful things ,especially buildings. You will have one sheet with ten landmarks from around the world. What you need to do is find out where -which country - the buildings are in and match them up.

RESEARCH Year 2. Cut them out and glue them in or copy/cut and paste from one page to the other.

Best of Luck! 



And finally it's time for.............


There's two fish in a tank and one fish says to the other,

"How do you drive this thing?"


Have a belter of a day you people!

MR Gwink


Where In The World?

Friday 3rd July

Goooooooooood morning Year 2! It's nice to be back on here and catch up with you all. I have been reading Mr Gs stuff which has been great. Ask Alexa to play the song Zoom so you know what he is talking about!!!

I hope Layla had a good birthday. Did you know that July is the best month to have a birthday? It's my birthday at the end of the month when I turn 21 and a little bit more!

I have had a few pics and messages for Mrs Hinton but I need more as the year 2 book we are making is looking a bit thin! I really need them by next Monday 12th so please send them in!

Talking of Monday look out for an email from me about the last week. I will say no more!

I have put The Friday Quiz 13 on here in the usual place. Next week will be the last one as I am sure you don't want one on the day we break up! 

It was lovely to see some of you on Zoom and some of you are now in school. I can't believe how  much you have grown.

Before I go...

Joke of the Day

Why did the chewing gum cross the road?

It was stuck to the chicken's foot!! wink


Have a good weekend everyone. I am off to get a haircut......yippeeeeeee!!!! I will catch up with you on Friday.


Thursday July 2nd


Good morning year 2. Another week is about to draw to an end and the weekend looks like it might be warm again. (SUper neWs KiNG LiaM).

So how are those stories coming along? How did you get on with your symmetry portraits? Have you had a ZOOM with Mrs Otway yet?

And of course, last reminder from me about getting your messages into school for Mrs Hinton.

Anyway, Mrs Otway will be back with you again tomorrow with lots of stories about her week.

My runner beans got a good soaking of garlicky/soapy water last night. I noticed that there were also lots of ants around the little buggy type thingys and, apparently, what the ants do is they collect them up and move them to another part of the plant which doesn't help at all. The ants actually turn into farmers and herd the buggies into a space. I do find ants very clever indeed. I remember my Biology teacher at school telling us that if ants were the size of dogs they would be in charge of the world. I don't think I'd want to meet an ant as big as a dog. SCARY!! And I don't think Farmer Geddon would be too impressed if he found out that the little creepery fellows were being rounded up by the ants. Farmer Ant! What next I ask you Year 2? OH my Giddy Ant.


So on we go.

 Maths: I've attached some sheets for you to do with symmetry patterns. The line of symmetry (mirror line) is vertical, from top to bottom, and you need to have the same pattern on both sides of the line. if you have a small mirror you could check what the pattern is.


Topic: Please carry on writing your stories and check that you are including all of the items from Monday's list. Capital letters and full stops are so, so, so important. Remember that you are writing your stories for someone else to read. So make them easy to follow and exciting. Keep going Year 2. You can also colour in the sheets from the pack. I will put the link in again for you.


Spellings: A bit of drawing to illustrate your words from this week's spelling list. Keep revising those old spellings as well.


Reading: EPIC!


Joke of the day.

A thesaurus is great.

There's no other word for it.

Enjoy the rest of your week Year 2 and enjoy your rest at the weekend. Keep smiling!

Mr Gwink



Wednesday July 1st


Bonjour les enfants.

And how are we all today? Buzzing like little bees I'm hoping. So, it's the first day of July and a little bird tells me that one of you is celebrating their birthday today. So all together let's send our Happy Birthday wishes to Layla. Congratulations Layla. I hope you have a truly wonderful day and remember, not too much cake. OH Go On. It's your birthday. Have as much cake as you like.

Meanwhile, I was checking my runner beans this morning and noticed a lot of little black buggy type fellows on the underside of the leaves. I alerted Mrs Dust who was on the roof of her house replacing some loose tiles and she came to have a look.

'Aphids,' she squealed. 

'Aphids?' I replied.

'Four cloves of garlic in some soapy water and give them a good little wash. That should do the trick.' 

And before I could say soapy garlic, Mrs Dust was off up the ladder again to carry on fixing her roof. Brian kindly held the ladder as she made her way up. Nice one Brian.

Anyway I've gotten the garlic and the soapy water ready and those little buggies will be getting a nice drink this evening. Not sure if it will do any good but It's worth a try Year 2. Watch this space. I will let you know.

Keep checking when you are meeting Mrs Otway on ZOOM (.....for once in my lifetime I was finally free....) OH stop it fat Larry.

And don't forget your messages for Mrs Hinton. I'm sure most of you have done that by now. HAVEN'T YOU??


And so for today:


Topic: Carry on with your story writing year 2 using 'Tiddalik The Frog' as a guide.


Spellings: Scrabble Spellings. I have also given you a list of spellings to revise.


Reading: You are so lucky to have such a wonderful selection of books to choose from on EPIC so keep looking for those books and keep reading.


Maths: As we have been looking at symmetry I'm setting you a little art challenge that also involves symmetry.

You will be creating portraits using the symmetry of faces, your own face to do a self-portrait or a face from a magazine, newspaper or online. I have attached some examples for you to look at and some instructions. I have also attached a link to a blog with more detailed instructions. Have Fun with it Year 2 and I would love to see some of your finished work.


Joke of the day.

What time did the man go to the dentist?

Tooth - hurt-y.

Have a great day Year 2 and once again, HAppY BiRThdAy Layla.


Mr Gcheeky

Scrabble Spellings -tion

Tuesday June 30th


Good morning Year 2. I hope this day finds you safe and well. Not too sure about the weather lately and it looks like it's going to be a bit unsettled for a few days. Don't worry, the sun will have his hat on soon again I'm sure. It has also been a bit windy- I think Brian might have been at the school cake and blueberry custard again.I know for a fact that King Liam never mentioned anything about wind when I heard from him last. Just saying year 2. 

Anyway, I hope you have remembered to get your messages into school for Mrs Hinton (VERY IMPORTANT YEAR 2) and that you haven't forgotten to tune into Zoom if it's your turn with Mrs Otway. (High noon, the moon and stars came out to play.......).

It's that song again. Just a mention of that word 'ZOOM' and I'm off with Fat Larry and his band.

Oh My Days. 


So let's have a look at today.

Topic: I've put a link up for the 2nd part of 'Tiddalik The Frog' for you to watch. There are also some resource sheets for you to do ( you don't have to do all of them) and I would like you to read the story (Resource sheet 8) as well as watching it. I don't know if you have used speech marks before when characters speak but do have a look at how they write it when the animals speak.

Example:'I have an idea,'  said Koala. 'Let's go to see wombat!'

The writer puts little commas around the words that they speak. If you have any of the animals in your story speaking you could try putting in speech marks like this. Maybe your animals don't speak at all. That's ok too. You can just tell the story. 

In the meantime, just carry on with your stories. Write a little bit each day and remember the things to include from yesterday's list. 

Keep checking as you go. Take your time as I don't want you to rush through it. I will give you lots of time to complete them Year 2.

You can also draw pictures to show what is happening. Make your writing fun. Take a look at the other resource sheets-colouring, word search puzzle and sequencing the story. Keep going Year 2 and remember........................

..........slow and steady wins the race. TAKE YOUR TIME.

Spellings: Words ending in -tion. Secret Code Spellings. Write in your books or on a separate sheet if you need more space.


Maths: Symmetry sorting and matching games.


Reading: All the way to the top with EPIC!


Joke of the day.

What do you call someone with no body and no nose?

Nobody knows.


Au revoir Year 2. A plus.


Mr Gcool


Secret Code Spellings

Monday June 29th


Is it really Year 2!!. Is it really June 29th?? 

"I don't believe it!! as Victor Meldrew used to say.

You won't know who Victor Meldrew is of course Year 2, a character from a very silly show many years ago (probably Victorian Times) so I remember it well. 

Another week ahead and lots of stuff to get through. Before we get started on Monday's agenda I have a few little reminders for you people. Can you all check when you are due to have your ZOOOOM meeting with your teacher and be ready to chew the fat with Mrs Otway when it's your turn. (Zoom, you chased the day away. High noon, the moon and stars came out to play..........) Oh it's that song again. Fat Larry and his band.

Next reminder Year 2 .You need to be sending in your messages (via admin or via the Y2 email) for Mrs Hinton's  memory book.

Don't forget that year 2, it's really important.


So let's have a look for today.


Spellings: PYrAmiD Spellings with words ending in -tion. Write out your spellings in pyramid shapes. Sheet attached. Keep revising your old spellings as well from time to time and I will include another set to revise later in the week.


Reading: Keep going with your EPIC reading. You've been brilliant with that so far Year 2 so keep it going and you can be brillianter. 



Maths: Lines of symmetry. Vertical lines of symmetry go from top to bottom of a shape. Horizontal  lines of symmetry go from side to side of a shape (think horizon)


Topic: We are going to carry on with our Australian theme but I want you to start thinking about writing a story. You can write your story in stages, a bit each day, as well as doing some other activities based on the Australian tale of 'Tiddalik The Frog.'

Watch the video link 'Tiddalik The Frog' PART 1. Have a look at the vocabulary sheet- resource Sheet 1- and have a go at Resource Sheets 4 and 6. You can also listen to the song and read the story on Resource Sheet 2 if you like Year 2.

If you want to use Resource Sheet 5 to start writing your stories you can or you can write it in your books. Remember to just do short parts of the story each day and check them as you go. 

You can change the animals but keep them Australian please. For example, you could change the frog to a kangaroo called Brian and maybe Brian (the kangaroo, not Mrs Dust's husband) filled all the water into his pouch. OR maybe Donald the Dingo drank all the water. You can decide year 2. I'm sure you will have much better ideas than I have.


  • BOA Sentences - but/or/and
  • WIB Sentences - when/When/if/If/because
  • TIME WORDS - first/ next/ after that/the following day/then(but not too much then zzzzzz)
  • Interesting words - enormous instead of big, moaned instead of said,
  • Capital letters, Full Stops and Spellings - CHECK! CHECK! and then CHECK AGAIN!


Start today by writing a short description of your main character and describe what he does. Have a look at the story plan sheet that Mrs Otway gave you back in April about the Magic Carpet for some ideas. 

Best of LUCK Year 2!!


Joke of the day.

I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon.

I'll let you know.


See you all tomorrow.

Mr Gcheeky






Lines of symmetry worksheet

Friday 26th June

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine although last night was so hot I just couldn't sleep! This week I feel proper happy as I have FINALLY got to see some of you! Some of you came to the library on Monday which was nice. Our slot is Monday 9.30-10.30. You don't even have to want a book....just turn up for a wee chat with me to tell me about your lockdown experience! I also saw 11 of you on Zoom. (By the way Mr G I DO remember that song!!!) I saw some great things including Dave the Skeleton, pictures, a dragon, a savings jar and a lego model. Next week I hope to see more of you so get some things ready to show me. My first Zoom group told me to watch Hocus Pocus so it's on my list for the weekend!! I also know some more of you are going into the Key Worker Group so I will pop down and say hello! 

I see Mr G has been keeping you busy...and entertained!! I liked the vel-crow joke and wondered if you can remember who invented it? A ktkat to you if you can!!!

Still missing you really has been lovely to see you. I am struck by how much taller some of you have got. No more growing please or you will be taller than me!

Back next Friday but am hoping to see more of you on Zoom or in the library.

Don't forget the message for Mrs Hinton for her card and we will put them into  year 2 card for her. She is one of my very good friends and I will really miss her!

The Friday Quiz 12 is in the usual place....good luck!

Before I go.........

Joke of the Day

Why did the tomato blush?

Because it saw the salad dressing!! wink



Thursday June 25th


Hello again year 2.

Boy, hasn't it been hot? Yesterday it reached 32 degrees in some parts of the UK. That is really hot enough for me.

I hope you are all having a good week and that at least some of you had a chance to speak with Mrs Otway on Zoom. Every time I hear the word 'Zoom' I am reminded of a song from long ago, back in the 1970s I think.

The song was called 'ZOOM' and it was  by Fat Larry's Band. You probably never heard it  but your parents or grandparents might know it. I wonder if Mrs Otway knows it?


So here we go for today Year 2.


Maths:  White Rose Maths, Lesson 4 - week 8: Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes. You will also need to watch the BBC Bitesize (Shape Patterns) Part A and Part B as they will help you with the worksheets. 


Spellings: Questions and Answers.


Topic: We are going to compare Australia with the UK. I have attached two sheets. The fact Sheet gives a set of statements about the UK and Australia. You can cut out the statements and glue them into the right box on the other sheet or you might be able to click and drag the statements into the correct boxes.The page can be part of your Australia booklet. I will also attach a couple of links to give you some more information about each country.

GoOD LuCk!


Reading: Keep it Epic!


Joke of the day.

What has four wheels and flies?

A garbage truck.


Enjoy the rest of your week Year 2 and have a super weekend. 

Stay safe if you're out in the sun. 


Mr Gsmiley

Shape Patterns Worksheet #1

Shape Patterns Worksheet #2

Compare the UK with Australia Task

Wednesday June 24th.


Well year 2, Summer has definitely arrived with a bang. Yesterday 29 degrees and today King Liam says it will get up to 30 degrees. A few thunder storms (more bangs) for Friday maybe and then a bit cooler at the weekend. At least Mrs Dust's runner beans will get a good old drink. Runner beans, apparently, need a lot of water so I will be keeping an eye on mine over the next few days. One of my neighbours told me that those cheeky runner beans from number 26 made another attempt to leg it on Sunday evening but the Dust's cat, Wolfie,(odd name for a cat) spotted them on time and alerted Brian who was asleep on the couch watching the football.

Watching football without any sound is a strange thing, isn't it Year 2. No wonder Brian dozed off. Mind you he did have quite a large lunch of squid and barbecued parsnips (YUMMY) followed by several helpings of 'school cake' and blueberry custard.

While we're on the subject of football I've attached a video of  Australia's most popular sport - Aussie Rules or Footie as they call it.

A peculiar mix of football and rugby. In Ireland, where I grew up, they play Gaelic Football which is a bit like Aussie Rules.In fact I think the Australians nicked the idea from the Irish when they weren't paying attention. Just saying.

I did some gaelic Football with Year 6 way back in September so if any of you have brothers or sisters in year 6 you can ask them about it. 


Anyway let's have a look at today's pudding. (NO BRIAN! YOU'VE HAD TOO MUCH ALREADY!!)


Spellings: Scrabble spellings. I've also given you some old spellings to revise.


Topic: Continue with your dot paintings( Aboriginal Art).

Take a look at the Aussie Rules video, WHAT IS AFL?  (Link attached)

As with all other sports there is also a ladies Aussie Rules Football league.


Reading: Epic!!


Maths: White Rose Maths Week 8 lesson 3. I have also attached an interactive link where you can practise sorting 2D shapes.


Joke of the Day.

 What do you call birds that stick together?

Vel - crows.


Have a lovely day Year 2.

Mr Gwink


Tuesday June 23rd.


OK Year 2 here we go again.

First of all, apologies that some of the links on last Thursday's work didn't work. I have fixed them so if you want to have a look now you can do so.

The weather, thankfully, is on the mend and we have (according to King Liam) a few hot days on the way. I hear that Mrs.Otway will be zooming some of you this week so I'm sure you will have lots of interesting stuff to share with your teacher. You can keep finding information about Australia and if you want you can create your own pages to go into your booklet. 


Here's what's on the menu for today Year 2.


Spellings: A letter colouring activity.


Maths: White Rose Maths Lesson 2 from Summer Term Week 8 - Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes. I have also attached a short worksheet.


Epic: Onwards and upwards with EPIC.


Topic: We're moving onto to do some work based on Australian Aboriginal Art. Have a look at the PowerPoint, which gives a little bit of information about the Aboriginal people, and the two video links. You can then get cracking. If you don't have paint you can use felt tip pens and you can use cotton buds instead of brushes if you are using paint. Do some simple designs first to develop your ideas and over the next couple of days you can start producing some amazing Dot Paintings. I would love to see what you come up with so do send some examples into school. I absolutely love this type of art and it can be a very relaxing activity. You can add your art work to your Australia booklet.  Good Luck Year 2!!!


Joke of the day.

What did the duck say to the shop assistant when he bought some lipstick?

Put it on my bill.


Bonne chance Year 2, a demain. 

Mr Gsmiley


Faces, edges and vertices worksheet

Aboriginal Art PPT

Monday June 22nd


Greetings to the wonderful year 2s. It's official. Summer has landed. No it really has. Yesterday, June 21st, was the longest day of the year, also known as the Summer Solstice which means that it's the official start of our Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere while in the Southern Hemisphere - where Australia is - it's the shortest day of the year. Oh I know year 2, it really is confusing and it would take me until Christmas Eve to type up an explanation here. I can only type one letter every four minutes. Yes! You guessed it. Computer on the blink again so off we go to Pat, the beekeeper, for one (or more) of his £10 jars of honey. Instead I have put a short video link below which I hope will help to explain what's going on. I have also included a video link about Stonehenge, a special place in the South West of England where people gather on the longest day to watch the sun rise. For some people Stonehenge is a sacred palce in the same way thet Uluru (remember we looked at it last week) is a sacred place for the Aboriginal people of Australia. Have a look at the video as you may be learning about it in a history topic at some point in the future.


Anyway, let's crack on for today.


Maths: We will be using White Rose Maths this week to look at 2D and 3D shapes. You have probably used it before but in case you have forgotten here's how it works.This week we will be using  Summer Term - Week 8 (w/c 15th June) and there will be one lesson for each day up to Thursday and then a Maths Challenge on the Friday. If this weeks lessons appear on the screen just scroll down and click on Week 8. You can login to White Rose by typing in the link Once you have watched the lesson you can then complete the activity that I have set for you.


Spellings: A new set of spellings this week, words with a soft 'c' sound which really sounds like an 's' sound. There is a drawing activity to go with these.


Reading: Keep going with your 'EPIC' reading. I'm so delighted to see that we have so many super readers in Year 2. And Mrs Otway is buzzing with excitement that you are such wonderfully enthusiastic readers. I will have to tell Pat the beekeeper about Mrs Otway's buzzing. He might be able to explain it. Maybe.


Topic: I am going to get you doing some artwork/drawing this week year 2 but before that I want you to do a little bit of work on Australia's human geography. WHAT? Let me explain.Last week we looked at some physical geography - Uluru and The Great Barrier Reef. These are things that are put there by nature. They happen naturally - PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY. Human Geography is about things that are put there by humans, things that we build. So I'd like you to find out some information about one of Australia's best known features, Sydney Opera House. There's a PowerPoint to look at and a video on how to draw it. Make a poster with a picture and some facts about the building to add to your Australia Booklet.I've attached a sheet but you can make your own if you like.



Good Luck with all that year 2 and until we meet again au revoir.


Joke of the DaY!

A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a glass of coke.

The bartender says, " Sorry, we don't serve food here."indecision


Take care Year 2

Mr Gwink


Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes worksheet

Sydney Opera House Page

Friday 19th June

Good morning my lovely Year 2s. How has your week been? Mine has been busy at school but I see Mr G has been keeping you busy with some lovely stuff about Australia. I really want to go to this country so fingers crossed I will get there one day. My sister went out there for a year and spent a bit of time packing bananas. She saw spiders the size of dinner plates and you all know what I feel about those!!! 

Well done on reaching the milestone of 1300 books on Epic which is amazing and at school this week Mr Rose has printed off the Lexia certificates so I know some of you have been doing lots of work on there. We are going to post them out to you.

Also next week we are planning to do Zoom calls which Mr Rose is organising. PLEASE do go on there for a wee chat with me...I would love to see you! You have been put into groups and will be given a day each week until we 'break up'. Although I am teaching some year 1s my heart is still with year 2....I haven't forgotten about you all!

The new Friday Quiz 11 is in the usual place so have a go! 

Hope I see you next week...on Zoom and don't forget the library slot on Monday. I will pop along to see you.....with a big smile on my chops!!!

Thanks to Mr G......keep up the good work! See you next week!


Joke of the Day

What happens when you tell an egg a joke?

It cracks up!surprise

Thursday June 18th

Welcome to another day Year 2. Camel Hump day -Wednesday - has passed and the weekend is looming once more. Speaking of the weekend, did you know that June 21st is the longest day of the year and after that the days do start to get a little bit shorter. But don't worry. You won't notice any real difference until we move on to later in the year, probably around September and into the Autumn. Meanwhile let's keep enjoying the wonderful days of Summer and keep lapping up that Vitamin D. Stay safe in the sun though as it is still very hot and it can burn. Lots of sun block.

I'm delighted to announce that the runners have returned home. Arrived back at Number 26 in the early hours of the morning after walking (OOPS!. RUNNING) all the way from Stansted Airport. Mrs Dust and Brian are thrilled and a celebratory BBQ is being planned for the weekend. Invitations have gone out to Farmer Geddon and PC Wooly and the local newspaper will be turning up to take some pictures and run a story. (Run. get it?) Mrs Dust was amazed at how much the beans had grown but most of all, herself and Brian were just happy to see them again.

"Roll on Christmas," commented Brian.


As tomorrow is Friday Mrs Otway will be catching up with you again and I'm sure you're looking forward to hearing from her. I will check in again next week so for now here's the break down for today.


Spellings: A wordsearch with your spelling words from the past 3 weeks. Good luck with that Year 2. 


Topic: I'd like you to look at another famous landmark in Australia, The Great Barrier Reef. I have attached some links for you to do some research and then write up what you have learnt to add to our Australia booklet.


Reading: Epic Year 2.


Maths: Reading the time in 5 minute intervals. 


Joke of the day.

 Why did Farmer Geddon win an award?

 He was outstanding in his field.


Have a great day year 2 and enjoy your weekend. Speak to you again next week.

Mr Gwink



Spellings Wordsearch

Great Barrier Reef Sheet

Time in 5 minute intervals worksheet

Wednesday June 17th


Hello again year 2 and welcome to Wednesday's offering. I hope all of you are in good form and staying safe.Some lovely weather over the past few days so let's hope it lasts as the good weather really helps to keep the spirits up.

No news today on the runaway runners but Mrs Dust and Brian were glad to hear that they were so close to home and they await news on their possible return. We will all be glad to see their return. Won't we year 2?


Anyway. Let's see what we have for today.


Topic: I think we should spend a couple of days looking at some famous landmarks in Australia. Today we will start with Uluru. I have attached a PowerPoint as well as some video links and worksheets. There is a video link to show you how to draw a picture of Uluru which you could include on this page. You could do Uluru as a separate piece of art work if you like.


Maths: Time worksheet + Answer sheet attached


Spellings: Rhyming words activity.


Reading: Epic. Keep going year 2.


Joke of the day.

Why can't a hand be 12 inches long?

Because then it would be a foot.

Have a lovely day peeps.

Mr Gsmiley


Time Answer Sheet

Tuesday June 16th


Good morning Colney Heath and a special GOod MORniNg to the wonderful Year Twos. Hope you are all keeping well. What a glorious day it was yesterday although King Liam has forecast some showers later on in the week. I think we can trust King Liam now. He doesn't get it wrong........ever. My computer is running smoothly again so I've cancelled the trip to the beekeeper for now.

When I was your age Year 2, (way back in Tudor Times I hear you say) my dad, who was a headteacher at our local school, also had a small farm. We grew all our own vegetables as Tesco hadn't been invented yet. We kept chickens for eggs and even turkeys. (I need to speak to Mrs Dust and Brian about their Christmas dinner. They really should reconsider their veg choices.)

And incredibly, we also had bees. Three hives of honey bees. I remember my dad dressing up in a big white suit and a special face mask in case the bees decided to sting. Sometimes they did sting but generally it was safe enough. We had loads of honey and my brother and I had the job of making up little wooden frames with a sheet of honeycomb wax in the centre. The bees would then do the rest and before long each frame was filled up with honey. Quite magical really. Nature is truly wonderful. We need to look after our bees. I've put a short video below for you to watch. Gosh it brings back some wonderful memories.Bees of course are also essential for pollination which is an important part in the life cycle of plants. 

News of the runaway runner beans? Caught the tube to Tottenham Hale, (Spurs fans probablyfrown Oh my days!!) and then boarded a train heading for Stansted Airport. The plan was to get off the train at Bishop's Stortford and then run ( run, get it?) home.However that didn't quite work out as they fell asleep on the train and missed their stop, ending up at Stansted Airport. Last spotted in a queue,socially distancing of course, outside WH Smith's and looking a bit thirsty.

Meanwhile Mrs Dust and Brian have had a zoom meeting with Farmer Geddon and PC Wooly. Farmer Geddon had a powercut on his farm that day so he couldn't shed any light on the investigation. Oh mY WoRd!! WhErE WiLl It All enD?


Today's Plan: 

Spellings: A spelling scrabble activity with a bit of maths.


Maths: An interactive activity to tell the time.


Reading: Just a reminder to keep going at Epic.


Topic: Page 1 of our Australia booklet. Australia's native animals. Australia has some really unusual animals. Pick out an animal, put in a picture and write some information about it. You can do more than one animal if you wish. No problem. Sheet attached or you can make your own. You can also watch the video link.


Science: Keep checking your seeds if you planted some. They may have germinated by now with little shoots and roots starting to form. If you have done any more fruit and veg portraits send a picture into school. I'd love to see them.


Joke of the day.

What do you call a man with a rubber toe?



Have a great day Year 2. Speak again tomorrow.


Mr Gsmiley

Monday June 15th


G'day Year 2.Hope you're all in top form this lovely Summers day.

Well what can I say? King Liam, top weatherman, has come up trumps again. He told us it would be warm at the weekend and guess what? It was lovely and warm at the weekend. Marvellous work King Liam! How does he do it?  

My poor old computer is starting to get back to form although the amount of honey it takes to keep it running now means regular trips to our local beekeeper. He didn't think that honey was good for computers so I guess we've all learned something new. Thank you by the way to Mark, the computer man, for sharing that tip with us.

You're probably wondering if there have been any developments in the runner bean story. Well, not much to report really.

However, it turns out that the little tearaways managed to get away from PC Wooly. Legged it while he was on the phone to Mrs Dust - giving her and Brian the good news that he had found them in the wheelie bin - and they ( the runner beans) turned up in Central London where they had travelled to Horse Guards Parade to watch the Queen's birthday celebrations. Little did they know that Her Royal Highness was about to play a great trick on them as she decided to have her birthday celebrations in Windsor this year, many miles from central London. Apparently, though I'm not sure about this, it was Mrs Dust's idea to move the birthday party to Windsor and spoil the day for them runners. Serves them right as they are causing poor Mrs Dust and Brian a lot of trouble, so much so that they are now considering brussels sprouts with their turkey instead of runner beans this year. Very disappointing I'm sure you will all agree.(I'm not convinced by either of those with turkey to be honest.)

Runaway runners last caught on CCTV carrying bottles of water and boarding the Victoria Line at Green Park Station.

Mrs Dust and Brian have been informed.


By the way Year 2. Did you know that The Queen has two birthdays (WHAT!) every year and guess what, one of them is on the same day as mine. No, not the one this weekend and no (CHEEKY) I'm not the same age as The Queen. Maybe you could find out when her other birthday is. I'll give you a clue. It's the same day as mine.surprise


So what's cookin' for today year 2?


Spellings Week 3:    Words with ough. Sheet attached.


Reading: Keep up the wonderful work on Epic. you are now up to 1261 books read. Super effort!


Topic: We will be starting a new topic looking at Australia and comparing it with the UK. I'm thinking we'll do it as a project, booklet, fact file type thingy where we can build up a good bank of knowledge about this amazing country/continent/island. I will give you some links to look at and you can start putting your information together. Let's start with a cover. You can create your own cover or use the one I have attached. Pictures and words on the cover to begin with. You can include some things on the cover that you are going to include over the coming days. Example: animals, reptiles, the Great Barrier Reef.................


Maths: Measurement - Time. Watch the PowerPoint on full screen.


Science: Keep looking at the information in the YPTE booklet I sent you a few weeks back. Lots of interesting ideas in there. You could also look at different ways that plants disperse their seeds. Some of them are really amazing. Isn't nature wonderful? I've attached a short video about seed dispersal. If you were creating a new plant what method would you give it to disperse its seeds? If I had my way I would make sure my plant had a built -in catapult to send the seeds flying through the air. What would you do?

Maybe you could draw a picture of your new plant and explain how it will disperse the seeds. Let your imaginations run wild Year 2.


Joke of the day.


When do ducks usually wake up?

At the 'quack' of dawn.


Have a great day Year 2.

Mr Gsmiley



Friday 12th June

Hellooooooooooooooooo year 2. I hope you have all had a good week. I see Mr G has been keeping you busy with loads of great stuff. I have been reading the saga of the runner beans and wonder where they have gone?!! I must congratulate Mr G on the best joke of lockdown so far...the fisherman one about the cod, very funny!! I must up my game so I have found a good one for today.

I have had a busy week at school but I am still thinking about you and wonder what you have been doing. I would still love to see what you have done or made so please keep sending me anything you like.

We have some more lockdown birthdays....Kayden (10th)...hope it was good....Jai (12th) and Adam (14th)...have good days boys! We also have a birthday in the Otway son Jack turns a very old 26! Happy birthday to all of you! cheeky


For all you dancers out there the BBC have launched a new programme called Boogie Beebies. It looks very good so give it a go!


I have put the new Friday Quiz 10 in the usual place so give it a go. I miss you Year 2 and look forward to hearing from you, even if it is just to say hello! You could send me your best jokes and I will start putting them on here!


Have a good weekend and I will be back next Friday.

Joke of the Day (watch out Mr G!)

What food goes well with a jacket potato?

A button mushroom!!! blush



Thursday June 11th


Greetings Year 2 and how are you all on this fine Summer's day. What a lot of rain we had yesterday. I don't know what it was like for you guys around Colney Heath but over here in Bishop's Stortford it was bucketing down all day. Great for the garden and Farmer Geddon but it will be nice to see the sun again. King Liam, the weatherman, informs me that it will start to get warm again at the weekend.

My poor old computer took a turn for the worst the other day and stopped working. I spoke to Mark, the computer man, and he said it sounded like it had frozen.

"FROZEN!!" I thought. It can't have. I know the weather has been pretty dull lately but I'm sure we haven't had any frost. Have we??

He recommended honey and warm lemon juice to get it up and running again. Guess what? It seems to be working. Well done Mark the computer man. I'm impressed, but not so impressed with king Liam who didn't mention anything about frost.

Anyway enough about the weather.

Still no word on Mrs Dust's runner beans but Farmer Geddon has given a statement to the police. Apparently, they were last seen hiding in a wheelie bin on Buntingford High Street. The police are looking into it.


Here's today's agenda Year 2. Mrs Otway will be back with you again tomorrow. Keep sending in your work and if you are growing plants or have planted seeds don't forget to take some pictures and send them into school. Keep checking your plants if you have started your Science investigation.


Reading: Onwards and upwards with Epic. Keep those book numbers rising.


Spellings: A vowel colouring task to go with this week's spellings.


Science: Create your own Arcimboldo artwork using fruit and veg. I have attached a link where you can create your pictures online. Or you could draw your own fruit and veg portraits. Or, if you have some fruit and veg around your home you could create your portrait with that and take a photograph of it. It's up to you.

But whatever way you do it, HAVE FUN!

Maths: X10 Tables.


Enjoy the rest of your week year 2 and have a lovely weekend. We'll talk again next week.


Joke of the day:

Why couldn't the pony sing "Happy Birthday?"

Because she was a little hoarse.


(I know Year 2. The jokes just keep getting better.)


All the best. Mr G.



Wednesday June 10th

Well hello again year 2. Yesterday turned out quite nice in the end so I'm hoping for more of the same today. Fingers crossed. Let's see if Liam Dutton, my fave weather forecaster, has got it right. Liam, king of weathermen.

Anyway, enough about the weather as I'm sure you would like to know if there have been any developments in 'The Tale of Mrs Dust's Runaway, Runner Beans.'

Well I'm delighted to announce that a local landowner, Farmer Geddon, spotted the little runaways scampering along the A120 in the direction of Little Hadham village. He tried to catch up with them but as soon as they spotted him they took off at speed before disappearing up Turnpike Lane.

"Boy, can they move them runner beans," commented farmer Geddon.

Mrs Dust, meanwhile, was pleased with the news as she and Brian are looking forward to some runner beans with their turkey at Christmas. Runner beans with turkey!! ?? Don't fancy that much.

We all wish them well. Don't we??


Here we go for today year 2:

  • Maths: I've put some interactive work to help you practise your times tables and to use your times tables to answer some word problems.
  • Science: Watch the video on the life cycle of plants. Use the pictures on the worksheet to put the life cycle in the correct order. You can use the blank sheet to draw your own plant life cycle. Put in arrows to show how the life cycle moves in a continuous circle.
  • Carry on with your EPIC reading Year 2. And it really is EPIC!! I'm still in a state of shock after hearing about the number of books you have all been reading.
  • Spellings: Say, Write,Check spellings from this week's list.


And finally.........OUR JOKE OF THE DAY.

 What did the magician say to the fisherman?

 Pick a cod, any cod.


(Best joke so far I'm thinking Year 2. That's a little belter)


Take care Y'all.

Mr G.


Say, Write,Check spellings.

Tuesday June 9th


Good morning Year 2. I hope all of you are keeping good despite the change in the weather. Brrrrr. It's been a bit chilly lately but Liam Dutton, the weather man, tells me that things are going to get warmer again by the end of this week.

Can I also say a huge WELL DONE to you all for your reading on Epic. Year 2 have read, so far, a massive 1163 books. That is quite amazing. WOW you have been a busy bunch. Keep up the good work with your reading and let's see that total rise over the next few weeks. Amazing!! My runner beans are doing really well but my neighbour still hasn't found her plants. Poor Mrs Dust and her husband, Brian, are really upset. Hopefully we will have some news soon.

So here's what I've set for you today.


Spellings: An activity based on Week 2 spelling list. Double letter + ing.


Maths: Carrying on with our 3 and 5 times tables.


Science: An investigation looking at how light is important for plants to grow well. I have included some video links and a sheet to plan your investigation. You can use any plant to investigate, even some herbs in a jar of water will work. Check your plants over the next few days to see how they're getting on. You could also have a go at growing your own plants from seeds.You can send in pictures of your plants.


Reading: Carry on with Epic. Let's get those numbers up even higher.


Good luck year 2.


Oops. Almost forgot the Joke of the Day.

Why did the student eat his homework?

Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake.


Take care

Mr G.


Double letter + ing. Pyramid words.

Do plants need light to survive?

Friday 5th June

Hello again Year 2. How are you all diddling? I have had a strange week. We have had to move things around at school so the tables are all apart. There are lots of lines on the playground telling people where to stand. It is all very strange and I am missing you a lot. I haven't forgotten about you and have seen the lovely things Mr Gallagher has left for you. The plant pack is really good. It tells you how to grow an avocado plant....I love those!

I have put the new Friday Quiz on here....give it a go!

I have missed putting the jokes on here and I see that Mr Gallagher's jokes are just as bad as mine!!!

Here is a good one...from Alexa!

How do you scare a panda?

With some bam-BOO!!!!yescrying


Have a good weekend and I will be back on here next week. Mr G is doing a grand job so keep up the good work!

Mrs O xx

Thursday June 4th

Hello again Year 2.

Hope your all in fine fettle and getting used to the drop in temperature. Don't worry, the lovely sunny days will be back with us again soon. I've been thinking about your science topic, 'Plants' and thinking about all the wonderful things that plants do for us. Whether it's providing us with fruit and vegetables, adding amazing colour to our homes, parks and countryside or giving us oxygen to breathe, plants are truly amazing and very clever. My neighbour gave me some runner beans to plant in my garden and as they grow it's fantastic how they stretch their little shoots to cling on to stakes as they climb towards the sun. Remarkable! Mind you, my neigbour's plants have gone missing and she can't find them anywhere.

Maybe that's why they're called 'RUNNER' beans. Hmmmm.laugh


Science:Today I have included  a pack from the 'Young People's trust for the Environment' which has loads of useful information about plants, lots of activities including art and crafts and links to BBC Bitesize with videos and ideas of things to do. You don't need to read it all but try to have a look and maybe do some of the activities. The Art section looks interesting.

Maths: Take a look at the video link on multiplying by 10.

              I've also added some multiplication word problems.


Spellings: Use your spellings for this week to ask and answer questions. Sheet attached. 


Joke of the day:

What is green and hairy and carries a suitcase. 

A gooseberry on holidays.


Enjoy the rest of your week year 2 and keep smiling.

Talk to you next week.

Mr Gallagher





X2, X5 and X10 Word Problems

Spellings. Questions and answers.


June 3rd


Good morning peeps, Mr G here to help you with a bit of home learning. Mrs Otway has explained that I will be helping you out over the next few weeks so bear with me little ones as my computer is about 200 years old and my brain is still catching up with. 


So what's on the agenda for today?


  • Spellings: Drop the e and add ing
  • Maths: 2,3,5 and 10 times tables 
  • Science: Labelling the parts of a plant.You can also colour it in and maybe create your own plant.
  • Reading: Don't forget EPIC.


Joke of the day:


What do you call a bear with no ears?

 A "B"!wink


Have a good day Year 2.


Mr Gallagher

Label and colour parts of the plant

2,3,5 and 10 times tables missing numbers

Drop the e and add ing

Monday 1st June/Tuesday 2nd June

Days 70-71

Good morning Year 2....Pinch punch first of the month! We have another lockdown birthday.....happy birthday to Millie!! wink I hope it's a good one. It's certainly one to remember! I hope you had a good half term or weekend.The weather was lovely.


This week there are a few changes. I am now back in school with a group of children to help year 1, along with most of the staff. Until there is news about year 2 we will continue to set home learning. As I am in school my time is more limited so other staff are taking over. Mr Gallagher, who works in KS2 is taking over setting work....aided and abetted  by me! His work will start on Wednesday but will follow the same sort of pattern. I have asked him to keep the jokes going so if his are better than mine I will be having words!!

I will continue to set The Friday Quiz and look at any work you send me on the year 2 email as I would still like to see it. Please keep popping in, even if it's to say hello!! 


Just to keep you going I have put some ideas on here and the next spelling list to take you up to the end of term.

Don't forget....


National Oak Academy

BBC Bitesize

ICT games


Epic reading

and a new one....really good for maths....Top Marks

Thank you for sticking with me so far!

Joke of the next 2 Days

What is a cat's favourite colour?

Purrrrrr-ple!! laugh



Friday 29th May

Day 67

Happy Friday year 2! I hope you have all had a good half term even though it didn't feel like it. If you did some of the work on here...great. If you didn't, then worry not!  Home learning will soon look a little different so watch this space for more details! 

I have probably given you enough to do this week so I have only put The Friday Quiz on here under the star.

But we can't go without today's.....

Joke of the day

How does a scientist get fresh breath?

He experi-mints!! angel

Thursday 28th May

Day 66

Hello everyone. Phew! Another hot one so I hope you are all enjoying the weather. I am probably the last person you want to hear from as it's half term but I will put work on here if you want to do's up to you!

1. Maths Activity Mat 3

2. Commas. These are really good for avoiding the word 'and' which is very boring!

3. Don't forget the polar bear/penguin sheet. You might like to find some more facts. My sister lived in The Faulkland Islands for 2 years where there are lots of penguins. She even ate a penguin egg....very large but very fishy!!! It is a good thing it is not on our school lunch menu!

4. Don't forget to read something. You are doing brilliantly  with the Epic reading.....1055 books!!! This is AMAZING!!yes

Joke of the Day

Why can't Elsa have a balloon?

Because she would let it go!!! Boom boom!!enlightened


Tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means......Theblush Fridaywink Quizcool!!!!

Have a jolly day everyone. Still missing you all!


Wednesday 27th May

Day 65

Hi di hi campers! Rise and shine it's a lovely sunny morning! Remember you can still send me stuff you have done on our year 2 email address. So onto today...

1. Maths Activity Mat 2 ( at the bottom)

2. dge spelling worksheet (at the bottom)

3. Continuing with the animal adaptations I have put a sheet on here about polar bears and penguins. You have to read the facts and work out which ones are about penguins and which facts are about polar bears. Be careful there is one odd one out!!!

4. A new project for you.............having  watched The One Show last night they were showing 'Lockdown Craft' that people have done. I have done a fish cross stitch kit and rediscovered knitting!!! I have knitted 3 covers for a Terrys Chocolate Orange, they look like little hats!! I am getting ready for Christmas! So send me your pics of anything you have made during this time.

And finally.... 

Joke of the Day

How do you make an octopus laugh?

With ten-tickles!!yes

dge spelling sheet

Polar bear/penguin sheet

Tuesday 26th May

Day 64

Greetings Year 2. I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday and enjoyed the sunshine. I had another cup of tea with my mum which was nice and another family Zoom meeting. My sister's cat, Oreo made several appearances!! I know it is half term but we have been asked to set a few things for you to do....if you want to!

1. Maths. These activity mats are good for practicing  a range of different things. There are 3 of them (plus answers!) in different degrees of difficulty. The first one is easier...the third one is harder so you can use whichever one you want for your child depending on their ability.

2. Spellings dge sheet. 

3. Exclamation mark worksheet. This practices using this bit of punctuation which is useful in story writing.

Don't forget BBC Bite size is out there and White Rose Maths.


Joke of the Day

What kind of tree fits in your hand?

A palm tree!!cheeky

Exclamation mark sheet

Friday 22nd May

Day 60

Good morning my little year 2 lets!!  I hope you have been out enjoying the sun. I have been in school this week so haven't seen so much of it. I was wondering what had happened to our tortoise, Esio, but rest assured he (or she) is being looked after at Hotel Hinton!!! I expect Esio to come back bigger than ever!  Mrs Franklin has also been in school with me looking after 12 children. Mrs Clarke sent us in some very nice cakes for us to sweet is that!!!

So onto today...

1. Keep brushing up on your times tables. We have done 2s, 5s and 10s but you could also do the 3s. There is a handy poem to help you with this. It is called Threes Please. If you want to have a go, I have put it at the bottom.

2. Don't forget the last part of the Elephant story. Check it through and edit it, like we do in class with our purple pens.

3. Don't forget to read something....over 900 books. This is amazing!!!

4 And of course...........(drum roll........) The Friday Quiz 7. Look under the star!!!


Joke of the Day

Why did the toilet roll roll down the hill?

Because it wanted to get to the bottom!!! cool


Have a good weekend. Monday is actually a bank holiday, so I will be back on here on Tuesday. Take care everyone.

Threes Please

Thursday 21st May

Day 59

Goooooooooooooooooood morning my lovelies! Another hot night and more birds!  Yesterday was National Thank a Teacher Day, so I would like you to say a BIG thank you to your new teachers....your parents! I think you are all doing a brilliant job. Whatever you are doing is great....your children seem happy when I see them in pictures....and that is all you want. Please don't fret about them being behind....all will be well!

I have been in school so I haven't had time to do so much for today...phew I hear you saying!! But you could....

1. Maths. I have put this reasoning sheet on here. If we had been in school I would have done this. You have to match the word problem to the calculation. (This is often  a SATS question!) Don't forget to say why.

2. Elephant story...Part 4

3. Don't forget the spellings......soft g

Joke of the Day

Why do bees have sticky hair?

Because they use honeycombs!!!indecision


If you need anything from school please let me know by 3.00pm on Friday. After this time you will be very restricted to what you can pick up if we return on June 1st. (A big if and in some form)


Don't forget the Friday quiz....on Friday!!!

Wednesday 20th May

Day 58

Good morning Year 2. Phew...what a hot night!! The trouble with sleeping with all your windows open is that at 4 o'clock in the morning every bird in the whole world wakes up to start tweeting!! This is called the dawn chorus. I think pigeons  have the loudest tweet...closely followed by the third place....crows!!!

So onto today.....

1. Maths. I have put some reasoning cards on here which are quite good. They are split into stars...1 star is easier than 3 stars. They are quite good so have a look!

2. Don't forget the elephant story..part 3.

3. Don't forget the spellings for this week.-soft g. What other words can you find?

4. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Never has this been so prominent a topic than now. These cards give you some ways of talking to your child about how they are feeling at this time. 

Joke of the day

Why did the duck become a spy?

Because it was good at quacking codes!!! laugh

Tuesday 19th May

Day 57

Bonjour Year 2 commment allez vous?!!!  I hope you are all well and keeping safe. It has been a long time since we were all together as a class and I still miss you all! This week I am in school on Thurs and Friday so let me know if you need anything such as reading books or something to help you with maths. So onto today.....

1. Reasoning 2. I have put a worksheet on here to help you with your adding and reasoning. I got this idea from a course I went on about Year 2 so give it a go!

2. Don't forget the elephant adaptations for Science.

3. Elephant story Part 2.

4. The spellings this week are all about a soft g....which sound like a j eg gym....gem The spellings are on here under summer spellings week 4. I would  have been looking at these spellings had we been at school.

5. Don't forget to read something!

And finally...............

Joke of the Day (Justin you will like this one!)

Why did Spiderman pick his nose?

To get rid of the green goblin!!! (Yuk!) surprise


Monday 18th May

Day 56

Morning everyone. I hope you had a good weekend. I went for a lovely long walk in a park which had a lot of ducks. They kept bending over in the water to feed so we saw a lot of ducks' bottoms! We also saw lots of robins and some finches. It was lovely weather so I hope you were able to get out for a wee bit. 

So onto this week.......

1. Maths. The Maths this week is all about reasoning. This is a big part of Maths now in Year 2. Reasoning is where a child explains why an answer is wrong/right....a strategy to use.... a way to do something. A simple example is adding. eg  8+9=17. A child might say turn the 9 into 10 and the 8 into 7 so it becomes 7+10 which is 17. We call this 'Think 10' They might also say they know double 8 which is 16 and add one more on. They might also say they know double 9 which is 18 and subtract 1.This are just  simple examples of reasoning but might give you an idea.  The sheet on here is about odd and even numbers. I think it is quite self explanatory. You can make it harder by adding 3 digit numbers if your child is a competant mathematician.

2. Animal Adaptations. This week .....elephants! You could use the nat/geo site to find out about elephants and how their bodies are adapted to where they live. A good example is their ears. These fan an elephant to keep it cool. My greatest elephant fact of the day is that African  elephants have ears shaped like the map of Africa and Indian elephants have ears shaped like the map of India...a lot smaller. This a a million dollar quiz question. If you ever answer this in a quiz......remember me!!! I have put a booklet on here if you want to write in it.

3. Also this week I have put an Elephant story plan on here to write a story...a bit each day. Have a wee look. It is important to keep some kind of writing going. Even if you don't like what I have put on here...look at the teaching points to see what does need to be included.

4. Read something. We are now up to 929 books! This is amazing! I have to commend Jai, Bertie and Oscar who are the top dogs of reading on here! Congrats boys!


I am in school this week...Thurs and Friday so if you need something. Let me know!

Joke of the Day

Why are monkeys great at sport?

Because they are born chimpions!!! laugh

PS Look out for the new staff video!!!


Elephant booklet

Elephant story writing plan

Friday 15th May

Day 53

Good morning everyone! It's Friday!!! And if it's Friday it's quiz time! I have put The Friday Quiz 6 on our page under the star...give it a go!

I have had some lovely work sent to me including some super tiger factfiles. Feel free to send me anything so I can see what you are up to!

Other ideas....

1. I have put a nice little game on Purple Mash using negative numbers and a game on here at the bottom. You only need one counter to play it. The instructions are on the game. It can go on for a while when I tested it out!! There are other number lines you could also use to make it harder because they are blank so your child has to decide where to put the counter. If in doubt, use the first one!

2. Also on Purple Mash is a writing template about Mountain Adaptation. The boxes on the left help you to write something. Please check for capital letters!

3. Don't forget the spelling booklet for gn/kn words

4. The Friday Quiz!

Have a good weekend everyone.....still missing you! xxxxxxxxx

Joke of the Day

What is a horse's favourite game?

Stable tennis laugh

Thursday 14th May

Day 52

Guten Tag Jahre 2!! I hope you are all well and behaving for your lovely parents at home. Today I had a chat with my mum...2 metres apart....and a cup of tea! I even took my own cup! It was lovely to see her for a bit longer than passing her shopping over on the doorstep!  Still no hug though so give your mum a special hug...right now.....because you can!!

So onto today...

1. Don't forget the newspaper idea/front cover of a children's book I gave you yesterday.

2. In Science I said we would be learning about animal adaptations if we were in school. I gave you a tiger to start with so why not do a giraffe! I have put a sheet of useful info on here if you want to use it. They have blue tongues!!! Look on the for some other ideas to create a little factfile.

3. Talking of giraffes....why not have a go at the picture at the bottom!

4. This week's spellings are about gn/kn words.It's a booklet you might like to use...quite long but maybe do some pages.

Remember these are suggestions only but I am trying to do things we would have done if we had been in school. If you wish to deviate that is fine. Oak national Academy is very good and White Rose Maths.

Alexa's Joke of the Day

Why don't oysters share their pearls?

Because they are shellfish!!!laugh

Giraffe info

Giraffe Picture

Wednesday 13th May

Day 51

Morning morning munchkins! Yesterday was day 50 in lockdown. I can't quite believe it has been that long since we were in school. I am sure you all have good days and bad days...just like me! When I feel a bit fed up I think of the all the nice things in my life and try and find something to make me laugh. I think of all the people out there doing good things and thank goodness we have such great doctors and workers...postmen...scientists and delivery drivers. Keep your chins up everyone!

So on to today...

1. Don't forget the newspaper. I have been sent some lovely ones so far so keep sending me anything as I like to see what you have done.

2. I saw this idea today.....Recreate the cover of a favourite book and write a paragraph about it. Mine would be one of your cloakroom peg labels!

3. I have put some more temperature sheets on here. They are really for school but you could change them slightly.

4. Don't forget the animal adaptation work on tigers. I forgot to say yesterday that it is a good idea to organise your ideas into headings eg eyes....teeth.....fur etc. If each sentence could contain a conjunction eg BOA/WIB sentences that would be even better! I have put a tiger sheet on here if you want to use it to write in.

Joke of the Day

What do Santa's elves do after school?

Their gnomework!!wink


Tiger writing sheet

Tuesday 12th May

Day 50

Happy Tuesday morning! Thank you for the emails I have had from some parents, either asking a question or sending me pictures of what they have done. It is lovely to see any of you to be honest, I feel a little bereft of Year 2 company. I miss us learning and having a bit of a laugh, usually at me and my very bad drawings! So keep sending me anything you like! The office sent it out but in case you have lost

So onto today.....

1. Apparently yesterday was 20 degrees colder than the weekend! Keep looking at temperatures, I have put another sheet on here if you want to use it. It involves negative numbers so you will need to explain that. The answers are also on here!!

2. We have reached another milestone of 800 books on Epic!!! We have gained another Readerpillar badge! Well done everyone. This is the single most important thing you can do for your child.

3. Don't forget the newspaper project.

4. If we were at school we would be learning about animals and how they are adapted. We usually have a trip to a zoo but sadly I don't think that will happen. The animal I would like you to start with is a tiger. A really good website is Go to animals and there are 10 tigery facts you could look at. National Tiger Day  is on my birthday....29th July. I will NOT be getting one as a present!!! Think about the parts of a tiger and how they use them. I have put some 'notes' on here to help you organise your ideas.

5. Don't forget the Mcfly song...It's all about you. We may well get a month at school before the summer holidays, so we can sing this song ( and Happy) if we DO get back. 

Joke of the Day

Why was the beach wet?

Because the seaweed!surprise

Tiger notes

Monday 11th May

Day 49

Happy Monday morning everyone! I hope you had a happy bank holiday and celebrated VE day. My mum took a trip down memory lane and told me lots of the things she remembered as a child as she was 9 when VE day took place. It was nice to hear her talking about the 'olden days!'.

On onto this week......

1. This week Maths is all about using scales on thermometers, including negative numbers. If you have a thermometer it would be really good for this week. You could keep a record of temperatures for this week and I have put some other things on here as well.

2. I have set you a little project for this week for writing a newspaper. I have put a template on here if you want to use it and some ideas on my one. If you type it out you could email it to me, but if you write it you could take a picture and send it to me on the yr 2 email page. The boxes can be about anything you like!

3. Don't forget to read something. We are up to 789 books read on Epic....over 108 hours of reading. Well done everybody!!

4. The new spellings are on the list....this week soft g spellings. These are words where the g sounds like a j.


Joke of the day

How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep?


My newspaper

Newspaper template

Thursday 7th May

Day 45

Hi di hi campers! It's Bank Holiday eve! I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sun. Make the most of it as it is going to be cold on Sunday! It's VE celebration on Friday so your first activity today is.....

1. Make some bunting! Draw...sewn...stuck...whatever you fancy!

2. Kg and g. If you tried to access the challenge cards yesterday they didn't load properly. I think I have fixed it so have a look. I have put quite a lot on here so that's probably enough for this week.

3. Don't forget the Purple Mash story about superheroes. 

4. I have also put the Pobble sheet on here, just in case you have lost it. It has some really nice non screeny ideas on there.

Have a good bank Holiday and weekend everyone. Still missing you all, keep well and safe!

I have had lots of good comments about my here goes.....

Why did the spider buy a car?

She wanted to go for a spin!wink

Haha...hee hee...hoho!!

Pobble Sheet

Wednesday 6th May

Day 44

Greetings year 2! I hope you all had a good night's sleep and a bit of brekkie! Today we have a Zoom staff meeting so all the teachers can see each other. Last week we had two Mr Roses doing different things. It was very strange!!!

On the menu today....

1. Kg and g. I have put some worksheets at the bottom if you want to use them. The challenge cards are a bit of a mixture of things, some harder than others. The other sheet is a bit harder.

2. Don't forget the writing about the Superhero. You can write it in your red book if you want if it makes it easier. Don't forget to edit it and check it back.

3. I saw some lovely Van Gogh pics today. If you go onto there is some good stuff on there about him for children. He did a lot of self portraits because it was cheaper then paying for models!! Why not give it a go?

4. If you like daft things like I do, look into Alex Horne's hometasking. He does Taskmaster and has created some things for children during lockdown. I especially liked Mount Rushmore sculpted out of potatoes!!! Just an idea for the bank holiday!

And finally...

Joke of the Day

Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide!cheeky

KS 1 Challenge cards (again!)

Tuesday 5th May

Day 43

Goooooooooooooooood Morning! I hope you are all well. It's a 4 day week this week with a bank holiday on Friday, although it doesn't really feel like it! This is to celebrate VE day. So on the menu today..........

1. Continue with g and Kg. There is a good little game on ictgames called Mostly Postie! You have to look at the weight of the letter or parcel and read the scale. Scales are tricky things because they go up in different intervals. It's a nice little game so give it a go.

2. Writing. If you look on Purple Mash I have put a Superhero piece of writing on there and a writing checklist of things to include at the bottom on here. The boxes on the left give you some pointers and I have given you a starting sentence to get you going. You don't have to use this but children often get stuck on the first part. 

3. Draw a picture of your superhero.

4. Read something!

And of course......

Joke of the day....this only works if you know about Star Wars!

What is a wookie burger like?

A bit Chewie!!!! cool

Superhero writing

Monday 4th May

Day 42

Greetings Year 2. May the fourth be with you!!! I hope you had a good weekend. It was nice being in school last week but I missed you all and our classroom was all rather sad without you which just shows how you children are missed! It's been nice seeing you on videos and you all look pretty perky! I hope your parents are as well!! So onto today......

1. This week I would like you to learn about grams and kilograms. These are weight measurements. Use your kitchen as a resource and look for packets or tins which have g or Kg on. Find 10 items and put them in order, smallest to largest.

Cooking is the best way to really learn about measuring and using scales (the item) and scales (reading) so maybe make something simple!

2. Have a look at this week's spellings. They are silent g words eg gnat...gnome....gnaw. You could write some clues or use them in sentences. (see 20th April for summer spellings)

3. You could find out about Vincent Van Gogh....when he was born....when he died.....some of his famous paintings such as The Sunflowers and Starry Night. You could make a little factfile about him. He was an impressionist painter like Rousseau.

4. Don't forget to read something.

And finally.........

Joke of the Day

What's in the middle of a jellyfish's tummy?

A jellybutton! laugh


Friday 1st May

Day 39

Good morning! It's Friday! Pinch, punch, first of the month! It probably seems like every other day but as I am in school this week it does actually feel like Friday! I hope you have all survived the week despite the rain.  

We made biscuits yesterday and today we are making pizza! Why not try making something to eat?

I feel I have given you quite a lot to look at this week so today I am just setting The Friday Quiz. Don't forget the Pobble ideas, Epic, Purple mash, National Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize. 

I know it's all dragging on but at some point it will end. Someone recently said Don't count the days...make the days count. Something to ponder!

Look out for Postman Pat over the next week or so!

And finally.....

Joke of the day

What is white, furry and smells of mints?

A polo bear!!!heart


Keep well and stay safe.

Thursday 30th April

Day 38

Hello year 2! Good morning and welcome to the last day of April.Where did that month go? So here are a few things you could do. Remember these are suggestions. Feel free to pick and choose. If every thing gets too stressy (and lets face it it will at some point) put on a DVD and have a cup of tea. Life is too short to get wound up-you or your child!

1. White Rose Maths week 2 has some fractiony stuff on there which is really rather good!

2. Read something!

3. We gave everyone a sheet from Pobble which had 25 ideas on it. Idea number 13 is really nice. It says to make a list of things that make you happy/things you are grateful for and things you are good at. 

My ideas.....

My family

My friends

My job and the fact that it is different each day. And you kiddos of course!

My favourite food-lasagne

My favourite drink.....something beginning with g!

Things that make me laugh



Write them out, decorate the list and pin it up somewhere. When the chips are down you can get it out and look at it.


4. So a new song for you to have a go at........................It's All About You by Mcfly! They have done one for the NHS but there are lots of different versions. Give it a go!


Joke of the Day-rather topical as someone who wants a haircut!

How does the moon cut his hair?

E-clipse it!!!!!wink



Wednesday 29th April

Day 37

Good morning everyone! Gosh, what a lot of rain we had yesterday! I am in school for the rest of the week so give a shout if you need anything! So on the menu today....

1. Fractions. You could have a go at the challenge questions. They were put on here yesterday at the bottom of the fraction worksheet.

2. Read something! Congratulations Year 2, you have completed  a massive.................511 books! This is calculated into 86 hours! Well done. Our class has earned a virtual badge with 500 on it! Well done everybody. Reading is the single most important thing to do even if you did nothing else!

3. Do the Angry Sea work. I had a super story from Millie on Purple Mash. Thank you Mills!

4. Don't forget to look on National Oak Academy for Maths and writing ideas.


Joke of the Day

Why did the whale cross the ocean?

To get to the other tide!!!!cheeky

Tuesday 28th April

Day 36

Bonjour mes enfants! Comment allez vous? I hope you are all well and rested and set for the day ahead. Today the weather is going to be a bit rainy so here are some things you might want to do....

1. Fractions. I have put a fraction worksheet on here. The challenge questions are for tomorrow, so have a go at the word problems.

2. Edit and check your Angry Sea work.

3. kn words. I have put a phoneme spotter on here for you to use. Phoneme is another word for sound. The sound is kn. These are on the new spelling list (week 2)

4. Don't forget Joe Wicks workouts or Supermovers on the BBC.

5. Finally......

Joke of the Day

What kind of clothes does a house wear?

A dress!!! enlightened

Stay safe.....keep well!

Fraction word problems

Monday 27th April

Day 35

Hi di hi campers! I hope you had a good weekend. We had a barbeque and I got sunburnt feet!! I also did a Zoom meeting with my brother who lives in France, 3 sisters and my 83 year old mum. Bless her!! It was nice to see my family as it is difficult to meet up at the moment.

Today we have our second birthday in lockdown.....happy birthday to..............................Libby!!!! angryyeswink Apologies to Alara who was our first lockdown birthday on the 29th March. I hope it was good! So onto this week........

1. Continue with fractions. It would be good to find a half and quarter of numbers. With quarters I always say find a half and halve that. A quarter is 4 EQUAL parts. I have put a fraction sheet at the bottom if you want to use it.

2. Purple Mash. I have allocated a piece of writing called The Angry Sea. I have also put a sheet on here which points you in the right direction about what to include. I have also put some pictures on there as a bit more visual stimuli. 

3. Please look at the next lot of words.

4. In Year 2 we have to look at impressionist painters. We have looked at Rousseau but we also have to look at Vincent Van Gogh. One of his most famous paintings in The Sunflowers. So why not create one in the style? I have put this on Purple Mash as well. 

I look forward to seeing your masterpieces!

I think that is enough to keep you going! See you tomorrow!  


Before I go....I am in school this week-Weds to Friday. If you need anything, let the office know!

Joke of the Day (this is good!)

What do you call a cheese that goes around a castle?

A moatzarella!!! wink

Fantastic Fractions

Friday 24th

Day 32

Hello year's Fuss free Friday as I used to say! I hope you have had a good week. I thought of you all today as I had to get rid of a spider in my kitchen and you know what I think about those! I used a wooden spoon and a cup! So on to today....

1. If you go onto ICT games there is a good game called Firepit Fractions. give it a go. There are also lots of lovely other maths games you could do. Remember we did Hickory Dickory Dock to practice our time telling. Remember that? It seems ages ago now.

2. Don't forget to read something.Remember Lexia as well as Epic.

3. If you want something crafty to do, look on this It's full of really nice ideas of things to make. Just look under the Home is Good line at the top.

4. Friday Quiz 4 time.

5. Pleeeeeease say thank you to your parents. They are doing a great job. Whatever you do at home is worthwhile and I applaud you. Keep going everyone.

Another Alexa joke.....

Why didn't the cat get invited to the picnic?

Because he kept leaving litter!!! angry

Stay safe...keep kind. Miss you!


Thursday 23rd April

Day 32

Rise and shine's Thursday and Shakespeares's birthday!  Thank you soooooooo much for the lovely video, I keep watching it and spotting more and more things you have done. I loved seeing all the things you have been up to and liked the look of the pizzas! I liked seeing pictures of your Zoom calls. We have just got my 83 year old mum on there!! Talking of pizza....

1. Following the fraction work I have been setting, I have put a game on Purple Mash called Fractonios Pizza. It's quite good! Work through the levels to practice your fractions.

2. Don't forget the silent w words.

3. Read something!

4. I live near Hatfield House and was looking to see when they might open. There was a worksheet on there I thought you might like to look at about being outside. 

Don't forget the Friday Quiz tomorrow!

Today's joke of the day is courtesy of Alexa!

What do you call a dog magician?

A labracadabradorlaugh (hard to spell!)

Stay safe everyone.




Wednesday 22nd April

Day 31

Greetings everybody! I hope you slept well and are ready for another day in lockdown, day 31 would you believe? I have been looking at your reading on Epic. So far, as a class you have read a massive...................................438 books which amounts to about 78 hours reading. This is great so please keep it up. Animal books seem to be very popular with you, especially the boys!

I also saw that Leah has been reading a joke book so today's joke comes from that book. Look out for it!

1. I also watched Day 2 on The Oak National academy. It looks at word meanings so take a look on there!

2. Don't forget the fraction work. You might want to move onto finding a third of shapes. Remember the parts MUST be equal. Have a look on White Rose Maths.

3. I have put a spelling worksheet at the bottom if you want to use it, based on the Summer Term spellings-silent w words.

4. Get out in the sun and do something nice, keep spotting the rainbow pics in the windows. Today I saw a lovely one where each colour was made up of hearts!

Joke of the day (Thank you Leah!)

What do you call a very popular perfume?

A best smeller!! laugh


Silent w spellings

Tuesday 21st April

Day 30

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and listening to your new 'teachers'! Today I have looked at 2 things you might want to use.

1. BBC Bitesize Daily. I watched this today. It lasts 20 mins and had 4 things in it....Supermovers/Maths/Book Club and a bit of History. The Maths was counting in 10s which we have done a lot of. I don't think it was very challenging but you can still give it a go. The story was called Daisy and the Trouble with Life. I have read one of these to the class. This is just one chapter. The History bit was about Neil Armstrong. Give it a go, you can have a cup of tea and a rest while your child watches it!

2. The other thing I watched was Oak National Academy which launched today. I looked at the English part. This was quite good. It starts with some spellings of common exception words which we have done so hopefully lots of you will find these easy. It's always good to recap though. Then they read a bit from a book called The Firemaker's Daughter-quite a challenging read but some good questions. The sort we do in Guided Reading. It lasted about 18 mins. It would definitely be worth looking at each day, although it would be good if it was longer! You could probably have aa cup of tea and a biscuit with this one!

3. Following the fraction work I set yesterday, you could look at White Rose Maths, they have put 2 weeks of fraction work on there with questions to do. It's quite good! Look at week 1 work for the rest of this week.

4. Don't forget to look at the spellings for week 1-wr words.

And finally....

Joke of the Day

What do you call a man who walks all day?

Miles!! wink

Keep well....stay safe and keep washing those hands!

Monday 20th April

Day 29

Good morning Year 2! Welcome back. I hope you had a good weekend and got out to enjoy a bit of sun. I hope you enjoyed the staff video, I told you it would make you smile. We had a lot of fun doing it! So this week is officially our first week back after Easter, although it doesn't really feel like it. It looks like we will have to wait a bit longer to see each other.

So onto this week......

1. Fractions! These are usually quite tricky. I haven't taught fractions as I was due to teach them this term, so I am afraid it is over to you! Let's start simple by finding halves and quarters of shapes. Your child must see that fractions are equal parts of a whole. The word equal is very important. I have put a shape sheet on here if you want to use it. Your child needs to know and understand....a half...quarter....a third...two thirds....three quarters of numbers and shapes. But start simple and just look at halves and quarters today.

2. I have also put the new spelling lists on here for this 'half term'. These really need to be learnt. There are lots of spelling ideas if you look in one of the idea of the week lessons in September.

3. You could read two Dirty Bertie books. If you access myOn website through the Easter Bingo ideas, you can get to them. (rather than typing it into Google). Go to Weird and Weirder.....then Disgusting......then you get to Dirty Bertie, Germs and Fangs. I read some of these in class. They are a bit like Horrid Henry!

4. Don't forget Joe Wicks's workouts.

and of course......

Joke of the Day!

Where do you take sick ponies?

To horspital!! smileycool

That's probably enough for today.....take care one and all. Stay safe!

Friday 17th April

Day 26

Good morning! I hope you are all well. I am still missing you all! Today is Friday and it's the return of The Friday Quiz! Don't forget to look on the Friday Quiz star! So onto today....

1. I have put some capacity problems on here for you to have a go at. There are 3 different levels depending on how hard you want them.

2. I have also put some instructions on here for 3 maths games.....Fish (a card game) The Lid Game  (money) and my favourite childhood game (Shut The Box). Have a look at them over the weekend.

3. Read something. Look on the my/On website for more things to read.

4. Don't forget Mr Rose's work. Check out the blog tomorrow for something to make you smile!

5. Don't forget the song. We WILL sing this when we go back, whenever it is!

Have a good weekend, everyone. Stay well.

Joke of the day

What has lots of legs and smells nice?

A scentipede!! cheeky

Instructions for Fish etc

Capacity problems

Thursday 26th April

Day 25

Good morning my Year twolets! I hope you are all well and behaving at home! Today I did some shopping for my mum who is 83! I can't see much of her at the moment and I miss her, so please be good, nice and kind for all your mummies out there!

Today's menu....

1. If you did any of yesterday's work on ml and litres you will be able to have a go at the 'watering can' maths sheet at the bottom. It would practice your subtracting skills.

I have set the watering can at 100ml but you could change it to 50ml or even 20. Roll the dice and subtract that number. If you roll a 6 you have to add it. Bad luck! The winner is the first to get to 0. Find someone to play against.


Generally we found crossing the tens when subtracting quite tricky. eg 32-5 I have taught them to subtract 2 (to get back to 30) then count the remaining 3. So.....32-2=30   30-3=27. There should also be a pair to 10 in their answer eg 3/7


2. In class we also do something called The Sentence Doctor, where I give them a sentence full of mistakes and they have to correct it.

eg i whent to the shops to by shugar, meat and plarnts

I use lots of common exception words which they have to spell correctly. These are inside your reading records in the middle. You could write some sentences for them to correct. I can't give you a worksheet because the spell checker shows up and they will know where the mistakes are!

3. Don't forget to read something. If you look at the 20th idea on Easter Bingo, it takes you to a site called myOn. If you click on there it takes you to a whole load of books to read. I looked at the dinosaur ones but have a mooch! There are some good ones on there.

4. Keep an eye out for Mr Rose's blog on Friday. Something to make you smile.smiley

Joke of the Day

What do you call a plant that grows out of your bottom?

Bum-boo!!!! smileysmileywink

Keep well everyone and keep washing those hands!

Watering Can Maths

Wednesday 15th April

Day 24

Good morning Year 2! Rise and shine! I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather. Today I went for another walk and saw some lovely blossom trees. It was really pretty. With the absence of traffic and planes you can also hear far more birds. So get out and enjoy the sun!

So ideas for today.....

1. In year 2 we have to learn about the different types of measures eg kg/g...m/cm.....and ml/litres. Today we are looking at ml/litres. I suggest you use your house as a bit of a resource especially the kitchen and bathroom where there are lots of liquids. Why don't you find about 10 containers and order them, smallest amount to biggest.

2. There is a good website called ICT games and a game on there called Capacity Countdown. The hard thing about capacity and measuring liquids is that you have to know what the lines on a measuring jug are worth. If you use this game, I would start at the bottom one, 100ml intervals, and then work up.

3. Write a little bit about what you can see from your window or in your garden. Don't forget to check your capital letters and full stops.

4.Don't forget Mr Roses's art competition.

5. Don't forget the song!

Joke of the Day

What did the boy volcano say to the girl volcano?

I lava you! wink

Tuesday 14th April

Day 23

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a good Easter, life is always better with a  bit of chocolate in it.  I know this is a difficult time so I want you to know you are all doing brilliantly! So on to today's ideas...

1. Here is a problem for you to solve.This involves money, adding and doubling!


Imagine you are given some pocket money for 10 days.

You can get a nice crispy £5.00 note OR you can get 1p on the first day, 2p (double) on the next day, 4p then 8p and so on for 10 days.

Which would be the better offer?

Predict first before you work it out. It might be best to add as you go. eg 1p+2p+4p+8p......

The answer is at the bottom!


2. Read something.

3. Have a look at The Wildlife Trust website. They have these great webcams for different animals. You do have to be a bit patient but I did spot a badger one night!

4. Don't forget the Easter Bingo ideas.


Joke of the Day

When do astronauts eat?

At launch time! blushyes



Pocket Money Challenge

Thursday 9th April

Day 18

Hello everybody! I hope you are all well and enjoying the sun. I am giving you a break for a few days so that you can enjoy your Easter. I will be back on here on Tuesday. Just before I go, I need to apologise for making a mistake on the nest answers. I could blame the lockdown but it was really because I didn't have my glasses on! Thanks to Willow for correcting me!! I have changed the answers, so it should be correct now.

I don't want to go before giving you some things to do if you want to. So here goes.....

1. Have a look at the Easter Bingo ideas at the bottom. There are lots of nice things to do for fun! I love the Rice Krispie chick and I used to love origami!

2. As well as this class page, have a look at Year 3s. There are lots of good websites on there and you MUST look at the Nursery page and see Mrs Perryman reading stories! She deserves  an Oscar!

3. Here is an idea I discovered using Alexa if you have one. This gives you a break for a cup of tea and a hot cross bun! Say Alexa open the magic door and it is like a story that you can choose what happens next. Its really good!

4. You could make an Easter card.


Have a lovely Easter everyone. Keep well and stay safe! I miss you all!

Joke of the Day

How did the Easter bunny keep his fur looking good?

He uses hare spray! surprise

Wednesday 17th April

Day 17

Good morning year 2. I hope you had a good night's sleep! Yesterday I went for a walk and saw lots of rainbow pictures in windows. I saw painted ones, collage ones, drawn ones and a huge one drawn with chalk on a house! If you haven't done a rainbow to go in your window, please do because it really made me smile!

So onto today....

1. Practice your times tables. We have done 2x/5x and 10 times tables. You could also do the division facts as well. eg 2x5=10 so 10÷ 2=5. Teach your parents how to play James Bond!

2. You could write an Easter Bunny story. The plan is at the bottom of this page!

3. To go with it, you could draw a cartoon bunny like the one on the plan. If you type in webby wanda cartoon bunny into Google, or similar, then a great little You Tube tutorial pops up. Have a go!

4. You could play a board game or just a game where you have to take turns.I used to love Kerplunk!

5. The answers to the nest problem are at the bottom.

Joke of the day (This is a good one!)

Why did the bald man paint rabbits on his head?

Because  from a distance they looked like hares!! wink

Stay safe!

Tuesday 7th April

Day 16

Good morning Year 2. It's sunny Tuesday! I hope everybody is fit and well and behaving yourselves for your lovely parents/carers! Please be good for them!

So ideas for today....

1. Read something!

2. Have a go at this Easter Maths problem.


You need 19 counters or failing that 19 bits of paper.

Three birds laid some eggs.

Each bird laid an ODD number of eggs in 3 different nests.

Altogether they laid 19 eggs.

How many eggs did each bird lay?

There are 10 different ways to do this! I will give you one way...

Nest 1    Nest 2     Nest 3

1              1              17

Can you find the other 9 ways?

Answer tomorrow!


3. How many words can you make from the words...

EASTER EXTRAVAGANZA? Target is 20 words.

4. Apparently a lot of people are bird watching at the moment, so why not give it a go and see how many birds you can identify.

Joke of the day

What did the rabbits do after they got married?

They went on bunnymoon!

5. Don't forget the songs!


Keep well and stay safe. Keep washing those hands!cheeky

Monday 6th April

Day 15

Guten Morgan Year 2! I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed a bit of the sunny weather. Although we have 'broken up' from school we have been asked to continue to give you ideas to continue your learning. We are taking a bit of a break from setting Purple Mash. I know Mr Rose has told you about White Rose Maths. This is a very good website! There is a lot on there so I would start with the Problems of the day, which have an easier and harder question depending on your child. Having looked at some of them, just a word of warning, we have not covered fractions which I was going to do this term. If you go onto the Home learning for year 2 they give you 3 lessons you could also do, on fractions, but I will give you more ideas once we 'return' on 20th April. So here are your ideas today...

1. Continue the continents topic. You could do pictures, maps and use atlases if you have one.

2. Look at the problems on White Rose Maths.

3. Don't forget to read, we are up to 281 books! Oscar is topping the charts at the moment. well done!

4. It's lovely outside so get out and get some vitamin D! Try and recognise some flower names. You could try and draw them.

5. I feel hopeful that we will get back to school before we end although that could be wishful thinking! However I propose we all work towards a song that if we do go back we can sing it! I keep hearing about the power of singing and how it can lift our mood, so lets give it a go! The song I think we should try and learn is 'Happy' by Pharrel Williams. I think Layla chose this for her Shinetime song. It would sum up how we will all feel when this challenging time is over. 

I have had some lovely photos sent to me. Justin, I loved the lego model and Jack, wow, well done for all your work and all mums and dads, grans and grandads.....keep up the good work! Send any photos to the admin address and they will get sent onto me.

Joke of the Day

How did the Easter bunny keep his fur neat?

With a hare-brush!!laugh


Keep well everyone.....tune in tomorrow!

Friday 3rd April

Day 12

Good morning, rise and shine, it's Friday!

It has been a funny old 2 weeks. I hope you are all keeping well and I can see you have been working hard.  Well done for all the reading that has been going on. To date you have read 258 books and 52 hours of reading!! This is amazing, well done!

So on to today....

1. The answers to yesterday's money problem are at the bottom of this page. Here is your next problem to have a go at...

I have the numbers 0-9. There are 10 ways of making the number 12. Can you find them?

How many ways can you find to make the number 12 using 4 cards?

How many ways can you find to make the number 12 using 5 cards?

The answers are also at the bottom....but no peeping!

2. You could write the final part to The Magic Carpet Story and illustrate it.

3. I have also put on a worksheet using your 'soft c' spellings from the Spring 2 spelling lists.

4. Over Easter you could also have a look at the Goldilocks letter on Purple Mash.

5. Don't forget The Friday Quiz no 2!!

Joke of the Day

What lies in a pram and wobbles?

A jelly baby!

Keep well everyone. I am missing you!

Thursday 2nd April

Day 11

Good  morning everyone. I hope you are keeping well. Today I managed to do some shopping. This brings me to my first problem.....

1. I bought a packet of pasta for 45p. I can only pay for it using silver coins. There are 9 ways to do it....can you find them all? Answer tomorrow!

2. You could write part 4 of The Magic Carpet Story.

3. Look at the spellings from the last week of the Spring Term. They have a 'soft c'in them. This means the c sounds like an s eg cylinder. You could use the words in the list in WIB and BOA sentences (when/if/because/but/or/and)

4. Here is a wee project you could do which I would have covered if school was open. Year 2 children need to know the 7 continents of the world, their location and some features of each continent. Why not take a continent a day and find out about it? There are lots of good websites for children but I have also put my facts on here to help you!

5. Don't forget to read something...............and look out for The Friday Quiz tomorrow!

Joke of the day

Why did the computer squeak?

Because someone trod on its mouse......boom boom!!

Continent fact file

Wednesday 1st April

Day 10!

Good morning Year 2, happy April Fool's day!

Yesterday I got a lovely message from several of you which really put a smile on my face! Thank you for that and the super lego picture!

I am glad lots of you are enjoying the joke of the it at the bottom!

So today you could....

1. Read something, look at Epic.

2. Write the third part of the Magic Carpet Story

3. Time game on Purple Mash, well done to all of you that did it yesterday.

4. Write a postcard to someone. I am doing this with my mum at the moment as I can't see her which I feel sad about!

Joke of the Day

What do cats eat for breakfast?

Mice crispies!!


Keep well and stay safe!

Tuesday 31st March

Day 9

Good morning my lovely Year 2 pupils!   Well done everyone for some super reading. Some of you are using Lexia, if you aren't please have a look at it. The Epic reading is great! You have read 166 books so far which is great. Reading is the main thing you can do to help your child over these coming weeks. Other stuff to do....

1. Two new books on Epic.... The Brothers and the Starfruit Tree and Pedro and the Coyote. They are harder texts but have a look.

2. You could write part 2 of the Magic Carpet.

3. I have put a time game on Purple Mash.

4. If you looked at remainders yesterday, I have put another sheet on here.

5. Look out of your window and draw what you see.

Joke of the Day

What do birds eat for breakfast?



Keep well and keep washing those hands!!!

Remainder sheet

Monday 30th March

Day 8

Good morning Year 2! I hope you had a nice weekend! This week....

1. Division! Mrs Dowling had been doing this with you and we were getting good at it. Remember to use your times tables to work them out. I have put a worksheet on here if you want to do it. If you find that easy then working out remainders is our next step, which is also on the worksheet.

2. I have also done a story writing plan for you if you fancied keeping your writing skills sharp! There is a bit to do each day of the week.

3. Why not bake something, this is really good for using maths, especially scales, which is something we were due to cover this term.

4. Don't forget to read something!

Joke of the day!

What kind of monkey floats through the air?

A baballoon!

Friday 27th March

Day 5

Good morning Year 2. Well dome on your first week at home. I can see how hard you have been working because I can see all your Purple mash work and you have read 116 books on Epic! Well done! 

1. Today I have set 2 more books. One is called The Elephants' Ears and the other one is called How the Tiger got It's Stripes. Have a read!

2. I have a put a game on Purple Mash called The Sequence Snake which helps with your times tables.

3. The weather is still nice so get outside and do something physical

4. Across the country children are taking part in The Rainbow Trail to boost morale during this difficult time. You have to draw a rainbow and put it in your window so when people go for their exercise they can spot them! Nice idea, I thought so give it a go!

5. Do The Friday Quiz. You will find it under the Friday Quiz Star on our page.

Joke of the Day

What game do they play in space?

Astronauts and crosses!smiley


Say safe and keep well. I miss you Year 2! Have a good weekend!

Thursday 26th March 

Day 4

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is well.

The answer to the problem yesterday was 24. (3x2x4) Hope you all got that answer.

On the menu today...

1. Read something, a comic...something from Epic or just a book you have at home. You could also listen to David Walliams. He has put 30 free books in 30 days online. Try it.

2. Make some amounts of money. Give your child some amounts to do. They need to be able to make the same amount in different ways.

They could also work out change.

3. Purple Mash today is a Samuel Pepys diary. Do it in the red book I gave out. 


A little word about marking! We use 'Pink to Think and Green to be Seen' This means you underline mistakes in pink eg capital letters and some spellings, especially if these are common exception words. (CEW) You also need to underline in green anything good eg wow words or more adventurous punctuation eg brackets/!/?

Hope that helps with that side of things. BOA and WIB sentences are vital. This is a BIG year 2 expectation.


Watch out tomorrow for The Friday Quiz! Every Friday I will put a  little quiz on here  about some of the things we have covered in class so they don't forget them.


Joke of the Day

What kind of onion likes to jump?

A spring onion!


You are all doing brilliantly.....stay well!

Wednesday 25th March

Day 3

Yesterday I heard this problem on the radio and thought you might like to have a go!


Imagine I have to self isolate. I have with me 3 pairs of trousers, 2 jumpers and 4 shirts. I don't want to get too bored with what I am wearing so I decide to have a different combination of clothes each day.

How many days can I wear a different outfit on each day?


If I were you I would get your child to make the 'clothes' so the problem is more visual. Give it a go. I stopped loading the dishwasher to work this out! Answer tomorrow!


Today at school we did a Joe Wicks work out, it was great. I used to teach him! Give it a go and get out in the fresh air while the weather is so lovely.

Joke of the Day

What kind of food do dogs like?

Pup-eronni Pizza!


Tuesday 24th March

So day 2 at home. I hope you all survived day 1! Here are your next 5 a day things you could do....

1. Go on to Epic. I have set 2 more books..The Whiskers Sisters and The Princess and the Frozen Peas! You have read 12 books so far and 4hrs of reading on Epic so well dome!

2. Speed Times Tables. Sorry, not sure I set this properly so please have a look.

3. Learn how to tie a shoelace...a life skill!

4. Write some sentences using the spelling lists. Try air/ear/ ere words.

5. Make your bed today!!

Keep well and stay healthy!

Joke of the Day

What do hedgehogs eat for lunch?

Prickled Onions!!!

Monday 23rd March

Good morning Year 2! Welcome to your first day at home. Here are your 5 a day things  you could do.

1. Use the spellings from this term's list to write some WIB and BOA sentences. We were up to the air/ear words. Why don't you write some Silly Sentences like we do in class?

2. Practice your 2x tables. I have put a speed test on Purple Mash.

3.Write as many facts about  the Fire of London as possible. Then do the diary work I have put on Purple Mash. Have a look!

4. Eat some fruit, imagine it's our usual snack time.

5. Read something! Look on Get Epic for the books I have put on. The animal one is really nice!

Here is my Joke of the Day!   

Where does Spaghetti Dance?

At the meatball!   Ha ha!!


Be good  and keep well!

Idea of the Week Week beginning 18.9.18

Here are some new spellings for you (apologies that they are a bit late!).This week we have been looking at words that sound like they end in an  E but actually they end in a y. eg We have also been looking at the letter y in the middle of a word that sounds like an I. eg crystal....myth...lyric.

If you can find any more of these kinds of words, write them down and bring them in....first through the door gets a top banana!


Please keep counting in 2s and 10s. Don't forget to read something as well!


Look out for scripts  and words that are heading your way soon. It's only 3 weeks to go until we put on our show, A Midwife Crisis.

Idea of the Week 2

One of the things I need to look for in your child's writing are the words but...and...or. These are know as BOA sentences. But, or and and are called conjunctions. They join two sentences together and make them longer and more interesting.

Here are some examples....

1. Bob went to buy some fish fingers and peas.

2. Do you want peas or sweetcorn?

3. Last week I wanted to go to the pictures but it was shut.

Use the spellings from weeks 1-4 to use in BOA sentences. The first one through the door with some good BOA sentences gets a top banana...there's an incentive!


Please keep reading....anything and everything.


We are still on the 10x table but some children are onto things like 10x14...tricky stuff!


Keep an eye out for useful info on the window!

Idea of the Week 1 Week beginning 16.9.19

Your first idea of the week is all about pairs to 10. These are essential in year 2 because once you know a pair to 10 you can use that information to find a pair to 100. eg 7+3=10 so 70+30=100

Take a pack of playing cards (take out the picture cards). You place the top t and he top card down eg 8 and your child has to say the number that makes it equal 10 eg 2. See how many you can do in 1 minute.....our top score was 27!


You can also do it as a pairs game by placing them face down on the table. You pick a card and have to find the corresponding pair. If it is a pair you keep it, if it isn't put them back down but try and remember where you have put them.


Times Tables

At the moment Mrs Dowling is  doing the 10x table with the class. If this is quite easy, stretch your child by doing higher numbers  eg 12x10 to see if they can see a pattern. 

It is important to be able to count in 10s when we start adding 2 digit numbers together as we add tens first and then the ones. eg 12+13= 10+10=20   2+3=5 so 20+5=25.

I hope that makes sense!


PS Don't forget to read. Ask your child what their 'Adopt a Book' was.