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Idea of the Week

Idea of the Week beginning 25.3.19

This week we are looking at 3D shapes. The children need to know the names of cubes/cuboids/spheres/cones/pyramids and cylinders. They also need to know how many faces, edges and vertices there are on each shape.

Go for a 3D shape hunt and bring me in a list of 3D shapes you have found. The kitchen is especially good eg microwave=cuboid....a tin of beans is a cylinder. First through the door gets a Top Banana!


Please keep reading as much as possible. I hate to mention the 'tasks' coming up in May but I will! The reading task is particularly lengthy so the more your child reads the better. Thank you!!


Idea of the Week Week beg 11.3.19

Idea of the Week 4.2.19

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We need to know...rectangle/square/hexagon/pentagon/circle/octagon, and their properties eg how many sides and vertices (another word for corner)

Use your house as a resource and see how many 2 D shapes you can find in your house eg circle forclock.....TV.....rectangle First one through the door with a list of lovely 2D shapes gets a Top Banana!

Hexagons and pentagons are hard to find......good luck! Before you write down 20p and 50p....they have 7 sides! 

Idea of the Week Week beg 21.1.19

This week Mr Godfrey has been teaching the class about 'Funtrition' which is all about healthy eating, exercise, drinking well and sleeping well. During our discussion about sleep most of the class didn't have a bedtime story so please could you read one to your child this week, especially if you don't normally. Amongst the top 10 bedtime stories are....The Gruffalo....The Very Hungry Caterpillar...Where the Wild Things Are....and of course Harry Potter. It's a bit long but you might read a chapter a night. Whilst researching bedtime stories, I came across a really good website called which has loads of different stories that you can read. It's really good! Please read a story, when I do each day they love it!

Idea of the Week Week beginning 14.1.19

Father Christmas bought the children a watch at Christmas so we are learning how to tell the time! We are working on o'clock and half past times to begin with and hope to progress onto quarter past and quarter to times soon! Please could you ask your child some o'clock and half past times if you suddenly notice the time at home is one of these times!

Time is quite a difficult concept which children generally find quite tricky so the more you can help the better! The added problem is the amount of digital times the children see rather than analogue times.

Thank you!

Idea of the Week  beg 7.1.19

Now that we have got so good at BOA sentences, we have begun to move onto WIB sentences. These contain the words, when...if and because. For those of you that like words, they are called subordinators! This really means that you can swap the words around and use them in the middle of a sentence or at the betginning.

eg When I walked to the shops it was pouring with rain. I walked to the shops when it was pouring with rain.

If I eat carrots, I will have good eyesight. I will have good eyesight if I eat carrots.

Using these words really improves your child's writing and is something I have to find evidence of in their work. Mr Godfrey recently used a WIB monster so you might like to ask your child about this!

Try writing WIB sentences using the spellings for this week. First through the door with any gets a Top Banana!

Idea of the Week beg 7.1.19

Idea of the Week 8 Week beginning 26.11.1

Over the last 2 weeks we have been looking at coins and making amounts of money. Year 2 children need to know the value of coins and how to make the same amount in different ways. There is a really good website that I often use called ICT games. If you google it and go to the maths section, there is a game called Pay for It!. It is really good for making amounts of money.

You can also use 2p/5p and 10p coins to count in-see instructions for the Lid game. Please remember that children often don't see actual coins anymore as we live in a world where we often just tap a credit or debit card!

Idea of the week 7 Week beginning 19.11.18

Idea of the week 6 Week beginning 15.10.18 The Lid Game!

Idea of the Week 5 (Week beginning 8.9.18)

In our writing we have to use the words but....or....and to make our sentences longer and more interesting. These are called BOA sentences and  I have to look for these types of sentences in your child's work. I am constantly highlighting these words with a green highlighter so I have evidence that they have used them.

As this week is a recap on the spellings so far, take any of the words and use them in BOA type sentences. We like to put 'flashing lights' around the words, so I can see they have used them.

Quite a lot of the class have been bringing in some of their spellings which is great as you are practicing them. If your child does any BOA sentences, bring them in to show me!

eg When I had a bath I almost fell down the plughole but my mum saved me!

I couldn't decide if I wanted fish or meat for my tea.

Last Sunday I went to the beach and couldn't see any crabs.


First to bring me one gets a top banana.....there's an incentive!

Idea of the Week 4 Week beginning 1.10.18 A game called Fish!

Idea of the Week 3 (week beginning 24.9.18)

It's Maths this week.Since we got back in September we have been working on pairs to 10. This is crucial knowledge because if you know that 1+9=10, you will begin to know that 10+90=100. We were very rusty but have been improving fast on this. Here are 2 ideas you could do using a pack of playing cards. Here goes.

1. Take out the picture cards and jokers. Put down a card eg 9 and your child has to say the number that makes a pair that equals 10 eg 1. See how many they get against the clock, we do 1 minute. Our class score is 17, so beat that!

2. Take out the picture cards and jokers. Spread the cards out, face down, on the table. The idea is to find the pairs to 10 by choosing 2 cards that make 10. eg 2+8...7+3 etc. If you find a pair, keep it. If not put the cards back and remember where they were. It's a bit like Kim's game, if you ever played that. Good luck!


Idea of the Week 2 Week beg 17th September

Idea of the Week 1 (Week beginning 10.9.18)

Take the spellings for this week and use Spelling idea number 8, writing the words in different fonts and colours. Also try playing Spelling Tennis. I got this idea from Question of Sport!

Imagine you are spelling the word 'could'. Player 1 says c....player 2 says o and so on. If a player makes a mistake, a point goes to the other player and you restart.Whoever says the last letter, if the whole word has been spelt correctly, wins the point. First to 5 points. Good luck!