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Jack and the Flumflum Tree

Mrs Perryman reading Jack and the Flumflum Tree

Print out the sheet to take for a walk and see how many trees you can identify. Will you find a Flumflum tree?!!!

Balloon painting - dip the end of the balloon in paint and holding the end bounce onto the paper. Try a couple of colours and see how the blend together.

Make a map - of your house, village, treasure map or perhaps how to get to the Isle of Blowyernose!

Make a patchwork picture - no two pieces that are the same should have an adjoining edge. Use paint, collage, coloured paper, fabric etc.

Practice skipping - with and without a rope

Make a drum

Use a clean coffee/baby milk tin with plastic lid. Decorate the outside of your tin then secure the lid on with tape and play with a pencil, chopstick or wooden spoon.

Or use a can or plastic tub and a balloon or strong plastic bag. Cut the mouth end off a balloon and stretch it (or the plastic bag) over your container and secure with rubber bands before taping on.

Have a sack race - Use a cloth sack, old pillow case or old rubble/compost bag