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Mrs Perryman Pen Patterns and Pen Grip

Pen patterns to print if you are able

Mrs Perryman Hickory Dickory Dock

Silly Soup Alliteration - pick a letter of the alphabet and see if you can think of three things beginning with the same letter that would make some very silly tasting soup.

For example: t - tomatoes, toast and toffee or s - sausages, slugs and soap!

Match the rhyming words - sheet to print at home

I Spy picture and different checklists to print at home - Happy searching!

Mrs Perryman One Potato Two Potato
Mrs Perryman Counting Beans

Mark making using paint in a ziplock bag and cotton bud or finger. You could practice number and letter formation. NB Ensure well sealed!

Practice number recognition with these dot to dot pictures to print at home if you are able

Print at home cut and stick

Mrs Perryman Sound Sorting - b and s

                       Sound Sorting - h and e

                       Sound Sorting - r and t

Picture cards for different phonic sounds to print at home if you are able

Mrs Perryman Slug in a Jug - Odd one out

Rhyming cards to print out and use at home.

Mrs Perryman Slug in a Jug - Find the Rhyme

Mrs Perryman Missing Numbers

Provide grids with missing numbers for your child to fill. Don't always start at 1

Mrs Perryman 10 Fat Sausages - s sound

Mrs Perryman Turtle Song - t sound

Can you make a turtle?

Take numbers away or switch some round and see if your child can tell you what has happened

Mrs Perryman doing Jolly Phonics actions and sounds

Mrs Perryman - Robot Oral Blending

Mrs Perryman Blending animal names
Mrs Perryman Banana song - b sound
Mrs Perryman 2 Little Dicky Birds - p sound
Mrs Perryman 2 Little Bees - c sound
Mrs Perryman 2 Little Fish - f sound

Mrs Perryman Sound Sorting p and d

Collect several objects that begin with the same sound and make a card with this letter sound on it. Make a second group of objects beginning with a different sound and a card to go with those. Discuss the sounds of the letters on the two cards with your child and shuffle the objects. Separate the cards on the floor and ask your child to put each object near the sound that it starts with. This activity can help your child to "hear" the first sound of a word.