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Happy Friday Year 5! Like yesterday, I would like us to come back to our previous learning and refresh our knowledge about sentences. You will review how to punctuate complex sentences. You will then have a chance to practise writing your own complex sentences.

Now it's really time to impress your family with your writing skills!

For today's writing activity, write a short paragraph about a fantastic beast. You could write about their appearance, their strengths and weaknesses, the food they eat, where they live (an opportunity to use a prepositional phrase)....this is your chance to be creative in your writing!

Remember your HIGH CLASS WORDS and ADDSPICE, and if you would prefer to write your paragraph about any of the fantastic beasts below (keep scrolling down), rather than a dragon, then it is up to you. I look forward to seeing your writing, so please remember to email it to me! smiley

Don't forget there is a word mat in your pack that we use in class, so please remember it is there to help you.


Wow...This Fantastic Beast Looks Interesting! What Do You Think It's Name Is?

What Would You Name This Fantastic Beast?

And Your Name Is?

Amazing Fantastic Beasts!