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Good morning everyone, for today's literacy lesson please have with you your work from yesterday as it would be lovely to hear some of your thoughts and ideas. If you would like a paper copy of the opening extract, then please let me know as I can arrange for some paper copies to be left for you to collect. 


Floella immediately provides a question that her children had asked her…..

"What was it like when you were a child, mummy”?

To begin our learning in literacy, I would like you to think about your childhood memories and share these along with some of your parent or grandparent's memories (good reason to check they are ok). 

Is there a particular holiday you can remember, a different house you lived in, a family celebration like a wedding or birthday, a particular smell or music that holds a fond memory?

"Please read me before you meet your teacher at 12pm," whispered the text to the children.

Use these question prompts to find out about a family member's childhood memories.