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In Literacy today, you will be writing a recount about one of your family member's memories. Read back through your notes from yesterday. Can you add any further detail to at least one key event that you have found out?

I will be sharing and writing a model text with you today, and it is about my dad and it involves Winnie the Pooh! laugh

Please also look at the Steps to Success (see below). 

You were all really good at telling me what I needed to write for our Steps to Success. 


Please write the date and TWGBA in your exercise book.

Wednesday 13th January 2021

TWGBA Writing a recount


Remember the word mat you have in your pack is there to help you. Please proof read your writing carefully Year 5...this is really important so you can spot any mistakes. I am really looking forward to reading your recounts!

Please send me your work Year 5.