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Good Morning Year 5, it was lovely to see you all yesterday, I am looking forward to sharing your recount writing and some of your family memories. For today's Literacy, we will be using our inference, prediction and summarising skills.

Please write the date and TWGBA in your book:

Thursday 14th January 2021

TWGBA Making inferences and predictions about a text and sequencing events.


On the Chapter Heading worksheet attached, you will find all the chapter titles and the first sentence from each chapter from the book 'Coming to England'. There are 15 Chapter headings to work with, but if this is too many then please only use the first page. 

If you have the book, please please don't peep!

The Chapters have all been muddled up and need your help!


1:  Read each title and first sentence carefully. What inferences and predictions can you make about that chapter just from reading the heading and first sentence? What do you think it will be about? Why do you think that? Discuss with an adult what you think. 

2:  How would you order these chapter titles on a Contents Page. Your sequencing in your book could look like this:


Contents Page

Chapter 1 – The Big Move

I think this is Chapter 1 because ______________

Chapter 2 – Survival

I think this is Chapter 2 because _________________


Choose 3 chapter headings and justify (explain) your thinking – see above - ‘I think this is ......... because .........'


3:   Time to create a storyboard. This could be completed over the next few days.

4:  Using the attached storyboard – which you can draw in your book or on paper – choose six chapter headings and sequence them (correct chronological order) on your storyboard.

You need to

  • Number each box
  • Write the chapter heading at the top of each box
  • Draw a picture to show what you think the chapter will be about
  • Underneath each picture write a summary for that Chapter (what you think it will be about)


We got really good at summarising a piece of writing Year 5!