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Hello Year 5, have you got your Grammar Groove on for today's Literacy lesson.

Today we will be learning how to write expanded noun phrases, and how these can make our writing more vivid and interesting. 

Please have with you your collection of ideas about your chosen place in your home (from Friday) and your whiteboard and pen. Have plenty of discussion with your parents about your ideas because you might think of some new ideas to add to it.


Please write the date and title 'Expanded Noun Phrases' in your book. 

Have a look at these two short videos before we meet so you can begin to understand what an expanded noun phrase is.

Well done everyone for writing some great expanded noun phrases.

These were some of the examples we shared Year 5:


A golden, crunchy slice of toast with a dry texture waiting to be selected as a breakfast choice.

A beverage of steaming, fresh coffee with a light and fruity aroma filling the air.

A patterned bowl of popping, drenched cereal with a drizzle of sweet honey poured over it.


Remember your two adjectives before the noun, separated by a comma, and the word with to stretch out your description after the noun. 

Good luck with writing your 3 or 4 expanded noun phrase sentences everyone!

You may wish to use some of these adjectives today or you can seek out HIGH CLASS WORDS using a THESAURUS