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Did you all manage to watch a weather report on the TV yesterday?

Over the next couple of days, we are going to become meteorologists.


Yesterday, we read about the weather on Trinidad, where Floella Benjamin grew up. On Monday, I am going to ask you to present a 30 second TV weather report (so if you want, you also have a little bit of time over the weekend to practice).


For today's Literacy, you need to :

  • read the tips on how to present a weather report - see weather report resources below
  • find out about the weather on Trinidad, make notes.
  • prepare a 30 second presentation - without reading from a full script, try to work from a few key words.
  • download a suitable background, if you wish, against which to present your broadcast.

If you wish to make this a collaborative project - with two of you presenting together - that could be great fun! Each person must make an equal contribution.

This is a fun video to watch about a dream of becoming a meteorologist.

You Can Become a Meteorologist! Imagine That!