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Hello everyone, well done for yesterday's Lapbook work. I hope you enjoyed making one, and I am really looking forward to seeing them all. 

Today you have a choice of activities:

  • Go back to your Lapbook and continue to work on it - what else could you include? Maybe you just need to smarten it up.


  • If you didn't use 'Phoenix' for your Lapbook, you could go to yesterday's 'Book Day' PowerPoint and complete one of the activities.


  • Use the internet or other resources to research Trinidad and create a fact file, leaflet or travel brochure (see examples below). Hopefully, you will persuade yourself and your friends and family to visit there one day! 

          A sentence starter word bank is below for you to use.

          Include facts on things like:

         - population,

         - location and surrounding countries,

         - capital city,

         - the flag,

         - terrain/landscape,

         - a famous landmark,

         - languages,

         - religion,

         - food,

         - education.


Please send me a photo of your completed Lapbook or any of your work today.