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Hello Year 5, have you got your Grammar Groove on for today's Literacy learning.

We are going to continue our learning about relative clauses. Let's recap on our learning.

What can you remember about relative clauses?

Why do we use them in our writing?

How do we use relative clauses in our sentences?

Think back to all our learning about sentences this term. What is a simple sentence, compound sentence and complex sentence?  

Do you remember the vocabulary: co-ordinating conjunction, sub-ordinating conjunction, main clause, subordinate clause, relative clause, relative pronoun?  


Today you will practice writing some really interesting relative clause complex sentences.

Try really hard to use some HIGH CLASS word choices in your sentences. 


Write 5 relative clause complex sentences.

If you would like something a little easier, write 3 simple sentences about any of the pictures on the worksheet. Try hard to make them interesting.