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Good morning everyone. How did you get on yesterday with telling the time accurately? If you are not feeling confident with telling the time, then you need to practice, practice and practice at home with your parents and carers. This is an important life skill Year 5!

How confident are you at reading 24-hour times?


Today we will be learning how to convert 12-hour times to 24-hour times.

  • Watch the video tutorial below.
  • Choose the worksheet you feel most confident with - I have numbered the worksheets 1, 2 and 3 to show the level of difficulty:

         1 = easiest  (starter)

         2 = more difficult  (main)

         3 = hardest  (dessert)

  • Complete one worksheet. 
  • Please do not complete all the worksheets.
  • If you would like something extra, there is a clock codebreaker to solve.

Happy telling the time Year 5!