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In today's Maths lesson, we will learn how to apply our understanding of the column method for addition and subtraction when spotting and correcting errors in calculations. This will help you to deepen your understanding and practice these methods.

If you need to practice the methods for addition and subtraction more than ask an adult to write some

calculations for you or you can use the attached photo at the bottom of this page.

If you feel confident and finish quickly, have a go at creating your own word problems like the ones shown. Your word problems can be about anything you want, and you can make them as challenging as you want.

Remember you will need to solve them as well. laugh

If you would like a further challenge, try completing the NRICH problem attached below.


247 612 attended a sporting event at the weekend. 143 091 attended on Saturday.

How many attended on Sunday?


Miss Claridge and Mrs Jaeger have both booked a holiday for all their family members.

Miss Claridge's holiday cost  £15 872.

Mrs Jaeger's holiday cost  £21 604.

a) What is the difference in price between Miss Claridge's holiday and Mrs Jaeger's holiday?

b) How much did they both spend together?


If you need to practice these methods more