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Hello everyone, well done Year 5 for all your hard work over the past week with practising the methods for addition and subtraction. In today's lesson, we will be applying the addition and subtraction strategies that we have learned to word and real-life problems. 

I have not attached a separate worksheet today because the questions and real life problem at the end of this lesson will keep you busy.

If you find the numbers you are working with too tricky, then you could make it easier, for example, 10000 - 6320 could be made simpler: 1000 - 632. This means that everyone can practice the strategies today.


I have attached the real life problem you will be working on just in case you would prefer a paper copy. 

How many different routes can you find?

Remember to:

  • look carefully at the numbers on the map
  • create your estimations first - use your rounding skills to the nearest 100
  • write down your different routes
  • calculate either with your column addition method or the methods you have learnt today

Find as many routes on the map as possible, there is definitely more than one to find. Good Luck everyone! laugh


If you would like a fluency and strategy game, play 'Got It'. I was playing this game last night, and the computer kept on winning. It was fun!