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Hello Year 5, if you need more time to practice this method for multiplication, create your own calculations and keep working on this method. This is a model of the method from yesterday's lesson: 

                                                    367 x 6 =         3 6 7

   x    6

                   4 2  (7 x 6)

                 13 6 0  (60 x 6)

             +  11 8 0 0  (300 x 6)

  2 2 0 2


If you feel confident, you can play the multiplication game using squared paper, two dice and two coloured pencils (the one we enjoy playing in class). Less Screen Time Today!


You can playCount Down!

This game is a simple at home version of the TV favourite and can be played with any number of players.

Rather than write the instructions for you, it will be easier to watch the video below showing you how to play this game!

Happy Maths Everyone! laughyes