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Monday 22nd February

Hi Folks ! I am really looking forward to seeing you all again this morning. How many of these things did you do this week ? Score one point for each one that you did, write the total on your board and hold it up to the screen when you first appear !


- play a video game    - watch TV     -  walk the dog      - go outside     - ride a bike     - read a book    - bake something    - get muddy


- do a job around the house     - celebrate something     - talk to someone on line      - eat pancakes     - do something arty e.g. paint/draw


- help someone out        - learn something new         - get out of breath     - do a puzzle/crossword     - play a board or card game.


Live Lesson - 10.00 am.

I would like to hear about what you have been doing. We will play a couple of games, refresh your brain for some of last half term's learning, and I will also let you know about what we will be learning this half term.


One of the things we will be talking about is blogging. Perhaps you already know a bit about it. After the lesson I would like you to look at some of these blogs, written by young people :


You will then need to plan a blog of your own. I have set this for you in Purple Mash, on the 2Write document. You will need to show me a plan for your Blog. There will need to be :

  • A general description of what the blog is about
  • List of individual pages that you intend to create - each page will require detailed information
  • Sources of where your information will come from - are your sites reliable, appropriate and safe to use ?
  • Opportunities for people to comment. These comments will need to be approved first.


Core Subject - Maths

 We will be continuing our work on Area. In this lesson it shows how you can split shapes into two or more rectangles to find their area. These are called compound shapes.


After the lesson try this worksheet to practise more compound shapes 

If you would prefer to work on some reasoning problems, try these instead :





This is the last lesson in this topic. In today's lesson you will find out about the impact that humans are having on our planet and you will find out about pollution, global warming, hunting and deforestation.  You will learn about the dodo and about some organisations that are working really hard to ensure that other species do not become extinct.