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Monday 22nd February

Monday 22nd February

Hello my lovely Reception children! laugh

I hope you have had a great half term holiday and are raring to go for some more learning!

I am excited to see you all on zoom today at 1:00pm. heart

Zoom Phonics follow-up activity:

Please find these printouts in your home learning pack, play the games and recap the sounds 'oa' and 'oo' (book).

Maths - session 1

Please watch the session 1 video and then complete the task.

Mrs Day's Story Time - A piece of cake

Mrs Day's Story Time - A piece of cake

Sorting healthy and unhealthy food - Can you help to recharge Rodney the Robot by feeding him lots of healthy foods? 

Choose the healthy food for Rodney to eat. If it is an unhealthy food choice, put it into the 'unhealthy food bin'.

You can also do this activity by sorting real food.

Something you may want to try..