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1st March

Physical development: Colour sheep sheet from resources pack drawing spirals/circles for curly wool. The farmer needs to keep his sheep fenced in so they don't get lost. Draw a fence ensuring lines are drawn from top to bottom (this is practice for when we learn to write letters which always start at the top like l, h, b, r, m etc). 

Maths: Hide numbers 1-5 or 1-10 outside or around the room. Ask you child to hunt for them and order onto the 5 or 10 frame.

Make a self portrait from dough

You could try making some Salt Dough 

1 cup of plain flour (about 250g), half a cup of table salt (about 125g) and half a cup of water (about 125ml) makes a ball.

Mix the flour and salt, add the water and stir until it comes together into a ball. Shape into your chosen model. 

If you want to it can be baked and painted when hard.

Preheat the oven to its lowest setting and line a baking tray with baking parchment. Put your finished items on the lined baking sheet and bake for 3 hrs or until solid. The bigger/fatter you model the longer it will take to harden in the oven. Leave to cool and then paint.

Story: Mrs Perryman reading The Smartest Giant in Town - YouTube

Make 5 Little Ducks and sing the song together.

Or choose one of these to print. Only need to print page 2

Make a car ramp

You could use cardboard, a plank of wood or a large book. Perhaps create a finish line or add numbers to indicate the distance travelled. Test different vehicles on the ramp to see how far they will go. Talk about the winner, first place and which was last. Use language associated with distance. Which travelled the furthest? You could try rolling cylindrical shapes or balls.

Story - Mrs Perryman reading  Beautiful Bananas - YouTube

8th January

Nursery Rhymes I Spy and Count sheet - Pick one of the ten nursery rhymes represented and sing it with your child adding actions where appropriate. Count the number of corresponding pictures together. Repeat for other rhymes. Your child may not be familiar with all the words so it is a good opportunity to talk about the new vocabulary. 

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Baa baa black sheep, I'm a little teapot, Incy Wincy Spider, Three Blind Mice, Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Grand Old Duke of York, Hickory Dickory Dock, This little piggy went to market.

Book of the week is - What the Ladybird Heard. Try some of these activities this week

Story: Mrs Perryman reading What the Ladybird Heard - YouTube

Maths: Play the game Ladybird Spots - Counting, Matching and Ordering game

Try making some different minibeasts

Go on a minibeast hunt in the garden or woods.

Make a Map: You could draw on an old map or make one of your house your area or a farm.

Build a farm and sing Old McDonald had a Farm: You could use boxes for homes and some sensory textures such as rice, soil or shredded paper.

Make a ladybird headband and go on a listening walk. What can you hear when you stop and listen?

1st February

Maths: Mrs Perryman  Maths: 5 frame matching number to quantity - YouTube

Pick 2 sound sheets such as f and t. Cut the pictures up together. Say the picture names clearly to your child. Can they identify the correct initial sound. Make it obvious or include the action if they find it difficult and praise regularly i.e. ffffox.

Book of the week is: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, try some of these activities during the week.

Story: Mrs Perryman reading (19) The Very Hungry Caterpillar - YouTube

Watch: The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film - YouTube

Make a hungry caterpillar and butterfly

Watch: Mrs Perryman teaching how to clap the syllables in words Caterpillar Chant - YouTube

Try making some repeating patterns - you could draw or use coloured blocks

Make a leaf shape from cardboard and punch holes around the edge to thread string/ribbon through

25th January

Observation skills: Mrs Perryman Spot the difference - YouTube

Can you spot the difference in the pictures - 3 differences to find relating to colour, shape and size

Maths: Go for a number hunt indoors or out. Numbers can be in all kinds of places. Can you find all the digits from 0 to 9? (Not all in the same place!)

Book of the week is: The Big Wide Mouthed Frog. Try some of these activities this week.

Story: Mrs Perryman reading Big Wide Mouth Frog - YouTube

Song: Mrs Perryman singing Silly Frog Song - YouTube

Watch: BBC Come Outside programme with Aunty Mable and Pippin Come Outside - Frogs - YouTube

Make 5 Little speckled frogs and sing the rhyme

5 Little Speckled Frogs, sat on a speckled log,

eating some most delicious bugs, yum, yum.

One jumped into the pool, where it was nice and cool,

now there a 4 green speckled frogs, glub, glub.

4 Little Speckled Frogs, sat on a speckled log ... ... ... 

WatchFrog Make - CBeebies - BBC

Make your own Ball and Cup game and practice trying to catch the fly/ball.

Try some Australian aboriginal dot art using a cotton bud.

Physical Development:

Practice jumping with two feet together like a kangaroo. Perhaps you could put some low obstacles on the ground to jump over.


Did you know a kangaroo moves forward a distance of 2 meters (6'6'') with each jump. However, when fleeing from a predator on flat ground without any obstacles, a single jump is able to cover a distance of 9 meters (almost 30 feet)! Kangaroo jumps can reach a height of 3 meters (9'10''), resulting in a sight like no other.


18th January

Maths: Practice counting using the 10 frame and numbers 1-10  Number 1-10 chant - YouTube

Letters and Sounds: Mrs Perryman Slug in a Jug - Find the rhyme - YouTube

Maths: Practice cutting out the bears then order by size. Start with 3 bears to start. Talk about the sizes, bigger, middle sized, smallest etc.

Book of the week is It's the Bear. Try some of these activities during the week.

Story: Mrs Perryman reading It's the Bear - YouTube

SongTeddy Bears Picnic ~ sung by Anne Murray - YouTube


Maths game: Give teddy the correct number of cakes Learning to Count up to 15 with Teddy Numbers Interactive Maths Game (

Plan a picnic: Make a poster to advertise

What food could you make to eat? 

Making fairy cakes is good for maths - measuring/weighing.

Make sandwiches in different shapes - squares rectangles and triangles 

Teach how to use sharp knives safely to make fruit kebabs or cheese cubes. 

Or try making bear toast or cookies!

Gather your toys/family at picnic time

Lay out a blanket in the living room.

Make sure everyone has a plate and  cup. How many do you need all together?

You could make name cards for everyone.

Share the food fairly. If there is one left over what could you do?

11th January

LS: Sound sorting i and t . Help your child cut the pictures out then shuffle them up. Name each picture with your child before they try to sort by initial sound.

Maths: Make an Incy Wincy Spider. Practice counting to 8 to make sure you have the correct number of legs.


Book of the Week is Handa's Surprise. Try some of these activities during the week.

Animation of Handa's Surprise Handa's surprise YouTube

Mrs Perryman reading/singing Handa's Surprise Handa's Surprise - YouTube

Make an animal mask from a paper plate

Watch this video about an artist who uses fruit in her pictures.

BBC Two - Watch, Art - Growing Things, Printing and creating repeated printing patterns

Can you try some of her ideas?

Try some fruit or vegetable printing

Can you balance things on your head like Handa?