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Children love hearing stories, especially at bedtime. It’s a time-honoured tradition that helps them wind down after moments of playing, screaming and other intense activities, and go to sleep. 

Reading also helps children bond with their mother or father as they associate it with love and affection, improves language, sharpens their memory and creative thinking, and makes them love books.

It’s not that easy finding children’s books around the house or buying newer titles every day though. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of free children's books online you can read to them, or give them to read on a computer, phone or tablet. 

Try these great sites with good quality, free online books for children.

Please ask an adult to register for you Year 5!

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         Best Websites With Free Online Books For Children

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Oxford Owl

Storyline Online

International Children’s Digital Library

Open Library

Amazon’s Free Kids Ebooks

Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books for Kids

Mrs. P’s Magic Library


Stories are the children’s window to the outside world. They make them dream of beautiful castles, princesses, great adventures and superheroes who fight the ugly green monsters to make the world a safer place. 

On their own, children can be voracious readers especially if they’ve developed a reading habit. It can be challenging trying to keep up when they want more books to read, but with this list of sites to find free online books for children, there’s more than enough to get started. Happy Reading Everyone! laugh