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Easter Break Activity Two

We have been contacted by Andrea Hone, Patient and Carer Experience and Wellbeing Nurse at Watford General Hospital.  Andrea has asked if children in the area would write letters of thanks to the nurses and medical staff at Watford General Hospital. Watford Football Club are involved and have offered to make a display of all the letters received. The Chief Executive of Watford Hospital Trust is in support and we understand that St Albans and Hemel hospitals are now also on board.  This might be a nice thing for to get our pupils to get involved in especially as many of the children will have parents in the NHS.  The brief is no more than a side of A4 and a message of inspiration and thanks to keep the staff going as they care for those that are very sick.  If you do want to do this, letters should be emailed to:  


Andrea Hone

West Hertfordshire Hospital Trust

WGH x8430

Mobile: 07879519566