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Hello everyone, this is Lily-Mai and Taylor from Year 6.  In this week's blog, we will be reporting on the Schools 2019 summer performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  This play is an Old-English classic, written by William Shakespeare, set in Athens, Greece.  In the 16th Century, when this romance was written, any mischievous doings were always blamed on the fairies or the elves.  This play is based around 4 lovers who fall under a curse from a flower, named "Love-In-Idleness".  This causes friendship problems between the childhood buddies, resulting in arguments. 

Every child in Years 5&6 participated .  We even controlled the lights and sound and choreographed the dances ourselves.  As a result, we have learned from our mistakes and improved our acting skills throughout our rehearsals and performances.  Our play was directed and produced by Mr Hinton, who will be retiring this year and will be greatly missed.  He helped us to grow in confidence and we all now realise that it's not about having the most lines or a "big part", it's about taking part and trying our hardest no matter what part we get.  The whole of the cast have grown throughout our show and had so much fun performing to our audiences.  Thank you and we hope you enjoyed our last performance.


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Games Afternoon - whole school activity, please ensure PE kits are in school


Nursery - last day and parents visiting at 10.30


Today's menu will be a choice of Fish Goujons, Pizza or Egg Roll



Leavers Assembly at 11am, Year 6 parents are welcome

Whole school picnic lunch



Office News

Please ensure that ALL debts for dinners are settled.  We will only be able to provide meals for children who have enough funds to cover their orders so please make sure that you check their accounts on School Comms.



On Friday the whole school will have a picnic on the school field.  Children will place their picnic orders for this on Thursday, so please make sure you tell them whether they will be having a school packed lunch or if you will prepare one at home. 

If your child is in Reception, Years 1 and 2 we will automatically order a Universal Free School Meal for them.  If you wish to opt out of this please inform the school office that you will provide your own packed lunch.