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Second week in and already so much learning. Finding out about Queen Elizabeth 1 in Yr2, Romans in Yr4 and Evacuees in Yr6. Reception and Nursery have concentrated on working together. Yr1 have been writing sentences with the correct punctuation, Yr5 on using adverbial phrases and Yr3 on developing mental maths strategies.

Please check your child's class website page as lots of useful information has now been added. From Yr1 to Yr6 you will find recommended reading books and grammar information.



Remember we need nominations for officers to ensure the events this year continue.

We are currently creating a list of new books for the library and classes with the money raised last year.


Community Events

Friday 13th September High Field Trust Bat Evening (

Sunday 15th September 3pm to 5pm is the Village Hall Open Afternoon. All welcome.