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We are only at the end of the second week of school closure and our thoughts are with all of you at this time. We hope you are keeping yourself safe.

Over the next two weeks as well as the work set by teachers we are asking all children to undertake two activities: the Campaign For Rural England art competition and the thank you letter or picture for the NHS. Details of these activities are included in another Blog sent today.


We would also like you to try something new and then tell us about it. Maybe learn a new language, make a meal, learn to juggle, plant some seeds, learn a dance or song. You could do this as a family.


Again we stress the need for you all to spend time on supporting your mental health. Please visit the MindUp website for some suggested activities


Lexia Certificates Achieved these two weeks

Well done to:

Tiernan Yr1 (two certificates)

Adam Yr1

Cassia Yr1

Sophia Yr1

Ellie Yr1

Anniyah Yr1

Joao Yr1

Erik Yr1 (two certificates)

Grace Yr1

Illy Yr2

Willow Yr2

Bertie Yr2

Denholm Yr2 (five certificates and over 560 minutes recorded since closure)

Jason Yr2 (three certificates)

Tommy P Yr3

Aura Yr3

Saira Yr3

Ronnie Yr3

Noah Yr4 (four certificates)

Lucy Yr4

Ali Yr4

Kevin Yr4

Flavio Yr4 (two certificates)

Isla Yr5

Pippa Yr5

Eleanor Yr5