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Class Email Addresses

Communication between school and home is really important and does have a positive impact on your child's education. As we are observing social distancing advice each class has it's on email address:

Yr1@ / Yr2@ / Yr3@ / Yr4@ / Yr5@ / Yr6@

This email can be used to communicate with the class teacher who will endeavour to respond within 48hrs week days.

If there is something urgent you need to tell us you must either email, text or phone to school office as teachers will not be looking at their emails on a daily basis and over the weekend.

We need you to send an email to your child's class address with their name so you can be added



It is really important that the children arrive in school at their allotted time. We are now getting a number of children arriving in class after learning has already started. This is disrupting the class and their education.

Year 6 and Year 4 start at 8.45.

Reception, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 5 start at 8.55.

Nursery and Year 1 stat at 9.00.

It is your responsibility to get them here on time.



Rec to Yr6 individual photographs have gone out this week. Please return orders by 25th September. Next Friday.

Nursery photographs have been arranged for November.


Can You Help?

We need a couple of people, who don't need to socially distant, to build our new Nursery metal shed. Can you please contact the school office if you can help


A cold or Covid - which one do I have?

Informative video explaining how to decide if symptons are a cold or Covid.