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A recent poll for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) found that parents are often too busy to spend quality time with their children. 42% were worried that social media was taking their children away from quality family time when they were at home. What do they mean by quality time?

It's just doing a few family things together: sit around a table and have dinner, go out together (a walk or shopping), have a time when no one has their phones, cook a meal together, curl up on the sofa and read a book. It's just about having time to talk, share things, laugh and have eye contact.

These are not things that take up lots of time or to feel guilty about. 


Next Week

PGL trip leave


PTA Meeting 7.30pm

Yr4 and Yr3 to Oaklands College


Reception Class Assembly 9.05am

Yr5/6 London Trip

PGL trip return



⭐️⭐️ PTA ⭐️⭐️
Pamper Evening tonight!! Please come along for a relaxing evening, complimentary entry into the raffle and a glass of wine, and perhaps a last minute treatment (even if you haven't booked).


Countdown to the Carnival has begun!!! Circus tickets now available for both shows (pay on gateway, PayPal or with cash) and helpers for the events now needed...please contact Natalie on


PTA meeting next Tuesday at 7:30pm - please come along to join us!


And don't forget to make sure you renew your 200 club membership as soon as possible - easy to pay on gateway!


Thank You

A huge thank you to those Yr5/6 football parents who helped with refreshments at the football tournaments.

It raised over £460 profit.