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Welcome back after the summer break and especially those of you joining our school for the first time. We are really looking forward to the year ahead and working with you to support your children through the coming months. It is important you keep up-to-date with what is going on in school and this can be done by visiting the school website and reading all communications carefully.

Did you know that you can synchronise your diary with the calendar on the website?


This year we have a number of new staff starting with us: Mrs Webster as our Yr4 class teacher, Mr Martin as a teaching assistant and Mrs O'Dononghue as a nursery assistant.  I am sure you will all make them feel welcome. We also have had to say goodbye to Mrs Reid (MSA / School Crossing) after a long period of ill health.



  • Please ensure you are always in credit for school dinners. Meal should not be ordered until all debts are cleared and funds are available on the account.
  • Please arrive at school by 8.45am to ensure you are not late.  Minutes late are recorded and can effect your child's attendance.
  • Attendance is really important. If you have less than 95% attendance over the whole year the government will classify you as being at risk of being a persistent absentee. So book holidays and medicals out of  school time. It does impact on your child's learning. You can check your child's attendance on the Gateway.
  • We still have spaces available if your child would like to take up learning the violin, guitar or flute. Contact the office for further information.
  • If any contact details or address changes have happened, please let the office know.