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This week Yr1 had a fantastic day at Mountfitchet Castle it was a great experience for the children and the weather held out for them.  This trip was kindly subsidised by our PTA.

Our football team played a thrilling cup match this week against Garden Fields, which after extra time and due to poor light ended up needing to be replayed with a score line of 2-2.

Children have enjoyed playing on the new artificial grassed area at the front of the school. This was funded by the PTA and the ground works and installation was generously given free of charge by Mr Lewis who is the father of a child in our reception class.  A huge thank you to him and his team.


Every Day Counts


  • You are given your first driving lesson and the instructor starts teaching you about fourth gear.

  • You are asked to jump into a swimming pool fully clothed to do lifesaving before being taught how to swim.

  • To be asked to produce a report about a meeting you didn’t attend.

  • To run a marathon with no training.

  • Arriving at a party where a game is in full swing but no one has explained the rules.

  • You're on a train without knowing where it stops.


This is what it is like for the children who miss school, specifically for holidays or regular absence due to minor ailments. They are missing key teaching within the sequence of learning, which means gaps, therefore hindering their progress.

Valid authorised reasons for absence include a temperature, vomiting, chicken pox and diarrhoea etc.

Not sniffles, coughs, tiredness, a headache, siblings with a doctor appointments, birthdays or visiting relatives.

Try doing long multiplication problems if you have missed the sessions on the method, or write a story without the planning, structure and ideas stages. This is the impact it has on the children's learning when they miss lessons and it can be difficult for them to catch up.

Fines are available to us but we would much rather see your child very day.


Current Attendance Figures

Reception 96%    Lateness 1 sessions
Year 1      97%    Lateness 46 sessions

Year 2      97%    Lateness 50 sessions

Year 3      95%    Lateness 41 sessions

Year 4      95%    Lateness 11 sessions

Year 5      97%    Lateness 11 sessions

Year 6      95%    Lateness 41 sessions


Thank You

Our support of Toilet Twinning (Harvest) helped to raise £960 which equates to 16 toilets.



Coffee Morning next week on Tuesday at 9am

Winter Wonderland on Saturday 18th November

Thank you for your donations. Help is needed both on the day and before.


School Dinners

Thank you to the many families who ensure that their child's accounts are kept in credit and up to date.  As you know our policy is to provide meals for children who have funds available to order a meal.  It is a daily challenge for the office staff to chase parents who have let their child's accounts slip into debt and we would ask that all parents make regular payments (online, by cash or cheque) to ensure that funds are always available for those extra meals ordered. Balances can be checked through the Gateway.