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Happy New Year to you all.

What an interesting start to the year we have had. The children have learnt just how important water is and how much we take our access to it for granted. Thankfully we are now fully operational and everyone is looking forward to the rest of the term.



We have noticed that many children are not reading enough at home.  This will now become a major part of homework. We would urge you to hear your child read or read to them as often as possible, whatever their age.  Remember reading is not just about decoding the words it is also understanding what is being read and making inferences. For example: What do you think will happen next? Why did the author use that word?

We will over the coming months help you in supporting your child at home by providing strategies and ideas. 

Please make sure that at all times reading should be a positive experience for you and your child. Setting a specific time and special place to share a book is important.


Next Week

Tuesday 17th

PTA Coffee Morning

7.30pm PTA Meeting


Class Assemblies

Year4 Friday 27th January

Year5 Friday 3rd February

Year3 Friday 10th February

Year2 Friday 24th February

Year1 Friday 3rd March

Reception Friday 10th March

Year6 Friday 24th March

Nursery Friday 31st March


Club News

We have not received any slips to book places for the Apex Football Club (Wednesday). This club is at risk of being cancelled if we are unable to meet the minimum number.  Apex will contact us on Tuesday morning to confirm how many places have been booked, therefore if your child wished to join or continue this club, please ensure your slip/payment is received by Tuesday at 9am.


Please remember we have a new Board Games Club for Years 4-6 on Tuesdays.  Details available from the office.