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Next Friday (8th March), we will be celebrating World Book Day in school with a Bedtime Stories event. Thank you to all the families who have donated a book so far, your support is very much appreciated. Please donate any further books by Wednesday. We would like to invite parents/grandparents/carers into school on Friday at 2.30 to read your favourite story book to your child or a small group of children, please let us know if you are able to support us with this.


Nursery have been looking for signs of spring – watching daffodils grow and drawing the new flowers that appear every day. The book ‘Emma’s Lamb’ by Kim Lewis has been the inspiration for them frolicking about the classroom!


Reception have been learning about traditional tales, they have been reading, re-telling and acting out The Gingerbread Man. There was lots of porridge eaten when they read Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


In year 1 there have been plenty of books on their topic on castles, there is a super Learning Wall in the classroom that shows some of the information they have found out which they would like to share with you next week.


Year 2 have been Book Detectives, using non-fiction books in Science to learn about healthy eating. By correctly using the index and contents, they have managed to create their own booklets on the topic.


Rhodopis, The Egyptian Cinderella, has been the focus of year 3’s stories. On Thursday the classroom was full of Tutankhamuns, Nefertitis and Cleopatras.


‘Roll Up! Roll Up! It’s all the fun of the circus!’ Year 4 have just started reading the book Leon and the Place Between, which is an exciting circus-based book.


Not only have year 5 been reading every day at home, but they have also been studying a variety of biography texts in school. They are looking forward to their explorations of famous astronauts, galaxies and the unknown…….To Infinity and Beyond…..!


In the Dining Hall, Year 6 have displayed their non-fiction report writing that was based on the fantastic creatures found in the Spiderwick Chronicles; they are now learning about refugees and migration by using the picture book The Arrival.


The book fair will visit the school the week after for you to use your voucher, get a new book and raise funds for new school books.



If you are entering the 500 word story competition it needs to be submitted by Friday 8th March by 7pm.


Next Week


SetPoint Workshops for Yr3/4

Home football match


Year 3 trip to British Museum

Nursery trip to Natural History Museum at Tring

7.30pm PTA Meeting


World Book Day

Menu change Red will be a chicken burger, not fish as advertised

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