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Election Day! Reception voted for what school pet they would like. They could choose between a hamster, gerbil, fish, tortoise or snail. Results to be announced soon!

Book Making & Story Telling Building Blocks

Physical Development with Sports 121

Planting our Bean stalks!

Well done Elliot!! It was so hard to pick a winner as they were all amazing!

BOAT COMPETITION 2017....... and the winner is..............

Reception have been learning about 'No-Rooz', the Iranian New Year. Olivia has been celebrating No-Rooz with her family. Mr Riley has been teaching us about the fire festival and making Sabzi's with the children. We took our Sabzi's to the river and threw away all the bad luck and illness ready to start the Iranian New Year happy and healthy. Ask your children what they have learnt.

Sounds of the English Phonic Code -Synthetic Phonics

During the Building Blocks session this morning we discussed the importance of using the correct sound pronunciation when saying individual letters. Please click on the video to see what was shown today in the session.

Nativity Performance at St Mark's

Phonics Building Blocks - Another great building blocks session this morning - Thank you to all who came along!

Outside construction

Reception have been exploring their new large Numicon!

Welcome to Reception!

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Life in Reception

Class Newsletter September 2016