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Snapshot of the Week

Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 27.6.22

This week saw us having  a lovely trip to the zoo! We saw lions....monkeys...zebras...camels... and many more! We will aim to get the pics we took on here by the end of the week. I hope you enjoyed the art festival on Friday and maybe had a sneaky peep at year 3's work to see what we are aiming for! So in this week...

Literacy We are looking at  book called Monsters-An owners Guide. This is helping us to write explanation texts. We are really trying to proofread our work and check it makes sense.

Art Our topic is printing so we learnt how to print with carbon paper and how to do a monoprint using pastels.

D and T We have started to look at finger puppets and how they are made, with a view to making our own.

Spelling We looked at different ways to make 'or' eg

Science We have started to learn about food chains.

That's it for this week. I can't quite believe we are into July already! Over and out until next week. laugh

Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 20.6.22

This week we have been.....

Maths Learning to read scales eg thermometer-using degrees/on containers that use ml/litres. Scales are quite tricky because you have to work out the intervals as there are few numbers. This is something you can really help with at home if you are baking, or look at bottles etc that contain liquid. The SATS question that most children got wrong was matching up the unit of measure eg degrees/ml/kg/cm with an item eg bag of potatoes....drink etc

Literacy We have started to learn how to write explanations. We looked at how honey is made....what a work of art it is! We then wrote our own explanations. Ask your child about it!

Science We are talking all things habitats and how animals are adapted to where they live.

Art We are printing.

Spelling We looked at the phoneme ea. This is quite tricky as it sounds different in great....bread....bead.

There are two things to remind you about this week. 

On Tuesday it is trip day! We are looking forward to lovely day out, looking at animals to see how they are adapted. I went last week to plan a route and saw a gorgeous white lion and 4 lionesses!

On Friday we are having our arts festival in the hall....2.30 to 3.30. Please do come and have a look at their work.

Over and out until next week!cheeky

Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 13.6.22

I am back on blog duty to let you know what we are up to. Phew! What a hot week it's been! We have been using our class thermometer outside to help us read scales and this week we soared to the dizzying temperature of 37 degrees! Please remember a hat, suncream and a drink bottle.

Maths Over the last two weeks we have been learning how to solve written word problems using cherry and bar models.

Literacy We have written a poem by listening to some music. This was based on the boom we are using called Last Stop on Market Street. Ask your child about it!

RE We were talking about being unique.

Science We talked about germination and the lifecycle of a plant.

Computing We have been composing music digitally.

Spelling We have been learning to spell words that have sc/se/ce eg as well as words that have se but can sound like an s as well as a z. For instance the se in  cheese...sounds like z but horse sounds like s.

Another busy old week, despite the heat! Please return trip letters and orders ASAP as our trip isn't too far away.

Over and out until next week!laugh

Snapshot of the week

Week beg 9.5.22

This week we managed to do two of our 'special tasks' in Maths. We will complete them next week with the two reading tasks. Then we can 'relax' the following week with  sports day, our assembly and our Jubilee afternoon on the Friday. Phew!

This week we...

Literacy Changed a recount into a set of instructions

PE Devised a dance to a song from Moana

Geography Learnt about many physical features you would see in Australia

ICT Continued to compose  tunes on Purple Mash using sound effects

Guided Reading  We started to read The Giant Jam Sandwich

D and T We evaluated our structures which are towers for Rapunzel!

Science We learnt about the lifecycle of a tree.

It's been another busy old week, it seems to have flown by. 

Please continue to read.

Please sign up to help at the Summer fair if you can!

Over and out until next week. laugh



Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 2.5.22

Despite being a short week because of the bank holiday, we managed to pack in a whole load of learning!

Maths We continue to work on our adding and subtraction skills. We have also started to learn the 3 times table by learning a little poem. Ask your child if they can say it to you!

Literacy We read a book called How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. We are looking at the key features of instructions so this is the perfect book! We read the book, then wrote some tips for being woolly mammoth washers!

Science We looked at the flower bed at the front of the school and drew the plants in there. We spotted tulips...daffodils...hebes....aqualegia and a bay tree!

D and T Our towers for Rapunzel are looking brilliant! You will be able to see these at our assembly on Thursday 26th May.

Spelling We were learning the different ways to make the sh...sound. Apart from in shell...there is in as in in station.....c as in facial!

ICT We started to compose our own little tunes using 2Sequence on Purple Mash!

Please do read the newsletter I sent out which also has some information about SATS on there. These will start next week and will be done over the next 2 weeks. We always keep them very low key so nobody worries about them!

Over and out until next week! blush






Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 25.4.22

This week we were back in the usual swing of things after the Easter break.

Maths We were learning how to find three quarters of numbers...just find one quarter and x by 3.

Literacy We finished writing our 'On the Way Home' stories, improved and edited them.

Spelling We revised adding suffixes to rules eg -ing...-ly....ful....less....ment

Science We looked at some plants and learnt the parts of a plant and their functions

D and T We designed our own structures and started to make our designs.

ICT We have started to use a package for making our own music in Purple Mash!

PE We have been learning how to jump....bend those knees and use those arms!

Geography We started to learn about Australia and compare it with England. Children need to be able to locate this on a map...a globe...and in an atlas. 

Music We listened and appraised two songs about friendship.

PLEASE keep reading as much as possible! Considering this class have had 2 lockdowns, their reading has made such good progress and I know that the reading done by you lovely parents at home has really helped them with their catching up. 

PLEASE keep practising times tables...2s...5s....and 10s.

Over and out until next week! wink


Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 18.4.22

It was only a short week for the class but we still managed to pack in quite a lot of learning. 

Maths We are really working on our times tables, division and adding and subtracting skills. We are also looking at fractions and finding halves and quarters of numbers. To find a quarter you halve a number and halve it again.

 You might like to practise some of these at home eg 1/4 of 80.....find half (40) then halve it again.

English We are writing our own versions of 'On the way Home', a story we looked at before Easter.

Spelling. We have been revising the 64 common exception words of year 2. These are in the middle of your class reading records.

D and T Our topic is structures! We went for a structure hunt around the playground and used construction kits to build a tower for Rapunzel! Next week we are designing our own towers. Hopefully you will see these in our next assembly which is Thursday 26th May

Please keep reading as much as possible. The progress in reading this year has been great to see! Don't forget to practice times tables...2s...5s.....and 10s. Mastered that? Move onto 3s!

Over and out until next week! cool



Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 28.4.2022

Well, there's been a bit of a break for me on here all thanks to covid! After two years of NOT getting it, it finally arrived! Normal service will resume after Easter. Thank you for coming to our assembly which I am glad we could squish in before the end of term. Lots of you commented on how lovely it was so thank you for your kind words!

Have a super Easter break and I will see you on the other side. Don't forget to keep reading! laughyessurprise

Snapshot of the week

Week beg: 7.3.2022

This week has gone by in a flash! We even had some nice weather on Thursday which always makes everyone feel happy. This week we....

Maths Continued to perfect our adding and subtracting strategies. We have done a lot on 'rebalancing' which is where you try and change a 9 into a 10 to make life easier eg 17-9 can change to 18-10 and 9+8 can change to 10+7. Its a really good mental strategy to use.

Literacy We looked at a poem called 'What is Pink?' by Christina Rossetti and then wrote our own colour poems.

History We learnt about Samuel Peyps and what he saw during The Great Fire of London

Music We listen to some reggae music

Spelling We were learning about contractions eg I'm....can't....hasn't. We also learnt how to use the apostrophe for possession.

Science We were doing another investigation into our hands and if the tallest people have the biggest hands! We did lots of observing and measuring.

Next Friday (18th) is our assembly. It's at 9.00 straight after drop off, please do come and see what we have been learning!

Over and out until next week! cheeky


Snapshot of the Week

Week beg:28. 2. 22

This week saw the start of March. This year seems to be flying by. Many of the children have been talking about the unfolding events in Ukraine. Mr Rose did a lovely assembly about what to do if you are upset about the news. You can find the link here.

It's a difficult topic to discuss but Year 2 is old enough to be asking questions. We are answering them in a sensitive way.

So onto this week...

Maths We are still adding amounts of money and are now finding change.

Literacy We wrote some lovely poems called 'At the Zoo'

ICT We are learning about search engines and we used Google to find the answers to certain questions

Guided Reading We read a poem called The Pet which is all about a dragon.

Science We made a bar chart to record the size of our feet! We were working on an investigation to see if older children had bigger feet?

Spelling We learnt about contractions.

Please keep up the reading! Book changing days are Tues/Fri but a volunteer helper comes in every Thursday so PLEASE have your child's book in then!

Over and out until next

Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 21.2.22

This week was interesting for 2 reasons. Firstly the bulbs we planted have finally started to grow. This is a sure sign that spring is on the way! Secondly Tuesday was 'Twosday!' If you clocked the date on Tuesday it was 22.2.22. My local news asked people to send in pictures of themselves standing next to a clock at 22.02 on 22.2.22!! So onto this week...

Maths We were learning about money, recognising coins and making amounts of money. Quite a lot of children had trouble recognising coins, I think this is partly down to the fact that we just 'tap and go' now at the checkout. If you do have some change at home though, it would be really good to ask your child to work out amounts of coins, as well as make amounts of coins. The £ sign is often quite tricky to use.

You might like to have a go at this game...


Literacy We read some poems and had to say why we liked/didn't like them

Science We started an investigation to see if the oldest children in the class had the biggest feet! We did lots of measuring and recording.

Spelling We looked at spellings of the 'ar' sound, this includes al as in half and a as in fast

RE We learnt about Passover and the story it is based on.

ICT We are learning about the Internet, browsers, search engines and how to search effectively.

Please remember to keep reading, I am really enjoying the lovely new Big Cat Collins books and I think your children are too!

Over and out until next week! laugh

Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 7.2.22

It was nice to see so many of you for face to face/phone consultations and how nice for you to see some of your children's work....a first for a long time!

This week we learnt...

Maths all about rebalancing! This is where you turn a calculation into an easier way to add or subtract. It always works well when there is a 10 in the sum so 9+7 would change to 10 +6. Similarly in subtraction 23-11 would change to 24-10. I know it looks a bit complicated but it is a really good strategy to me!

Literacy We finished our recounts of our walks around the school and wrote a diary entry as if we were Samuel Pepys, drawing on our history knowledge to help write it.

ICT We learnt how to use several of the drawing templates in one picture.

Science We finished our Frog lifecycle booklets.

Music We used the glockenspiels to play an accompaniment to a song we have been learning called 'I wanna play in a band!'

RE We had a visit from Gill from the church who talked to us about prayer.

Well, it's half term and we all need a rest. For those of you with Covid in the house please get well soon! Take care everyone and see you, bright and bushy tailed, on the 21st February! laugh


Snapshot of the Week

Week beginning 31.1.22

This week saw the start of February! We went for a walk around the school as part of our Literacy lesson and we saw some signs of Spring! So onto this week.....

Science We continued our lifecycle topic by looking at the lifecycle of a frog

Maths We learnt how to 'rebalance' sums. This is a very helpful strategy when adding numbers. So 9+5 can change to 10+4....similarly 11+8 can change to 10+9. If you can get the number 10 into your sum it makes it easier to add. It can also be called 'Think 10'

Literacy We are writing recounts. In a recount you need to use time conjunctions such as that

ICT We are using different drawing templates to create pictures. We have used the pattern/slice/impressionism templates so far. Your child can use these on Purple Mash at home.

History We have learnt the causes of The Great Fire of London and the reasons for why it spread so quickly

PE We are improving our throwing and catching skills

I am looking forward to seeing you at parent consultation evenings on Tues/Weds. It is face to face so you can look at your child's work. 

Please keep reading and don't forget to look at the spellings we do each week too!

Over and out until next week! cheeky



Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 24.1.22

This week we learnt about....

Science The human lifecycle and the different stages to it.

Maths We were learning how to add 2 digit numbers that cross the tens eg 36+55. We used dienes to help us but this is how to do it if you wanted to do some at home!

  • First you need to add the tens eg 30+50=80
  • Then add the ones 6+5=11
  • Now add both answers eg 80+11 so the answer is 81!

English We wrote a poem based on the jungle picture by Rousseau. we used lots of lovely vocabulary to help us.

Spelling We learnt how to add -ing to verbs with a short vowel sound eg drop......dropping hit.....hitting. In other words you double the consonant.

Art We continued our drawing topic by trying to recreate Henry Moore's sheep sketch using drawing pencils and different tones.

Music We listened to Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water as part of our rock music topic.

So yet another busy week! in other news....we also had our first whole school assembly in the hall!  This was a very exciting event as we haven't been together for nearly 2 years!

If you haven't returned your parent evening slip please do so as your choice of slots is getting more limited.

Over and out until next week. smiley


Snapshot of the week

Week beg 17.1.22

What a cold week it was this week but Year 2 continue to beaver away for me! 

Maths This week we continued with some time telling...quarter past and quarter to times. This is a handy game to play to practice time telling.

English This week we were learning some new conjunctions. We already know but/or/and (BOA sentences)  but we now need to know when/if/because and that. We were looking at a picture by Rousseau which had a tiger in the corner and described what was happening using lots of lovely description. eg Don't say tall tree when you could use the word towering or vast. Vocabulary building is really important and is easily something you can do at home.

Spelling We learnt the rules for adding ing or est for words ending in e eg wave.....waving You have to drop the e before adding the suffix -ing

History We learnt how The Great Fire of London spread.

RE We learnt the meaning of part of The Lords's Prayer.

Music We are looking at rock songs! Part of our scheme gives us songs to listen to and our first piece was Queen's 'We will Rock You' We have to be able to say why we like/don't like a song. This song took me back to when I was 17 and I went to see them in concert!

Well, that's a wee taster of the week just gone. Please continue to read at home and look at the spellings which I have put at the bottom here, as well as under the homelearning star. The newsletter for this term is under the newsletter star so have a look at that too.

Over and out until next week.  laugh



Snapshot of the Week

Week beg 10.1.22

                                                smileyHappy New year! smiley

This week was our first full week after Christmas and we have got stuck into our learning straightaway. 

Maths We have been using the watches Santa gave us to help to tell the time. We have learnt the o'clock and half past times. Some of us are finding it quite tricky so if you can practice some time telling at home, it would be great!

English We have started looking at a book called Augustus and his Smile. We have read it and ordered it. You can see it here!

Science Our topic is about Animals including humans. We looked at the different animal groups and their characteristics.

Art We have started our drawing topic and looked at a picture by Nancy McCroskey. It is called Suite in Black, White and Grey. We looked at the different lines, tones and pictures we could see and then used drawing pencils to recreate one of the squares. You can see the picture here:

nancy mccroskey suite in black white and grey - Bing images

Spelling We have been learning how to add suffixes-ing and ed to words that end in e, in other words, drop the e before you add ing and ed

History We learnt about chronology and timelines. We learnt the terms 'within living memory' (100years) and 'beyond living memory' Our topic, the Fire of London was in 1666.

Well that's a wee taster of our first week back. Please keep checking on here to see what your child has been learning and how you can support at home. This term's newsletter and spellings for this half term are coming shortly so keep an eye out for them!

Pleeeeeeease keep reading at home. We constantly check books and levels and assess the children so please make sure their books are in school every day, not just on book changing days. (Tuesday and Friday)

Over and out until next week. laugh








Snapshot of the Term Autumn 2021

This week is a little different as I thought I would give you a little snapshot of the whole term. It's rather difficult to do but I have given you three things we have learnt in most subjects. We have covered a lot of work and the class have been great. They are a hardworking and enthusiastic bunch and make me smile every day! Talking of smiling....we managed to record our Guide to Christmas so please have look on the class events page. The singing is might be able to join in!

Thank you soooooo much for all your gifts and cards for me, Mrs Lee and Mrs Parker. We really do appreciate them. It's been a very long term so I think the children have earnt a good old rest but pleeeeease keep reading over the holiday. Maybe Santa will bring them some books?! Talking of Santa....we heard him on the roof this week! He left a lovely gold box full of watches as we are learning to tell the time in January.

Have a merry Christmas. Please keep healthy and away from the germs. See you in 2022....over and out until next year! heart


Learning this term Autumn 2021

Snapshot of the Week 13

Week beginning 6.12.21

This week we learnt about...

Spelling adding the suffix ing to verbs where there is a consonant before the y eg copy/hurry/marry

Geography We learnt about physical and human features of the UK

D and T We have been cracking on with making our vehicles. We painted the boxes...sawed the axles and started to put them all together. They are looking good!

Maths We have been using cherry models to find an unknown number

Reading We are reading a book called The Polar Bear Son in guided reading.

ICT We are learning about internet safety and looked at a story about Smartie the penguin

Music We had a lesson in playing the glockenspiels! 

We have also been practicing our Guide to Christmas. I hope to record it on Wednesday and put it on our class webpage for you to see. There are some lovely songs in it! Please avoid being ill on that day!

Over and out until next week! frown


Snapshot of the week 12

Wk beg 29.11.21

This week saw the start of December. We have a class advent calendar so we have started to use it and pick out the treat in each pocket. If your child comes home with a chocolate coin, carrot or brussel sprout you will know why!

 As I was struck down by the bug that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment, it's a short blog this week.

ICT We were learning about internet safety and about not giving out personal information such as age, address and where we go to school. Ask your child about Superhero Sid and what he told the children in the video clip I showed them.

Geography We are learning about maps and locating the UK. 

D and T We have started to plan out the vehicles we are going to make and use all the lovely boxes you sent in!

We are practising a little Christmas guide for you to see which we hope to record and put on the class web this space!

Over and out until next week! cheeky


Snapshot of the Week 11

Wk beg: 22.11.21

This week we have been working hard again. I can't quite believe that next week will be the 1st December! So in.....

  • Geography we were locating the UK using different sources such as maps....globes....atlases and Google Earth
  • ICT we inserted more pictures into a spreadsheet and used the counting tool to count animals
  • Spelling We have been looking at changing a verb (doing word) into a past tense of it ends in a y with a consonant before it eg marry......married     hurry.....hurried You have to change the y to an i then add es. This is called a suffix.
  • Maths we learnt about cm and m
  • English We have been learning how to write questions and use the question mark
  • D and T we used construction kits to make wheeled vehicles....we had a lot of fun. We should know what an axle....chassis....body and wheel are.

Home learning

Please continue to read. We are now allowed volunteers in to hear readers. Please make sure your child has their books in school so the lovely volunteers can hear them read. It's all good extra practise for them.

Don't forget to practise times tables. For us it is the 2s....5s and 10s.

If you would like to do some measuring in cm or m that would be great too!

Check out the spelling sheet as well, especially the common exception words.

Over and out until next week!wink



Snapshot of the week 10

Week beg 15.11.21

This week we have been busy bees again!

Spelling We looked at plurals and how to change words that end in y (preceded by a consonant) into a plural. You have to change the y to an i, then add es. eg babies....families....flies...fairies 

Maths We were talking about equivalence and using the <>= signs.

ICT We learnt how to insert a picture into a spreadsheet

Science We talked about forces and used plasticine to show different forces

Geography We used maps to locate The Irish Sea...English Channel and The North Sea

Literacy We wrote a letter using sentences that contain but...or...and. These are conjunctions and are essential in Year 2.

Ellie has been chosen to be on the School Council so congrats to her!

Home Learning Idea

Keep reading...keep spelling and in Maths with Mrs Dowling they are learning the 5x table. This would be really good to practise at home!

Over and out until next week! cheeky

Snapshot of the Week 9

Week beg 8.11.21

This week seemed to go by in a flash! Even the some of the children said how quickly the day goes. We really do pack a lot in each day. A typical day goes a bit like this....

Register....Brain warm up....Guided Reading....Maths....Phonics...break....literacy....lunch....then 2 foundation subjects in the afternoon such as PE/ICT or PE/History. If your child is a little pooped by Friday, you can see why! They are a hardworking bunch and do us all proud! So onto this week....

Spelling We looked at words ending in an I

Maths We used the dienes to add 2 digit numbers together eg 34+21. We also started to look at a strategy called Thing 10. It is always easier to add a single digit to 10 so if you had a calculation such as 9+6 it is better to change it to 10+5. It also works with numbers like 7 or 8 eg 8+5 changes to 10+3. It's a really good strategy to know.

Science We learnt about absorbency and tested out lots of different materials.

ICT We learnt how to use the totalling tool in a spreadsheet

Geography We learnt the 4 countries and capital cities of the UK

There is always more of course but this does give you a wee flavour of life in Year 2

Home learning ideas...

Please keep reading as much as possible and check out both lots of spellings under the spelling star. You can pop these words into sentences using but...or....and (BOA) sentences.

You could practice adding 2 digit numbers together eg 45+31 and use the Think 10 strategy. You could also look at a map of the UK and find the 4 different countries.

Over and out until next week! frown


Snapshot of the Week 8

Week beg 1.11.21

Welcome back! I hope you had a good and germ free half term! I can't believe we are into November. Please make sure your child has a coat each day. If they wear wellies to school they need to change into plimsolls so please make sure they are in school. I can always have a hunt for them in the cloakroom if you think they might be there!  So onto this week....

Maths We were doing fractions this week and finding halves of numbers and shapes.

English We have planned a story and started to write it. In Year 2 we use BOA sentences....let me explain! These are sentences with but/or/and in them (b...o...a) These are called conjunctions. They make sentences longer and more varied. You will hear a lot about these!

PE We practised dribbling with basketballs this week.

Spelling It was all about homophones. These are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have a different meaning eg hear/here.....raw/ Lots of the class have been finding some at home and bringing them in which has been lovely!

Guided Reading We are reading a book called The Squirrels Who Squabbled. Ask your child to explain what we have read so far.

ICT This week we were learning how to do spreadsheets.

Home learning idea

It is essential your child know double and halves of numbers up to 20 so you could practice these. Don't forget to look at the new spellings on the webpage under the spelling star. You could get your child to write sentences with but/or/and in and bring them in. They are great at doing extra stuff at home and showing me. As a teacher, this gladdens my little heart!

Pleeeeeease keep reading and recording it in the record.

Over and out until next week! blush

Snapshot of the week 7

Week beg: 18.10.21

I can't quite believe it is half term already! We have managed to pack a lot of learning into the last few weeks. It was lovely to see so many of you for the Zoom consultations. Lots of you commented on the History we have done about Elizabeth 1 and how much your children have enjoyed it. So let's start with that....

History This week we finished off our work on The Spanish Armada and learnt about a certain gentleman called Sir Walter Raleigh. You might like to do the Mastermind Quiz about our topic at the bottom of this week's learning!

English We looked at Frog and the Stranger and wrote about the front cover, the characters of rat and Frog and 'fixed' alien sentences where there was something missing.

Spelling We have been learning how to spell words ending in....le/el/il and al

Maths We have been comparing numbers using the more than and less than signs eg <>

ICT We finished our coding work using Purple Mash. We had to turn the frog into a prince!

RE We have been looking at the way Christians and Muslims pray.

Another busy old week in year 2 and remember this is just a wee taster of what we learn!

Have a lovely half term. Have a rest but keep reading!

See you on the other side.wink

Mastermind Quiz

Snapshot of the week 6

Week beg 11.10.21

Maths At the start of every maths lesson we have a 10 minute fluency session. I call this my '5 a day' where we recap a lot of our learning so we don't forget things. It is also a way of improving our mental maths skills and getting away from using our fingers to solve things. Here are some typical examples...

  • 9 and 5 (change this to 10 and 4)
  • 34= ______tens ______ones
  • 7 groups of 10
  • 6+7 (double 6 and add 1)
  • a shape and their properties
  • counting money eg 10ps and 1ps

English We started our new book this week....Frog and the Stranger and thought of good describing words to describe Rat and Frog

Guided Reading We do this 4x a week. We read together...predict...summarise...sequence....learn new words....and retrieve information. We have just finished this book and learnt the words......skulked....strolled....emerged....gawking....sett...pondered

ICT We made bubbles move and added a sound

Spelling le/el words

History We started learning about The Spanish Armada

Phew! Another busy week in Year 2! Please keep checking in on our class page to see what we have been learning.

Home learning idea

Look at the red words above to see what your child has been learning...ask them what they mean!

Don't forget to read

Ask your child some maths questions like the 5 a day questions.

Over and out until next week!wink​​​​​​​


Snapshot of the week 5

Week beg 4.10.21

Last Friday we reached our first target of earning 20 marbles so we had our first reward. We get marbles for working together...being polite....working hard and tidying up at the end of the day. They voted for a drink and a biscuit while we watched Stickman. Mrs Lee put some pics of marble time under the class events page so have a look.

This week we....

History Learnt about two portraits..The Armada Portrait and The Ditchley Portrait. Both pictures were painted to show Queen Elizabeth as a powerful, rich lady. We learnt about the symbolism in them. Ask your child about them! I have put the sheet we did at the bottom!

Maths We were learning to subtract a one digit number from a 2 digit number where is crosses the tens eg 31-8. We used dienes to help us.

English We wrote our own adventure stories in the style of Lift, the book we gave been looking at.

Science We learnt about the inventor of velcro and how he discovered this great bit of material!

Art We started to make our collage pictures of sunflowers based on the techniques we have learnt over the last few weeks. They are looking fab so when they are finished I will put some pictures on here for you to see!

Music We are learning about the 'pulse' of a song. We listened to some pieces of music to appraise.

Home Learning idea

Keep reading as much as possible

Look at the spellings from last week.....le words and learn how to spell them.

Count in 10s from ANY 2 digit number eg 21 31 41 51.......101 and back.

Over and out until next week! yes

Portraits of Elizabeth 1

Snapshot of the Week 4

Week beg 27.9.21

I can't quite believe we are in October already! The weather is certainly getting colder so please make sure your child has a jumper and a coat. This week we have.....

Maths We were learning to add a 2 digit number to a 1 digit number using a cherry model. If you are thinking what's that? Ask your child!

Spellings wr words

History We looked at some more portraits of Elizabeth 1 and the symbolism in the pictures. The class are really enjoying this topic so there is a quiz at the bottom to ask them questions. The answers are for your eyes only!

Science We investigated materials to see which was the most waterproof material.

English We have done some lovely writing this week based on the book Lift. The whole school are looking at the same book. We wrote a list poem called Behind the red door..... and a description of a snowy mountain scene. We talked about adjectives that we could use eg colossal....perishing...bitter....frozen 

That's a wee taster of our week. Have a go at the quiz below.

Over and out until next week!blush

Mastermind History Quiz!

Get out the black chair and ask your child these questions!

Who was Elizabeth 1 father? Henry V111

Who was her mother? Anne Boleyn

Where did Elizabeth find out she was going to be queen? Hatfield House

How long was she queen for? 45 years

Who did she marry? Trick question...she didn't get married! She thought it would make her less powerful. She said she was' married to the country.'

What is another word for a king or queen? monarch

Name 3 things you would see in The Rainbow Portrait? eg rainbow...snake...pearls...eyes and ears...angel's wings...headdress...globe

And finally.....what did she do when she was cross? She would throw her shoes at people or spit at them!!! Don't try this at home!

Snapshot of the Week 3

Week beg 20.9.21

This week in Year 2 we have been working hard!

English We are still looking at the book called 'Lift' where Iris presses a magic lift button and goes into space! We had to write an 'email' to NASA persuading them to hire us as astronauts! We also had to work in pairs to interview Iris for a news report. We watched a newsround clip about Tim Peake going into space to help us. I think we have some budding BBC news reporters in our midst!

Maths We have been counting in tens from ANY 2 digit number eg 21  31  41  51 etc

Spelling We looked at kn/gn words

ICT We used Purple Mash to write an algorithm to make a plane tale off!

PE We have been doing gymnastic sequences. Have a look under special events to see some photos

Home learning idea

Give your child a starting number to count on in tens eg 34  44  54 etc. Don't forget to count back as well.

Look at the spellings for this week kn/gn. Use them in sentences and check your capital letters and full stops carefully.

You could even write a little story using them or find some more kn/gn words!

Over and out until next week!wink


Snapshot of the Week 2

Week beginning 13.9.21

This week has been a busy old week in Year 2! Ask your child about the snapshots below.

English The girl in the story of 'Lift'  (Iris) goes into a lift and ends up in a jungle! We wrote as if we were Iris entering the jungle. We are starting to edit and self correct our own work.

Spelling We looked at soft c words. These are words where the c sounds like an s.

ICT We have started to learn about algorithms.

History We looked at a famous portrait called The Rainbow Portrait. This usually 'lives' at Hatfield House but is so famous it often goes on tour! Ask your child what she has on her dress and why.

RE We are looking at signs and symbols in Christianity.

Just a little flavour of life in year 2!

Home learning idea

Read with and to your child. Don't forget to ask them questions while you are reading.

Why not look up The Rainbow Portrait and draw it to bring in and show the class. First one through the door gets a top banana!

Over and out until next week! yes

Snapshot of the Week 1 

Week beginning 6.9.21

Welcome to 'Snapshot of the Week' This page tells you a bit about our learning each week for a few subjects and what we have been up to. It just keeps you in touch with what we do as many things have changed since YOU were at school! If I think of anything that will help you help your child I will put that on here as well. The red line at the end tells you a home learning idea, if you want to do it. Reading at home each day though really takes priority.

Maths We have been learning how to 'make' numbers using some equipment called dienes. These are little plastic green and yellow blocks which are useful for helping us solve calculations. They are a very visual tool so handy to use. We 'made' numbers, then found 1 more...1 less...10 more and 10 less or fewer.

English We have been looking at a book called 'Lift' It's about a girl called Iris who likes pressing the (magic) button for the lift. The whole school is looking at the same book.

Science We are learning about materials and their properties. We talked about their purpose and suitability, BIG words for year 2!


Please read everyday. You could also look at the first lot of spellings on here and practice them. You could even find some more and bring them in!


Over and out until next week! laugh