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Snapshot of the Week

Snapshot of the Week 2

Week beginning 13.9.21

This week has been a busy old week in Year 2! Ask your child about the snapshots below.

English The girl in the story of 'Lift'  (Iris) goes into a lift and ends up in a jungle! We wrote as if we were Iris entering the jungle. We are starting to edit and self correct our own work.

Spelling We looked at soft c words. These are words where the c sounds like an s.

ICT We have started to learn about algorithms.

History We looked at a famous portrait called The Rainbow Portrait. This usually 'lives' at Hatfield House but is so famous it often goes on tour! Ask your child what she has on her dress and why.

RE We are looking at signs and symbols in Christianity.

Just a little flavour of life in year 2!

Home learning idea

Read with and to your child. Don't forget to ask them questions while you are reading.

Why not look up The Rainbow Portrait and draw it to bring in and show the class. First one through the door gets a top banana!

Over and out until next week! yes

Snapshot of the Week 1 

Week beginning 6.9.21

Welcome to 'Snapshot of the Week' This page tells you a bit about our learning each week for a few subjects and what we have been up to. It just keeps you in touch with what we do as many things have changed since YOU were at school! If I think of anything that will help you help your child I will put that on here as well. The red line at the end tells you a home learning idea, if you want to do it. Reading at home each day though really takes priority.

Maths We have been learning how to 'make' numbers using some equipment called dienes. These are little plastic green and yellow blocks which are useful for helping us solve calculations. They are a very visual tool so handy to use. We 'made' numbers, then found 1 more...1 less...10 more and 10 less or fewer.

English We have been looking at a book called 'Lift' It's about a girl called Iris who likes pressing the (magic) button for the lift. The whole school is looking at the same book.

Science We are learning about materials and their properties. We talked about their purpose and suitability, BIG words for year 2!


Please read everyday. You could also look at the first lot of spellings on here and practice them. You could even find some more and bring them in!


Over and out until next week! laugh