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So Much

Mrs Perryman reading So Much

Look at a selection of family photographs . 

Show your child a photograph of them as a baby, 1 year old, 2 year old. What could they do at that age? What can they do now that they couldn’t do then? Look at pictures of other family members as a baby. Are there any black and white photographs? Why are these photographs black and white? Do they show older family members when they were younger? Talk about how life was different then.

Do you have any photos of family celebrations? Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Christmas etc. Talk about the traditions of each celebration.

Plan a Family Celebration - Decide on a family celebration for the week. It might not be anyone's birthday but you could celebrate 'Wonderful Wednesday' or have 'Dinner Dance'! Make invitations for the family members and plan a menu.

Practice cutting skills - Make paper chains or bunting

Lay the table for your family celebration - How many people are there? How many knives, forks, cups do you need? Write out name cards for everyone in your family to show them where to sit. Role play as a waiter/ waitress. What would everyone like in their sandwiches for lunch? What drinks would everyone like to have with their dinner?
Favourite songs - Ask everyone in the family what their favourite song is. Listen to each person’s favourite song and make up a dance or some actions to match for you all to join in with. Do you like the same music? 

Make a Seasons chart

You could draw or paint something for each season eg. A daffodil for spring, bucket and spade for summer, bonfire for autumn and a snowflake for winter. Or you find some family photographs taken in each season.
Birthday Bar Chart - Think about what season each member of the wider family was born in. Write their name on a postit note and add it to the season chart. How many are born in each season? Which season has the most birthdays? Practice writing the numbers.